Welcome to CollaborateMD (New Accounts)

These pages serve as a guide to complete Agreements, set up your CollaborateMD account and as reference documentation for working with everything CollaborateMD has to offer. 

What You Need

Before getting started with CollaborateMD, please take some time to review and acknowledge the following Department Agreements. 
In order to use CollaborateMD, you will need to download the latest version. 

The Account Setup Wizard helps you to configure your user profile, account info, and practice information. Your account must be configured through the Account Setup Wizard prior to your Training Specialist contacting you. Failure to complete the Account Setup Wizard in a timely manner will delay your training. 

Note: Should you need to exit the Account Setup Wizard at any time, the information entered will be saved. 

Step 1

Reference the CollaborateMD - Welcome email for your login credentials: username and temporary password. Please have the following information readily available in order to successfully complete the Account Setup Wizard: 

 For your Account:  Account Name, Account Tax ID, Billing Address, and Account Owner Information
 For your Practice: Practice Name, Taxonomy Specialty (?), Primary Office Address, and NPI (?)
 For your Provider: Provider Name, Taxonomy Specialty (?), and Billing Tax ID (SSN or EIN)
 For your Payment Profile: Credit Card, Debit Card, or Bank Account Information

warning.gifNote: If an error occurs when attempting to save your payment profile, check the following for accuracy:

Step 2

Once you have logged in to CollaborateMD with your login credentials, the Account Setup Wizard will automatically launch. You will be prompted to set up your account using the Account Setup Wizard. 

Step 3

After completing the Account Setup Wizard, the Main Point of Contact for Training will be provided with the option of completing the Defaults Wizard, which allows you to easily configure User and Practice settings aiding in getting you billing faster!

Step 4

After completing or by-passing the Defaults Wizard you will be have an opportunity to configure the rest of your account. Your next steps will be to add additional practices and providers (if applicable), and billing information such as codes.

What's Next?  

You will receive a confirmation email once your account is successfully created. Within that email is a link to our Set Up page(s) for more information on the items that need to be configured prior to your first training/overview call.

Once your account is successfully configured, your dedicated Training Specialist will contact you within three (3) business days to perform your overview call and schedule your first training session. 

Your Training consists of the 5 Phases denoted below
  • Phase 1: Adding data to the program in order to create claims (Week 1) 
  • Phase 2: Create test claims and submit to the clearinghouse (Week 2) 
  • Phase 3: Track test Claims/If ready, move to production mode for claims to reach the payer (Week 3-4) 
  • Phase 4: Posting payments (Week 5-6) 
  • Phase 5: Review suggested reports and address final questions, explain what's next for your account, complete Turnover (Week 7) 
Note: More details will be provided regarding each phase later in training.