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Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution Version
Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution Version
09/29/2016 Payer TXN-590 Corrected an issue where the payer option to automatically set the claim follow up date did not always match up to the claim submit date. In certain cases it could be off by 1 day based on when the claim was actually generated during the process. 9.4 
09/29/2016 Institutional Claim CMD-8337 Implemented a payer edit for payer HSMA (CPID 1518) to print the other provider identifier in Box 76 of the UB-04 claim form. 9.4 
09/29/2016 Patient CMD-8323 Corrected an issue where the option to copy values to the patient record was not present on the eligibility report in some situations where the corresponding field on the patient was blank. 9.4 
09/29/2016 Patient CMD-8311 Corrected an issue where the authorization visits used was not being saved when updated within the Claim section in situations where the patient had multiple authorizations listed with the same authorization number. 9.4 
09/29/2016 Reports CMD-8295 Corrected an issue where the report fields for charge first bill date and charge last bill date were not showing information for claims submitted via RTCS. 9.4 
09/29/2016 Patient Activity CMD-8291 Added a memo line column to the patient payment area of the patient activity report. 9.4 
09/29/2016 Manage Account CMD-8275 Corrected an issue where claims could not be deleted in Manage Account. Deleting individual charges, payments, adjustments, and activity transactions were working as expected. 9.4 
09/22/2016 Claim CMD-8033 Corrected an issue where the Claim Follow Up Date field was incorrectly disabled when adding a new claim. 9.4 
09/15/2016 Institutional Claim TXN-592 Corrected an issue for electronic institutional claim submissions where the patient relationship sent in the other payer loop (2320) was being incorrectly reported as "self" in certain situations where the other payer on the claim was a medicare or medicaid payer. 9.4 
09/15/2016 Appointment Reminder CMD-8287 Corrected an issue where the invalid phone number warning was being incorrectly displayed in the patient appointment reminder area in certain scenarios. 9.4 
09/15/2016 Payment Portal CMD-8283 Corrected an issue where the email field for sending a patient a payment portal invite was not defaulting to the email currently on the patient record. 9.4 
09/15/2016 Claim CMD-8258 Corrected an issue where claim analysis edits could be incorrectly reported in certain scenarios where the claim includes multiple charges currently set to a status of "Send to {Primary Insurance}" and "Sent to {Secondary Insurance}" at the same 9.4 
09/15/2016 Real-Time Claim Submission CMD-8239 Updated the RTCS results screen to not classify the following clearinghouse response as an error: Not authorized for #### will process as ####. This response means that the claim was dropped to paper at the clearinghouse and is not an actual submission error. 9.4 
09/15/2016 Manage Account CMD-8238 Corrected an issue where a payment memoline was not being updated when changing the payment type within Manage Account. This issue would only occur when the cursor focus was in the memoline field at the time the new payment type was selected. 9.4 
09/15/2016 Claim CMD-8228 Updated the claim screen to no longer highlight fields associated to claim review (a.k.a. claim scrubbing) errors when the service has been disabled since the claim was last reviewed. 9.4 
09/08/2016 Institutional Claim CMD-8266 Implemented an edit for payer BLUE CROSS AND BLUE SHIELD OF FLORIDA (CPID 3517) to print the provider's other ID number in Box 57 of the UB-04 claim form. 9.3 & 9.4 
09/08/2016 Messaging  CMD-8259 Corrected an issue where some users where unable to send mail messages to other users in their account under different customers. 9.4 
09/08/2016 Eligibility CMD-8232 Updated the eligibility warning message shown for a patient's insurance policy to list the specific reason for the error/warning (for example, patient not eligible, eligibility check failed, incorrect group number). 9.4 
09/08/2016 Professional Claim CMD-8218 Updated the claim printing logic for the CMS 1500 claim form to "shift" the diagnosis pointers when saved in slots D5-D12 with no pointers populated in slots D1-D4. Note that this is not the proper way to fill in the diagnosis pointers for a charge but handle/account for when a charge is entered in this manner. 9.3 & 9.4 
09/08/2016 Patient CMD-8215 Added a new patient claim default for Initial Treatment Date. When populated on the patient record, the date entered will be automatically copied into the corresponding field within the Claim section whenever creating a new claim for that patient. 9.4 
09/08/2016 Eligibility CMD-8214 Added the capability to right click and copy information from the eligibility report. 9.4 
09/01/2016 Institutional Claim TXN-588 Corrected an issue where claim analysis was reporting an invalid data element error when attempting to save a claim with invalid content in the Remark field of an institutional claim. 9.3 & 9.4 
09/01/2016 Eligibility CMD-8230 Corrected an issue where eligibility could not be manually run for a new patient record without first saving the patient and reopening. 9.4 
09/01/2016 OT/PT-4 Claim CMD-8225 Updated the OT/PT-4 claim form to print the practice's zip code in Box 7i. Previously, the zip code for the practice's pay-to address was being printed in this location on the claim form. 9.3 & 9.4 
09/01/2016 Institutional Claim CMD-8221 Implemented a payer edit for Nebraska Medicaid (CPID 1520) to print the billing provider's taxonomy code in Box 81CC A and the billing provider's zip code in Box 81CC B of the UB-04 claim form. 9.3 & 9.4 
09/01/2016 Patient CMD-8211 Corrected an issue where the patient 'Inactive' checkbox was incorrectly displayed for users with Access and Modify permissions to the Patient section. Users need to have Access, Modify, and Inactivate permission to the patient section for this field to be displayed. 9.4 
09/01/2016 Superbill CMD-8210 Corrected an issue where the correct office location (based on the patient's default) was not being printed on the Default CMD Superbill in some situations. 9.3 & 9.4 
09/01/2016 Payer Agreements CMD-8206 Corrected an issue where the buttons at the bottom of the Payer Agreements screen (i.e. Next, Previous, Finish, Save and Quit) were being cut off when attempting to complete an agreement bundle for a large number of payer/products at the same time. 9.3 & 9.4 
09/01/2016 Alerts CMD-8099 Corrected an issue where payer alerts were not being displayed when creating a new claim using the "Add for Active Patient" option. 9.4 
09/01/2016 Patient CMD-7803 Corrected an issue where the insured name was not showing in the patient recently opened list for certain patients. This issue effected patients which were not backwards compatible (i.e. v9.4 locked) and did not have an active insurance policy. 9.4 
09/01/2016 Payment CMD-7180 Corrected a spelling mistake within the Payment section. 9.3 & 9.4 
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