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Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution Version
Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution Version
10/27/2016 System Defaults CMD-8583 Corrected an issue where the user default to 'Don't show Accepted claims for real time claim submission' was not properly saving when changed from the System -> Defaults tab. 9.4 
10/27/2016 CMS-1500 CMD-8562 Corrected an issue with the claim form alignment of user printed claims on the CMS-1500 form in certain situations when the claim had 6 or more charges and the Practice setting to "Print anesthesia start/stop time in box 24 was enabled. 9.4 
10/27/2016 Batch Eligibility CMD-8543 Corrected an issue where the payer filter within Batch Eligibility was not working as expected when used in conjunction with the policy type (primary/secondary/tertiary) filter. 9.4 
10/27/2016 Claim Follow Up CMD-7976 Added support for showing all patient notes within Claim Follow Up. Users will also be able to add notes to the current claim. 9.4 
10/20/2016 Appointment Reminders CMD-8511 Corrected an issue where accounts on price plan 4 could receive an invalid warning about the start and end times selected for sending appointment reminders in certain situations. 9.4 
10/20/2016 Claim Analysis CMD-8483 Corrected an issue were claim analysis would incorrectly report an error that "this payer does not accept claims where the total charge amount is $0" when run manually for a claim with all charges set to a status of On Hold. This issue only occurred for claims with certain payers listed as primary. 9.4 
10/20/2016 Superbill CMD-8418 Added a new variable for form based superbills to print the patients default ICD codes. The nomenclature for the new variable is %DEFAULTICD and will print the default codes as a comma separated string. 9.4 
10/20/2016 Patient Insurance CMD-8408 Corrected an issue were the load image spinner was running indefinitely for the patient insurance card image when linked to an invalid or corrupt document. 9.4 
10/20/2016 Patient Insurance CMD-8361 Added support for setting an insured party patient relationship as employee. 9.4 
10/20/2016 Manage Account CMD-8349 Updated Manage Account to show a warning to the user when attempting to delete a negative charge balance credit which has been applied and the action of deleting the credit will bring the balance of one or more charges to which the credit was applied below $0. 9.4 
10/13/2016 Professional Claims TXN-599 Implemented a payer edit for Montana Medicaid (CPID 4427) to send the referring provider's Medicaid ID field in Loop 2310A REF~G2 of the electronic claim submission and print in Box 17A of the CMS 1500 claim form. 9.4 
10/13/2016 Institutional Claims CMD-8523 Corrected an issue where institutional claims saved without HCPCS codes (i.e. Revenue Code only) were not being sent via RTCS. 9.4 
10/13/2016 Patient Insurance CMD-8482 Corrected an issue where the Check Eligibility button within the Insurance tab for a specific insurance policy was not being enabled when adding a new policy in certain situations. More specifically, the issue was only occurring when the patient's default provider was setup to check eligibility under a different provider. 9.4 
10/13/2016 Patient Eligibility CMD-8411 Corrected an issue where the eligibility error/warning indicators were showing against the wrong insurance policy (i.e. primary policy instead of secondary policy) in certain circumstances. More specifically, this was only occurring for patient saved as backwards compatible for previous application versions. 9.4 
10/13/2016 Patient Activity CMD-8397 Updated the Payment and Adjustment Breakdown table of the Patient Activity Report to account for negative insurance payments and adjustments (i.e. refunds and reversals). 9.4 
10/13/2016 Claim CMD-8387 Updated the shortcut key associated to the Copy button in the Claim section to be Alt+y. Previously, this button was incorrectly setup to use Alt+O which was already used by the Convert button and, therefore, was not working. 9.4 
10/13/2016 Scheduler CMD-8355 Corrected an issue where appointments sent multiple appointment reminders were showing multiple times within the Scheduler Search window when the "Confirmation Status" column was displayed. 9.4 
10/13/2016 Label Configuration CMD-8352 Add a new field to the label configuration screen for Patient Reference #. 9.4 
10/13/2016 Appointment>Payment CMD-8313 Updated the Payment tab within the appointment window so that the selected office location is not updated when changing the provider if the new provider belongs to the same practice as the previous provider. 9.4 
10/09/2016 Institutional Claims CMD-8485 Corrected an invalid claim rejection occurring for certain institutional claims submitted via RTCS for missing discharge hour. 9.4 
10/09/2016 Patient Insurance CMD-8423 Corrected an issue where the appointment editor window was being sent behind the application when selecting a payer for an insurance policy from the Insurance tab. 9.4 
10/09/2016 User Print Statements CMD-8332 Corrected an issue where the patient's guarantor address was not being printed on FDN letters as expected for user printed from within the application when the patient's mail to option was set to guarantor. 9.4 
10/09/2016 Payments CMD-8321 Corrected an issue where the update contract prices options was incorrectly shown within the auto apply warning message when the associated contract was set to not allow updates to prices when posting payments. 9.4 
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