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Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution Version
Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution Version
03/31/2016 Automated Statements TXN-540 Updated statements sent via automation to include patient account credits created from a payment and subsequently applied to a charge on the statement within the "Patient Payment" amount on the statement. 9.3 
03/31/2016 Automated Statements TXN-542 Corrected an issue in which the activity memo lines generated for statements sent using automation template "3" did not properly reflect the dates of service spanned on the statement when more than one claim with different DOS were present. 9.3 
03/31/2016 Batch Printing Statements CMD-7262 Added options to the Batch Printing -> Load Statements window to allow users to specify to "Include all charges except Due Insurance" and "Include all charges, including Paid". Previously these options existed for individual statement printing and statement automation but not for batch printing via the Control section. 9.3 
03/31/2016 Claim CMD-7254 Updated the application to allow users to delete charges via the Claim section if the only payments/adjustments posted against them are for $0.00. Previously users were prevented from deleting charges with any payments/adjustments posted. Users will still not be allowed to delete charges with a non-zero payment/adjustment posted from within the Claim section (must be done within Manage Account). 9.3 
03/31/2016 Claim TXN-545 Implemented an edit for payer Blue Cross of California (CPID 3511) to always send the service date on inpatient claims within the electronic claim file. 9.3 
03/31/2016 Payments CMD-7290 Corrected an issue where write off action codes were not properly marking the charge status as PAID when their associated remittance code was present on an insurance check (ERA or manually applied). 9.3 
03/31/2016 Scheduler CMD-7269 Corrected an error that was occurring within the Scheduler when the using the "Show a separate legend for times for each resource" option and at least one resource in the view had hours for the day which fell completely outside of the start/stop times set within the Scheduler Options. 9.3 
03/31/2016 Text Fields CMD-7236 Corrected an issue when editing the cell of a table where the first keystroke was not being registered into the field when focus was previously taken away from actively editing the field (for example, after pressing the Esc key). 9.3 
03/31/2016 User Print Statements CMD-7259 Corrected an issue in which the word "null" was showing on user printed statements when using the "Separate by Provider" option for a provider with no value populated in the Credentials field. 9.3 
03/24/2016 Appointment Reminders CMD-7107 Implemented logic to retry sending the patient sms appointment reminder opt-in message when an invalid response is received from the vendor. 9.3 
03/24/2016 Claim CMD-7207 Corrected an issue with the alignment of certain ICD code fields when printed on the UB-04 claim form. 9.3 
03/24/2016 Claim TXN-536 Corrected an issue preventing claims from being sent to the payer in certain circumstances where the provider is saved as inactive for a specific office location on the Payer -> Provider ID tab and that office location is then subsequently inactivated. 9.3 
03/24/2016 Claim Status CMD-7263 Corrected an issue where attempting to update the line item status of multiple charges on a claim using the status drop down on the main claim tab was not taking effect if the user first selected the "Deleted" status option. 9.3 
03/24/2016 Claim Tracking CMD-7211 Updated the Claim Tracking details panel to report the provider name associated to the claim at the time that it was submitted to the payer. Previously this was reporting the current provider on the claim (which might be different if changed after sent). 9.3 
03/24/2016 Scheduler CMD-7206 Corrected an issue where the word "null" was appearing next to office locations in the drop down of the Appointment Editor window. This was happening for office locations entered without an address in the Practice section. 9.3 
03/17/2016 Charge History CMD-7199 Corrected an issue where the Charge History window was not properly sorting the results by Date Entered when the user selected that column for sorting. 9.3 
03/17/2016 Claim Status TXN-533 Updated the logic used to set charges to "Rejected At Clearinghouse" to ensure that the only charges updated are associated to the most recent submission. Previously, in some situations for claims with charges set to 'At Insurance' when one or more other charges were resent to the clearinghouse for a different payer and rejected all charges on the claim would be updated to "Rejected at Clearinghouse". 9.3 
03/17/2016 Manage Account CMD-7231 Corrected an issue where the statement amount was not being properly reported within the activity section of the Manage Account screen. These entries always showed an amount of $0. 9.3 
03/17/2016 Scheduler CMD-7183 Corrected an issue where logging out and logging back into the application without closing was not properly loading the user's saved filter preferences within the appointment scheduler. 9.3 
03/17/2016 Statement Automation TXN-538 Updated the memo line generated for FDNs via the statement automation process to match the format used for the previous "legacy" statement solution. 9.3 
03/10/2016 Admin CMD-7184 Corrected an issue where a user's access hours where not being properly updated when deselecting the check box next to one of the days. 9.3 
03/10/2016 CBI Report CBI-415 Corrected an issue where deleted custom reports were still being displayed within a user's favorite's list in CBI if marked as a favorite prior to being deleted. 9.3 
03/10/2016 Claim Control CMD-7192 Updated the search criteria within Claim Control to use the date entered of the claim itself rather than the individual charges on the claim to more accurately reflect the filters as presented on the screen. 9.3 
03/10/2016 Institutional Claims TXN-535 Implemented a payer edit for Select Health (CPID 1532) to always send the date of service in Loop 2400 DTP~472 for electronic institutional claim submissions when the service period covers more than one day, even on inpatient claims. 9.3 
03/10/2016 Insurance Payments CMD-7198 Corrected an issue in which changing the payer on an existing insurance check did not automatically update the memo lines associated to the payments/adjustments in certain scenarios. 9.3 
03/10/2016 Interface Tracking CMD-7279 Updated the Interface Tracking filters such that when the Claim Date of Service filter is used, only claim messages will be returned in the result set. In addition, the application will now prevent the user from using the Claim Date of Service filter and the Appointment Date of Service filter at the same time. 9.3 
03/10/2016 Manage Account CMD-7202 Corrected an issue within Manage Account where deleting an applied credit transaction was not properly showing the originating account credits as un-deleted in certain circumstances. The scenario would only occur when the applied credit was from two or more account credits, one of which was not fully used in the transaction. The account credits were being properly un-deleted when saving the action in Manage Account, it was just not showing as such on the screen. 9.3 
03/10/2016 Remote Document Imaging and Storage CMD-7196 Implemented performance improvements when adding remote document imaging files to a patient or claim record. 9.3 
03/10/2016 Statements CMD-7215 Updated a field label on the statement template "A" editor window to show as "7. Balance Due Message" instead of "7. Past Due Message". The statement itself was unchanged. 9.3 
03/10/2016 Statement Tracking CMD-7222 Implemented performance improvement when viewing statement copies within Statement Tracking. 9.3 
03/03/2016 Claim CMD-7145 Updated the diagnosis tabs of the claim screen to show tab ICD-10 tab by default in the situation where no payers are present on the claim. 9.3 
03/03/2016 Claim CMD-7191 Corrected an error that was occurring when attempting to change the payers on a claim after converting it from Professional to Institutional. 9.3 
03/03/2016 Claim CMD-7194 Updated the Additional Claim Information (box 19) and Claim Note (loop 2300) fields within the Additional Info tab of the Profession Claim to allow the user to input the " / " character. 9.3 
03/03/2016 Copy/Paste Actions CMD-7176 Updated the copy/paste action from within tables to only copy the cell content when a single cell is selected. Previously, the cell content and the corresponding header was being copied to the clipboard. The header values will still be copied to the clipboard when multiple cells are selected. 9.3 
03/03/2016 Payment CMD-7185 Corrected an issue where deleting a refund was incorrectly attempting to adjust any associated negative transfer balance credits under certain circumstances. 9.3 
03/03/2016 Practice CMD-7187 Updated the statement template editor windows to include the ability to remove the previously saved logo image. 9.3 
03/03/2016 System CBI-408 Updated the Top Claim Rejection dashboard gadget to order by the Rejection Count (largest to smallest) instead of the Rejection Description. 9.3 
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