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Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution Version
Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution Version
1/27/2016 Payer TXN-522 Update the payer edit for CPID 8538 to send "DA" as the unit qualifier for revenue code 0912 only when it is for an inpatient claim. Previously, this edit was applied for both inpatient and outpatient claims. 9.3 
1/27/2016 Statements CMD-7140 Corrected an issue in which the last statement date and times printed counter were not being properly updated under certain circumstances when sending statements to a master account with one or more linked dependents. 9.3 
1/27/2016 Claim CMD-7129 Corrected an issue in which cancelling the prompt which warns the user that the provider does not accept assignment of benefits when saving a claim would cause the application to get into an endless busy state. This prompt is only displayed when saving a claim under certain conditions. 9.3 
1/27/2016 Payment CMD-7072 Corrected an issue in which changing the payer on an existing insurance check did not automatically update the memo lines associated to the payments/adjustments. 9.3 
1/27/2016 Payment CMD-7068 Corrected an issue in which the Apply Payment column on the patient payment screen could be incorrectly positioned at the end of the table for new users under certain circumstances. 9.3 
1/27/2016 Admin CMD-7060 Corrected an intermittent exception that could occur when retrieving results on the Locks screen of the Admin section. 9.3 
1/27/2016 Payment CMD-6980 Corrected an error that could occur when applying an account credit from within Manage Account under specific circumstances. 9.3 
1/21/2016 Scheduler CMD-7114 Corrected an error that was occurring when attempting to change the office location drop down for a scheduler resource's custom hours from a specific office location to "Any Office". 9.3 
1/21/2016 FDN CMD-7104 Corrected an issue in which the patient's "Send FDN" flag was not being reset after sending an FDN on the new format. 9.3 
1/21/2016 Contracts CMD-7093 Corrected an issue in which the changes made to pricing values on a contract were not being saved under certain circumstances. 9.2, 9.3 
1/21/2016 Scheduler CMD-7089 Corrected an error that was occurring when attempting to open a scheduler resource under certain circumstances related to the entries in the custom hours drop down. 9.2, 9.3 
1/21/2016 Claims CMD-7085 Updated a payer edit for North Carolina Medicaid (CPID 1480) to print the practice's taxonomy code in box 33b of the CMS 1500 claim form when the provider is setup to bill as a group. If the provider is set to bill as an individual, the provider's taxonomy code will continue to print in box33b. 9.2, 9.3 
1/21/2016 Practice and Facility CMD-7073 Updated the Practice and Facility name fields to now allow up to 60 characters to align with the character limits of the electronic claim submission standards. Previously these fields only allowed user entry of up to 50 characters. 9.2, 9.3 
01/14/2016 Patient CMD-7067 Corrected an issue in which the patient photo was being improperly overwritten under specific circumstances. 9.3 
01/14/2016 Claim CMD-7062 Corrected an issue in which the prompt shown on institutional claims to copy the ICD-10 principal diagnosis code to the external cause code field was being incorrectly triggered when the principal code began with an "E". This has been updated to prompt when the principal code is within the range of V00-Y99. 9.2, 9.3 
01/14/2016 Documents CMD-7057 Corrected an issue in which files deleted within Document Imaging were still showing within the Documents tab of the Patient section. 9.3 
01/14/2016 Patient CMD-7050 Corrected an issue in which patient alerts could be duplicated when added to a new patient record. This issue was only occurring under specific circumstances in which the user manually ran eligibility after adding the alert but prior to saving the new patient. 9.2, 9.3 
01/14/2016 Control CMD-7047 Corrected an error that could occur when updating claims in batch from within Claim Control under specific circumstances. 9.2, 9.3 
01/14/2016 Messaging CMD-7036 Corrected an issue in which new users were not immediately showing within the user listing in mail messaging under certain conditions. 9.2, 9.3 
01/14/2016 Scheduler CMD-7035 Updated the Provider Resource drop down within the scheduler resource screen to show all active providers regardless of practice. Previously, only the providers associated to the current selection in the disabled practice drop down would be displayed. 9.2, 9.3 
01/14/2016 Practice CMD-7033 Updated the allowed lines for custom comments on user print statements to only limit the practice statement comment plus the patient custom comment to 10 lines. Previously the dunning message was also included in this block and all 3 comments were limited to 10 lines overall. Now the full dunning message will be printed regardless of the length of the practice and patient comments. 9.2, 9.3 
01/14/2016 Payment CMD-7022 Updated the ERA processing logic to set charges to a status of "User Print & Mail" when the associated secondary payer has a paper CPID for the applicable claim type. Previously, the charge status could still be set to send electronically to the payer in situations where the associated master payer had the flag set to "accept secondary electronic claims". 9.2, 9.3 
01/14/2016 Control CMD-7017 Updated the status categorization within Statement Tracking to better distinguish statements with corrected addresses (updated to warning icon) versus statements not sent due to missing/invalid data (remain as error icon). 9.2, 9.3 
01/14/2016 Misc CMD-7006 Corrected an issue in which copying/pasting from Microsoft Excel was including an invalid line feed character at the end of the copied content. 9.2, 9.3 
01/14/2016 Claim CMD-6994 Corrected an issue in which claim review was not being re-run after updating ICD-10 codes on an existing claim that previously had claim claim review results generated. 9.3 
01/06/2016 Misc TXN-511 Implemented an edit for claims sent to payer Blue Shield of National Capitol Area - Carefirst (CPID 2425) to send the sequestration information separate from the overall charge adjustment amount in the prior payer's payment information (Loop 2430) when this payer is secondary and the primary payer is Medicare. 9.3 
01/06/2016 Eligibility TXN-504 Updated the eligibility report to include support for processing and displaying the information sent in the Health Care Services Delivery (HSD) segment when present. 9.3 
01/06/2016 Misc CMD-7037 Implemented an edit to print the word "SAME" in box 9 for claims sent to medicare payers with a secondary payer on the claim within the same insured as the primary payer. 9.3 
01/06/2016 Claim CMD-7025 Added a new user preference to allow users to re-enable the prompt within institutional claims to "copy the principal diagnosis code to the admit code" if they had previously selected the "do not show me this again" option on the dialog window. 9.3 
01/06/2016 Codes CMD-7020 Corrected an issue in which the ICD crosswalk search feature was timing out for certain ICD-9 codes with a large number of equivalent mapping results returned (> 1,000). 9.3 
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