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Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution Version
Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution Version
02/24/2016 Claim TXN-529 Implemented an edit to always send the DTP~431 segment in Loop 2300 within the electronic claim file for claims being printed by the clearinghouse. This is needed to prevent an issue with an invalid qualifier in Box 15 of the claim form that is ultimately printed. 9.3 
02/24/2016 Claim CMD-7181 Implemented a change to prevent an "Invalid Place of Service Code" rejection at the clearinghouse by ensuring that all codes sent within the electronic claim file are two digits (for example, send "01" instead of "1"). 9.3 
02/24/2016 Messaging CMD-7165 Corrected an issue which was causing the "replied" icon not to show for mail messages which the user had previously replied to. 9.3 
02/24/2016 Control CMD-7163 Corrected an issue that was causing Patient AR Control search filters saved in a previous version of the application to not load properly in the latest release. 9.3 
02/24/2016 Payment CMD-7158 Updated the scenarios in which the "payments from this payer have already been applied" warning for the ERA auto apply process to account for additional scenarios where the claim was forwarded from the primary to the secondary payer. 9.3 
02/24/2016 Payer CMD-7149 Added a new payer option to exclude patient payments from the amount printed in Box 29 of the CMS 1500 (Professional) claim form. 9.3 
02/24/2016 Admin CMD-7107 Implemented logic to retry sending the patient sms appointment reminder opt-in message when an invalid response is received from the vendor. 9.3 
02/17/2016 Claims TXN-530 Implemented a claim edit for Colorado Medicaid (CPID 1496) to send the provider ID within Loop 2010BB REF~G2 when the claim is being sent to the clearinghouse and the provider does not have an approval on file. This edit is necessary for the clearinghouse to print the correct information in Box 33b of the claim form (since there is no agreement on file the claim will be dropped to paper). 9.3 
02/17/2016 Claims CMD-7169 Corrected an issue that was causing the office location drop down to unexpected change selections when changing the attending provider on an institutional claim. In situations where the original and new provider are associated to the same practice, the office location should not change. 9.3 
02/17/2016 Patient Activity CMD-7157 Corrected an issue that was preventing the CPT description from showing on the patient activity report for certain codes saved with an invalid character (new line) at the end. The ability to save codes in this state was already addressed under an earlier update. 9.3 
02/17/2016 Claim Preview CMD-7154 Corrected an alignment issue on the UB-04 claim form when doing using the Claim Preview feature. 9.3 
02/17/2016 Reports CBI-409 Corrected an error that would occur when attempting to open a report with a static filter applied to a monetary field with an amount greater than $1,000. 9.3 
02/11/2016 Patient  CMD-7178 Corrected an issue that was when attempting to add local documents to a patient record for certain customers. 9.3 
02/11/2016 Document  CMD-7175 Corrected an issue that was causing some document imaging folders not to display within the Add Remote Document window of a patient record for certain customers. 9.3 
02/11/2016 Claim CMD-7168 Corrected an issue that was causing incorrect claim scrubbing errors related to the patient gender to occur for certain procedure codes. 9.3 
02/11/2016 Claim CMD-7153 Corrected an issue that allowed users to incorrectly save claims as complete with a date of service prior to 10/01/2015 and no ICD-9 codes present. 9.3 
02/11/2016 Claim CMD-7144 Corrected an issue in which patient payments made through the Claim section were not being properly categorized as "credit card" when using selecting Credit Card - Other as the payment method. 9.3 
02/11/2016 Eligibility CMD-7110 Updated the "service type" options available within the eligibility request window to align with industry standards. 9.3 
02/11/2016 Payment CMD-6970 Added a new hover over pop up to the patient name field on the claim payment screen for an insurance check. The dialog will show the patient's start and end balance in relation to the payment/adjustments currently on the insurance check. 9.3 
02/11/2016 Statements CMD-6948 Updated the warning message that is displayed to the user when they attempting to view a statement that it is not present on the server to notify them that results for statements sent that same day may not be available until the next business day. 9.3 
02/04/2016 Claim TXN-526 Update existing payer edit for Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina (CPID 2410) to send the information entered in the Claim Note field of the Additional Info tab within the electronic claim data when there are no notes present on any of the associated charges. 9.3 
02/04/2016 Claim TXN-523 Implemented a payer specific edit for Department of Labor Office of Workers Comp to send the provider ID number in the REF~G2 segment within Loop 2010BB of the electronic claim submission when sent to the clearinghouse to be printed and mailed. 9.3 
02/04/2016 Claim TXN-520 Corrected an issue where remark codes sent within electronic claim could exceed the number of allowed characters by the clearinghouse. 9.3 
02/04/2016 Admin CMD-7139 Corrected an issue that was allowing users to be saved with invalid start/end times for their application access hours. 9.3 
02/04/2016 Claim CMD-7092 Corrected an issue that was preventing the Credits field on the Charges tab of a new claim from updating when entering a patient payment within the same screen. 9.3 
02/04/2016 Payment CMD-7072 Corrected an issue in which changing the payer on an existing insurance check did not automatically update the memo lines associated to the payments/adjustments. 9.3 
02/04/2016 Claim CMD-6844 Corrected an error that was occurring when attempting to manually scrub a new claim. 9.3 
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