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Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution Version
Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution Version
08/25/2016 Institutional Claim CMD-8219 Implemented a payer edit for Amerigroup Corporation (CPID 1569) to print the billing provider's taxonomy code in Box 57 of the UB-04 claim form when billing in the following states: GA, NJ, OH, TX. 9.3 & 9.4 
08/25/2016 Provider CMD-8202 Corrected an issue where the Provider EIN/SSN fields were incorrectly disabled when adding the provider from the NPI Registry search results. 9.4 
08/25/2016 Practice CMD-8175 Corrected an error attempting to save an office location with an (invalid) NPI with greater than 1 but less than 10 digits. 9.4 
08/25/2016 Documents CMD-8161 Corrected an issue where using the cut/paste option on a file in the Documents section was still showing the file in the original location until logging out and logging back in to the application. 9.3 & 9.4 
08/25/2016 Alerts CMD-8151 Corrected an issue where patient alerts were not being carried over when merging patients together. 9.3 & 9.4 
08/25/2016 Messaging CMD-8064 Corrected an issue where the original message text was not being displayed when replying to or forwarding a mail message in certain circumstances. This issue was limited to situations where the initial content of the original message was copy/paste from another area within the application. 9.3 & 9.4 
08/25/2016 Application CMD-7915 Removed code within our connection manager responsible for external vendor communication which was not adhering to best practice security standards. 9.3 & 9.4 
08/18/2016 Patient CMD-8197 Corrected an issue where the patient emergency contact cell phone field was not being properly stored. 9.4 
08/18/2016 System CMD-8179 Implemented performance improvements associated with retrieving a user's contact cache during the log in process. 9.4 
08/18/2016 Application CMD-8177 Corrected an error that was occurring when attempting to log out of the application with an expired session. 9.4 
08/18/2016 Payment CMD-8176 Updated the Auto Apply screen to properly denote the payment type in instances where the ERA file contained both check and EFT payments. The payment type is described next to the Check number in the first column of the ERA report table (and auto apply report). This is true for paper checks and EFTs.  9.3 & 9.4 
08/18/2016 Patient CMD-8174 Updated the patient save process to not warn the user about missing required fields for an insured party or insurance policy when the party/policy has been marked as inactive. 9.4 
08/18/2016 Eligibility CMD-8155 Corrected an issue where the payer address on the eligibility report was being incorrectly highlighted yellow (to indicate an error) in some situations. 9.3 
08/18/2016 Patient CMD-8152 Corrected an error that was occurring when attempting to merge a patient with no insurance information (i.e. no insured party or insurance policy). 9.4 
08/11/2016 Claim TXN-587 Updated the claim generation process to send the Loop 2400 PS1 segment if the purchased provider is sent (which is based on having lab charges set and having an ordering provider on the claim) for all payers. Previously, this segment was only sent for certain payers but is now required to be sent for all payers by the Clearinghouse. 9.4 
08/11/2016 Real-Time Claim Submission CMD-8201 Corrected an issue where the other payer last/organization name was not being properly sent on institutional claims submitted through RTCS. 9.4 
08/11/2016 Real-Time Claim Submission CMD-8192 Corrected an issue where claims submitted through RTCS were not properly including Claim Notes (Loop 2300) when populated on the claim. 9.4 
08/11/2016 Insurance Payment CMD-8190 Updated the contract price difference warnings shown when posting insurance checks (manual or ERA) to exclude checking against contracts set as inactive but still listed as active on the payer record. Now the warnings will only be displayed if the contract itself is active and it is listed as an active contract for the payer. 9.3 & 9.4 
08/11/2016 Claim CMD-8189 Corrected an issue where Box 12 and 13 of the claim where not being properly defaulted based on the patient's assignment setting. 9.4 
08/11/2016 Alerts CMD-8178 Corrected an issue where patients alerts were being duplicated when adding a claim using the add for active patient option after adding the alert to the patient record. 9.4 
08/11/2016 Patient Eligibility CMD-8169 Corrected an issue where the patient dependent information was not being displayed on the eligibility report. 9.4 
08/11/2016 Patient Payment CMD-8166 Corrected an issue where the last patient payment field failed to update properly in certain circumstances when the user had the patient record open within the Patient section at the same time as the payment was posted. 9.4 
08/11/2016 Claim Follow Up CMD-8164 Corrected an issue where the claim DOS was showing an incorrect value on the Claim Follow Up screen when the time zone of the local computer was not set to EST. 9.4 
08/11/2016 Claim  CMD-8160 Updated the insurance tab of the Claim section so that the insurance policy member ID and group ID information is updated/overwritten when changing the insurance policy used on the claim. 9.4 
08/11/2016 Application CMD-8158 Corrected an issue where the customer name was not being displayed in the top title bar of the application after switching customers in certain situations. 9.4 
08/11/2016 Inventory Codes CMD-8149 Corrected an issue where the inventory code quantity was not being auto-decremented when used on a claim. 9.4 
08/11/2016 Claim CMD-8143 Corrected an issue where the revenue code entered for a line item on a charge panel was not being used when adding that charge panel to a claim in certain circumstances where the associated procedure code had an invalid default revenue code associated to it (i.e. not in customer's list). 9.3 & 9.4 
08/11/2016 Patient Insurance CMD-8141 Updated the patient insurance screen to display the insured party's age next to the DOB field when not being actively edited. 9.4 
08/11/2016 System CBI-460 Corrected an issue where the customer filter was not displaying any options within the dashboard gadgets for users with access to multiple customers. 9.4 
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