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Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution 9.2
Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution 9.2
09/30/2015 Claim  CMD-6824 Corrected an issue in which POA code were not being properly loaded within the ICD-10 Diagnosis tab for institutional claims.  
09/30/2015 Codes CMD-6798 Implemented general UI improvements to the ICD Crosswalk window to better accommodate longer code descriptions.  
09/30/2015 Codes CMD-6794 Implemented performance improvements to the master ICD code search process.  
09/30/2015 Control CMD-6777 Corrected an issue in which the Last Statement Date was showing incorrectly within the batch statement printing results for patient's that did not have a last statement date.  
09/30/2015 Claim  CMD-6773 Corrected an issue in which focus was not being placed into the correct ICD field when entering an invalid code and selecting the "Fix Now" option when prompted.  
09/30/2015 Payment CMD-6769 Corrected an issue in which the memoline within Manage Account were not being properly updated under certain circumstances. This issue was only occurring when editing a memoline and then, before clicking or tabbing out of the field, changing the dynamic filter options such that that row was no longer displayed.  
09/30/2015 Control CMD-6752 Implemented performance improvements to the Claim Tracking search action when using the CPID filter.  
09/30/2015 Patient  CMD-6745 Added a new option when printing the patient face sheet/ledger to allow users to control whether or not the CMD usernames print for statement/claim transactions within the activity portion of the resulting report.  
09/30/2015 Claim  CMD-6350 Corrected an issue in which the ICD-10 codes of a dual coded institutional claim were not being populated when using the "Copy Claim" feature.  
09/24/2015 Codes CMD-6768 Corrected an issue in which the ICD crosswalk results where not being returned for certain codes which contained a large number of equivalent matches.  
09/24/2015 Payment CMD-6715 Corrected an issue in the ERA auto apply logic where remittance code actions were not being performed in situations where the adjustment (and subsequently the remittance code itself) was removed from the insurance payment when associated to the secondary payer on the claim.  
09/24/2015 Claim CMD-6714 Corrected an issue in which the real time claim status check could return results for an incorrect claim in the event that the associated patient has more than one claim for the same DOS.  
09/24/2015 Payment CMD-6702 Corrected an issue in which users could select items within the charges table when applying patient payments before the screen was fully loaded. This was causing the focus to then "jump" to the first row once the screen finished loading completely.  
09/24/2015 Documents CMD-6701 Corrected a display issue within the document imaging file section window which could cause some rows to display too much space above and/or below the file name.  
09/24/2015 Scheduler CMD-6697 Corrected an issue in which an existing appointments facility was being incorrectly displayed when opened within the appointment scheduler. This was only occurring when the appointment was saved with one facility and then the resource was updated to have a different facility associated to it.  
09/24/2015 Admin CMD-6663 Modified the customer listing that appears within the Admin section of the application to only display customers for which the user has group access enabled.  
09/20/2015 Payer TXN-456 Implemented an edit to claim generation process for payer Texas Medicaid (CPID 5500) to send the prior payment information in the claim level instead of the detail level.  
09/20/2015 Claim TXN-454 Corrected an issue in which the POA code was not being sent out within the electronic claim data in all required circumstances.  
09/20/2015 Payment CMD-6730 Corrected an issue in which blank info lines were being created when using the 'Copy Info Line to all charges' feature within an insurance payment. The issue was only occurring under a specific set of circumstances.  
09/20/2015 Codes CMD-6707 Corrected an issue in which the results within the master diagnosis code search window were not being properly ordered.  
09/20/2015 Code CMD-6700 Corrected an issue in which the "Denied" action code was improperly altering the charge status for other charges on the claim.  
09/20/2015 Messaging CMD-6696 Implemented performance improvements to the send mail message feature.  
09/20/2015 Patient CMD-6643 Updated the patient default ICD codes to store both ICD-9 and ICD-10 code sets separately.  
09/03/2015 Payer TXN-444 Implemented an edit to the claim generation process for payer ___ (CPID 2451) to ensure that the CLIA is always sent at the claim level whenever sent at the line item level.  
09/03/2015 Payer TXN-441 Implemented an edit to the claim generation process for payer Pennsylvania Blue Cross Northeastern (CPID 1582) to always send the DTP~472 segment for both inpatient and outpatient claims.  
09/03/2015 Claim CMD-6617 Updated the claim generation process to remove invalid characters from the patient member ID field prior to sending the claim information to the clearinghouse.  
09/03/2015 Control CMD-6612 Updated the Claim Control screen to execute claim analysis on claims being updated using the "default payer billing status" control action in the event that that the corresponding payer's default status is "send to clearinghouse". Previously, claim analysis was only being run when using the "send to clearinghouse" control action.  
09/03/2015 Claim CMD-6611 Updated the claim generation process to remove invalid characters from the Attending Provider suffix field prior to sending the claim information to the clearinghouse.  
09/03/2015 Payer CMD-6578 Corrected an issue in which payers created from within the Patient section were set with incorrect default billing statuses. This was only occurring for a specific circumstance.  
09/03/2015 Claim CMD-6573 Updated the charges tab within the Claim section to remove space characters (i.e. " ") from the beginning or end of the procedure code.  
09/03/2015 Control CMD-6571 Updated statement printing within Batch Printing to include an option to "Do not list account credits."  
09/03/2015 Payment CMD-6563 Corrected an issue in which teh ERA auto apply process was setting an incorrect allowed amount on a charge. This was only occurring in a specific scenario payments sent from the secondary payer with a claim level adjustment (as opposed to listing the adjustment at the charge level) and the claim had more than one charge.  
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