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Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution Version
Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution Version
11/18/2015 Claim TXN-490 Implemented a payer edit for Alabama Medicare (CPID 2468) to send the PS1 segment within the ANSI claim file whenever the lab charges are entered within the Additional Information tab of the associated claim. 9.3 
11/18/2015 Claim TXN-485 Implemented support for sending the primary payer's Claim Control # in Loop 2300B REF~F8 (other payer claim control number) when present on the claim and sending to the secondary payer. 9.3 
11/18/2015 Admin CMD-6969 Corrected an issue in which a user with 'Access Only' permissions for Patient Account Management and 'Allow' permissions for Patient Payments was not able to perform any additional actions (i.e. Apply Credit/Debit Adjustment) within Manage Account. 9.3 
11/18/2015 Patient CMD-6926 Corrected an issue in which the Patient "Last Statement Amount" field could display an incorrect value in the event that a patient was sent a statement and had one or more claims printed from the application on the same day. 9.2 & 9.3 
11/18/2015 Codes CMD-6925 Corrected an issue in which the fields on the Medicare Allowable look up screen was not displaying the proper values. 9.3 
11/18/2015 Provider CMD-6412 Corrected an issue in which the Set All Statuses option on the Eligibility configuration tab of the Provider section was not working. This fix was previously deployed to the v9.2 application version. 9.3 
11/11/2015 Claims TXN-487 Corrected an issue in which an invalid SVD segment was being sent on electronic institutional claims in situations where the destination payer was either secondary or tertiary and there was a payment from the primary payer entered on the claim and one or more line items on the claim did not contain a HCPCS code. 9.3 
11/11/2015 Payer TXN-486 Implemented a payer edit for Horizon Blue Cross Bue Shield of New Jersey (CPID 2414) to send the rendering provider information within the claim electronically when the NPI is the same as the billing provider and the billing provider is setup as an organization and the POS on the claim is not 41 or 42. Under normal circumstances, the rendering provider is only sent on the claim when the NPI is different than the billing provider. 9.3 
11/11/2015 Scheduler CMD-6963 Corrected an issue in which the scheduler view was being reset to the start time whenever the user updated an appointment. That is, the vertical scroll bar, if present, was being returned to the top. 9.3 
11/11/2015 Document Imaging CMD-6959 Corrected an error that some users were experiencing when attempting to upload documents within Document Imaging. 9.2 & 9.3 
11/11/2015 Patient Locks CMD-6958 Corrected an issue in which the log in process for v9.3 was not properly finding and releasing any patient locks that the user still had active from a previous version of the software at the time that they upgraded (i.e. v9.2). 9.3 
11/11/2015 Claim CMD-6920 Corrected an issue in which the claim review request for institutional claims was not properly sending the information for the occurrence codes entered on the claim. In certain situations, this could cause errors to be returned on the report for missing accident or injury date based on the diagnosis codes present. 9.2 & 9.3 
11/11/2015 Payment CMD-6913 Corrected an issue in which certain deleted claims were still being accounted for the in summary total lines on the patient activity report. This was only an issue for claims deleted by updating all associated line items to the deleted charge status from the patient payment or apply account credit screens within the Payment section. 9.2 & 9.3 
11/11/2015 Alerts CMD-6909 Corrected an issue in which alerts could be duplicated after searching for alerts in Alert Control and saving changes. This was only occurring for certain types of "legacy" alerts created for patients in application versions prior to v8.4.0. 9.2 & 9.3 
11/11/2015 Claim CMD-6908 Updated the Claim section to prevent users from saving invalid ICD or CPT codes (i.e. ones not present in the master list) to their local code list when present on the claim. Users will still be able to added codes to claims which are not present in their local code list and save the claim as complete provided the ICD/CPT codes are valid (i.e. present in the master list). 9.2 & 9.3 
11/11/2015 Patient Picture CMD-6897 Corrected an issue in which an image previously uploaded to document imaging was distorted when viewed within the Patient section as the patient photo. This issue was only occurring for certain files. 9.2 & 9.3 
11/11/2015 Reports CBI-379 Corrected an error that was occurring attempting to view results for a custom CBI report which included a date-type report field as a group and was set to display totals for one or more columns. 9.3 
11/11/2015 Reports CBI-376 Corrected an issue in which calculated date columns within custom CBI Reports were not showing the correct value when exported to excel. 9.3 
11/04/2015 Claim CMD-6879 Corrected an issue in which ICD code alerts were not showing when adding a new claim for the active patient using a patient with one or more ICD codes with an alert setup to display in the Claim section. 9.2 
11/04/2015 Appointment Reminders CMD-6839 Implemented the ability for users to resend the appointment SMS reminder opt-in message to a patient that previously selected to opt-out. Before sending the reminder opt-in again, the user will be prompted to acknowledge that they have received written or verbal permission from the patient to send another SMS message to their cell phone. 9.2 
11/04/2015 Claim CMD-5383 Corrected an issue in which an invalid ICD code warning could be incorrectly displayed in certain circumstances when saving a claim. This issue was occurring when creating a claim for a patient with one or more invalid ICD-9 default codes (which are loaded onto the claim automatically) and removing all ICD-9 codes from the claim prior to saving. 9.2 
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