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Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution
Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution
03/26/2015 Payment  CMD-6109 Corrected an issue in which remark codes used in ERA files were not being automatically added to the customer list as intended when not already present. These codes were properly being saved on the insurance check.    
03/26/2015 Appointment Reminders CMD-6096 Corrected an issue in which appointment reminders were not being sent multiple times when the configuration option to 'resend reminders every X days if no response received' was selected.    
03/26/2015 Patient  CMD-6095 Updated the patient activity report (interactive view and plan text print out) to include the patient's account number and a new column in the Activity Summary table for "Balance by Charge Status" that shows the total charge amounts. The patient's account number on the interactive version of the report has right click copy/paste capabilities.    
03/26/2015 System  CMD-6082 Corrected an issue in which users were unable to successfully change their passwords. This issue was occurring for a specific scenario where the user used the password recovery option and later had their password reset by another user via the Admin section.    
03/26/2015 Scheduler CMD-6078 Updated the warning messages within the Scheduler related to booking outside of allowed hours to remove redundancy where applicable. For example, previously in certain situations users could be prompted that the selected time is outside of the allowed hours for the resource and then, after acknowledging, also be prompted that the selected time is outside of the allowed hours for the appointment type and/or office location.    
03/26/2015 Claim CMD-6019 Corrected an issue in which ICD-10 codes input into ICD-9 fields on the Additional Info -> Procedure tab of institutional claims where not properly highlighting yellow to denote an invalid entry.    
03/26/2015 System  CMD-5919 Updated the user locks feature to set a user status to 'Locked' after 6 invalid log in attempts. Previously users would be locked after 10 invalid log in attempts. This change is for compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.    
03/26/2015 Connect Center CMD-5733 Updated various references throughout the application to reflect our clearinghouse partner's new website, Connect Central (previously Collaboration Compass).    
03/22/2015 Claim TXN-408 Corrected an issue in which claims were not being sent to the clearinghouse for a customer. There was a specific scenario in which this issue would occur when the payer associated to the first claim has the provider listed as inactive for that payer via the Provider ID Numbers tab.    
03/22/2015 Claim  CMD-6092 Corrected an issue in which the ICD code fields were incorrectly highlighting yellow (to indicate an invalid code) when automatically populated from the patient's claim defaults under certain circumstances. This was only occurring when the patient's default codes incorrectly included a space (i.e. " ") at the end of them.    
03/22/2015 Scheduler CMD-6089 Corrected an issue in which the default appointment statuses were not being created for customers if a custom appointment status was first created before adding a scheduler resource or department.    
03/22/2015 Payment CMD-6087 Updated Manage Account such that when changing the "due to" setting of an account credit, the memo line will be updated accordingly to the new default if it was not previously customized.    
03/22/2015 Scheduler  CMD-6080 Corrected an issue in which appointment set as deleted when changing the status directly within the appointment editor window were not saving the delete date and delete user information.    
03/22/2015 Patient CMD-6077 Corrected an issue in which the action of setting a previously archived insurance policy as active was copying over the incorrect date of birth for the insured when the application was being run on a computer set to a timezone behind EST.    
03/22/2015 Payment  CMD-6048 Corrected an issue with ERA auto apply in which a new payment was not applied to a claim in situations where a reversal for the same payer/claim was received on the same ERA file.    
03/22/2015 Claim  CMD-6010 Corrected an issue in which ICD-10 codes could not be removed from an existing claim that was dual coded.    
03/12/2015 Claim  TXN-404 Added a new option to the Other form on the Charges tab which allows users to specify a CLIA for the referring lab when required by the payer for electronic claim submission.    
03/12/2015 Payment  CMD-6090 Corrected an issue in which certain users were not able to select from all claim form types when printing claims from within the Payment section.    
03/12/2015 Payment CMD-6086 Corrected an error that was occurring when attempting the view the EOB associated to an ERA file when the RR/RE report was received more than 15 days before or after the ERA file itself.    
03/12/2015 Payment  CMD-6085 Corrected an error that was occurring when attempting to open a claim within an existing insurance check in certain situations where a patient payment previously applied to a charge on the claim was redistributed as part of the auto apply process but could not be applied to another charge (i.e. created a new account credit).    
03/12/2015 Payment CMD-6073 Corrected an issue in which the "Undo" resolution action within the Auto Apply Report was not reversing the user's action in situations where the "Remove" check box was previously selected to exclude a payment from the insurance check in order to resolve an error/warning.    
03/12/2015 Payment CMD-6061 Corrected an error that was occurring when trying to unlock or delete a previously committed insurance check with no payments associated to it.    
03/12/2015 Payment  CMD-6060 Corrected an issue in which an error was occurring when trying to view the complete listing of remittance codes within the Remark, Adjustment, or Unpaid Reason fields of a claim payment on an insurance check. This issue was only effecting users on Java 8 with certain codes in their local list.    
03/12/2015 System CMD-6051 Moved the "Alternative Mac Printing" setting from the user defaults to the Advanced Options panel. For users using this setting, this will allow them to set the option one time for a particular Mac rather then individually per customer/user. Note: This feature is only visible to MAC users.    
03/12/2015 Patient  CMD-6044 Added a new print capability to the patient activity report to print the report as it is seen on the screen (i.e. the tree structure with collapsed/expanded nodes, tables, etc). The existing print options for plan text and summary only are still available.    
03/12/2015 Reports CBI-250 Corrected an issue in which new report fields added to CBI were not available to include on co-displays for existing reports (i.e. reports created before the new field was added).    
03/05/2015 Payment IDEA-107 Modified the default memo line used when transferring an account credit from one patient to another to reference the patient account number rather than the patient name. Users can still customize the memo line prior to saving or afterward via Manage Account.    
03/05/2015 Claim CMD-6072 Corrected an issue in which patient payment receipts were not printing when posting payments within the Charges tab of the Claim section.    
03/05/2015 Payer CMD-6064 Corrected an issue in which the option to update contract pricing with the allowed amount used when posting an insurance check was not properly updating the contract in situations where the CPT contract price was previously $0.00.    
03/05/2015 Payment CMD-6062 Corrected an issue in which an invalid account credit was being created when posting an insurance payment under a specific set of conditions. This issue was only occurring when applying an ERA, removing one of the claim payments, opening the claim payment that was removed, one or more charges on the claim had a contract amount value based on the CPT/payer, and the option to auto fill the allowed amount using the contracted value was selected.    
03/05/2015 Payment CMD-6057 Corrected an error that was occurring when attempting to apply an ERA file in which the payer ID within the ERA does not match any payer in the customer's list of payers.    
03/05/2015 Payment CMD-6046 Update the code fields within the additional action pop ups through the Payment section (for example, Apply Credit Adjustment) such that users can type the code value directly into the field in addition to selecting the code using the "search" feature.    
03/05/2015 Patient  CMD-6045 Added a search criteria for "Payer" to the patient activity report.    
03/05/2015 Statements CMD-6043 Corrected an issue in which patient statements were printing with a blank page when done within the application. This was only occurring under certain scenarios based on the amount of data on the statement.    
03/05/2015 Payment  CMD-6042 Corrected an issue in which accounts debits were not being properly retrieved within the Apply Account Credit screen in situations where the only the debit was the only outstanding charge for the patient.    
03/05/2015 Superbills CMD-6036 Added a new variable, Patient Cell Phone, available for form based and text based superbills.    
03/05/2015 Payment CMD-5990 Corrected an issue in which remittance actions were not being properly applied for remark codes used on an insurance check.    
03/05/2015 Reports CBI-280 Corrected an issue in which the Unpaid Reasons report was not properly displaying data from insurance checks posted in application version v9.2.    
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