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Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution 9.2
Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution 9.2
06/25/2015 Payment IDEA-111 Updated the insurance check screen such that when editing the payment details for a claim, that claim row will remain highlighted when returning to the overall check screen (i.e. after applying or closing the claim payment details screen).  
06/25/2015 Claim IDEA-67 Added support for a new charge level status, Rejected at Clearinghouse. Charges that are rejected by the clearinghouse will now be automatically set to this new status. In addition, the new status will be available throughout the application where users can search for claims/charges by status (for example, Claim Tracking, Reports, etc).  
06/25/2015 Scheduler CMD-6393 Corrected an issue in which the patient payment lock was not being properly cleared when attempting to schedule an appointment for a patient already opened within the Patient section and the appointment could not be saved as a result of a time slot conflict and the overbooking option not being enabled. Once this scenario happened, attempting to reopen the patient within the appointment editor window or the payment section would incorrectly warn the user that the payments could not be posted for the patient at this time.  
06/25/2015 Statements CMD-6361 Corrected an issue in which the balance printed in the aging buckets on the patient statement was inconsistent with what was displayed within the activity report or charge balance due patient by aging reports within the application for certain patients.  
06/25/2015 Payment  CMD-6357 Updated the payer matching logic within the ERA auto apply process to account for payers that are assigned an ERA specific CPID by the clearinghouse that is different then the electronic claim CPID. At this time, certain Anthem and United Healthcare payers are the only ones assigned an ERA specific CPID.  
06/25/2015 Statements CMD-6322 Corrected an error that could occur when attempting to print a patient statement from within the Patient section when the statements sent counter was set to a value above 99.  
06/25/2015 Statements CMD-6071 Updated the payment processing code throughout the application to automatically reset the patient statement counter to 0 in the event that a payment is processed which brings their balance to $0.00.  
06/18/2015 Payer TXN-423 Implemented a payer edit for ALOHACARE (CPID 5231) to send a value of "Y" in PAT09 whenever the last menstrual period is entered on the claim.  
06/18/2015 Payment CMD-6379 Corrected an issue in which a credit adjustment applied to a charge within Manage Account was created an account credit when done at the same time as a refund against one of the insurance payments on the same charge and the adjustment amount was greater than the original balance of the charge (i.e. before the refund action was done).  
06/18/2015 Payment CMD-6365 Corrected an issue in which claim printing was not working under all circumstances when selected during the ERA Auto Apply process.  
06/18/2015 Payment CMD-6363 Removed messages throughout the Payment section that were being displayed and requiring user confirmation following a successful payment. Users will now only receive a pop up and be forced to acknowledge it in the event of an error while saving the payment.  
06/18/2015 Claim CMD-6359 Corrected an issue in which updates to the diagnosis pointers on the ICD-10 tab of a claim marked for dual coding were not being properly saved when editing an existing claim.  
06/18/2015 Payment CMD-6356 Added a new option to the Manage Account screen to allow users to view only those claims with an outstanding balance (i.e. greater than $0.00).  
06/18/2015 Payment CMD-6355 Added new print options to the ERA Auto Apply report to allow users to print only claims/charges with errors, unapplied amounts, or zero paid. Users will still be able to print the complete auto apply as they are currently capable of.  
06/18/2015 Claim CMD-6349 "Updated the logic used to set the overall claim level status based on the status set on each line item associated with the claim to check the following: 1) If there is a majority of non-deleted line items are set to a particular status, use that status as the claim level status. For example, if 2 charges are set to DUE PATIENT and one is set to ON HOLD the claim level status should be set to DUE PATIENT regardless of the ordering of the charges on the claim. 2) Do not take debits into consideration unless all charges are marked as PAID and the debit has a status other then PAID. Previously the logic was setting the overall claim level status to that of the last line item on the claim not marked as PAID."  
06/18/2015 Eligibility  CMD-6341 "Implemented the following improvements related to eligibility processing for payers that are ""portal only"" (which means that they require the provider's payer log in credentials in order to run): 1) Added a warning to the user when attempting to check eligibility for a payer that is portal only but the associated provider does not have the credentials entered into the Provider section of the application. 2) Within the Provider section on the Eligibility screen, added a column to indicate which payers are ""portal only"". 3) Within the Provider section on the Eligibility screen, expanded the allowed number of characters on the provider ""Payer Login"" field."  
06/14/2015 Patient CMD-6346 Added a new option to the patient activity report to allow users to show/hide usernames within the claim billing and statement printing portions of the report. By default, the option will be set to show usernames. The option will also be taken into account when creating the printable, plain text version of the report.  
06/14/2015 Patient CMD-6339 Modified the printed version of the patient activity report such that header (which contains the customer, patient, and date/time) is now being printed at the top of each page instead of just the first page.  
06/14/2015 Practice  CMD-6337 Added a new payment default option within the Practice section to enable auto-calculation of insurance adjustments for non-primary payments. When selected, the option within the Insurance Payment -> Apply as EOB > Claim Payment screen to auto-calculate the adjustment based on the charge amount will be enabled for all payments regardless of payer. When not selected, the option will continue to be disabled for payments posted by non-primary payers on the claim. By default, the new option will be disabled.  
06/14/2015 Payment CMD-6336 Updated the Claim Search window within Insurance Payments -> Apply as EOB -" Add Claim feature to give users the option to add multiple claims at once to the insurance check. By default the option will not be enabled but once selected it will be remembered between usages for that user.  
06/14/2015 Patient  CMD-6318 Corrected an issue in which the claim, statement, and payment items on the patient activity report was not being ordered from newest to oldest as it was in previous application versions when viewed from the Print -> Face Sheet Ledger/Notes with the 'list transaction' option selected.  
06/04/2015 Payer TXN-422 Updated a previously implemented payer specific edit to send "A" rather than "T" in SBR01 when the payer is listed as tertiary on the claim. This edit applies to the following CPIDs: 2271, 2272, 2277, 2442, 2732, 2760, 2767, 3213, 3215, 4260, 4268, 4456, 4795, 5273, 5287, 5858, 6169, 6170, 6286, 6714, 6730.  
06/04/2015 Payment  CMD-6362 Corrected an error that was occurring when adding a certain claims to an insurance check. The claims that had this issue were the claim previously had an insurance adjustment entered from that same payer within Manage Account.  
06/04/2015 Claim  CMD-6345 Corrected an issue changes made to diagnosis codes on an existing claim were being removed when changing, adding, or removing a payer from the claim after making the changes but before saving the claim.  
06/04/2015 Payment CMD-6343 Corrected an issue in which Manage Credits could refund incorrect credits when performing a search for a specific Patient #.  
06/04/2015 Payment CMD-6340 Corrected an issue in which charges were incorrectly being set as 'Send to Insurance' during the auto apply process when the payment being entered was for the secondary payer on the claim and an exclusion had been previously entered for the primary payer. In this case, the secondary payment should be treated as though it was from a primary payer (i.e. the adjustments should be applied) but the status should be set to 'Due Patient' if a balance remains.  
06/04/2015 Reports CMD-6316 Corrected an issue in which blank pages were printing on clearinghouse reports when printed within the Reports section.  
06/04/2015 Appointment Reminders  CMD-6268 Corrected an issue in which different practice names could be sent for the appointment reminder text opt-in message and the confirmation response. This was only possible within customers with multiple practices in which the opt-in request was sent via the appointment editor window for an appointment associated to a practice that is different then the patient's default practice.  
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