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Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution 9.2
Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution 9.2
7/30/2015 Codes CMD-6466 Corrected an issue in which remittance codes with an attached action code of 'Set to Denied at Insurace' was not properly setting all charges on the claim to 'Denied at Insurance', the allowed/applied/adjusted to $0.00, the unpaid amount to the original charge balance, and all adjustment reason codes as unpaid reason codes as was done in previous versions of the application.  
7/30/2015 Payment CMD-6439 Added a warning message when submitting an in application patient payment of type credit card with no credit card actually entered. This is only applicable for customers with the in application credit card payment feature enabled. The warning will show by default but users will have the ability to disable the warning by selecting the 'do not show me this again' option or within their User Default settings.  
07/30/2015 Payment CMD-6431 Added a new label to the Claim Payment Details screen of an Insurance Check to show the current status of the highlighted charge.  
07/30/2015 Payment CMD-6430 Updated the View Insurance Payment screen to order claims by patient then by DOS by default. Previously, only the patient ordering was being applied by default when opening an existing insurance check. Users can continue to reorder the results displayed using the column header sorting feature.  
07/30/2015 Payment CMD-6428 Added an option to the View Insurance Payment screen to allow users to open the full Auto Apply Report when the check being viewed was created from the ERA auto apply process.  
07/30/2015 Control CMD-6421 Corrected an issue in which certain filters within the Control section were not saving and loading properly when attempting to save a filter configuration on one of the screens.  
07/30/2015 Report CBI-321 Corrected an issue in which parameter filter sets were not be saved/loaded properly for custom reports within CBI.  
07/26/2015 Control IDEA-99 Added a new filter option for Patient Birthday to the search window when batch printing patient labels.  
07/26/2015 Payer CMD-6458 Corrected an issue in which the Enrollment Central link within the Payer section was not properly working for Mac users and Windows users with Internet Explorer not installed in the default location.  
07/26/2015 Claim CMD-6451 Corrected an issue in which the Supervising Provider's NPI was not properly printing in box 17b of the CMS-1500 claim form when applicable.  
07/26/2015 Payment CMD-6442 Corrected an issue in which Credit and Debit Adjustments were not being properly saved within Manage Account if the code field was manually entered by the user (as opposed to using the search action) and the user entered an extra space character at the end of the code.  
07/26/15 Payment CMD-6427 Corrected an issue in which adjustments were not being properly applied during the ERA auto apply process for files from the payer containing only claim level information.  
07/26/2015 Scheduler CMD-6423 Corrected an issue in which changes to the Resource Hours within the Scheduler section were not being saved when selecting the Save action prior to tabbing or clicking outside of the table cell being edited.  
07/26/2015 Messaging  CMD-6422 Corrected an issue in which the recipients list for mail messages was being cut off when printed.  
07/26/2015 Payment CMD-6420 Implemented a new duplicate insurance check warning to alert users when entering an insurance check for the same payers, check date, amount, and check number as one previously entered into the system. The feature will be enabled by default but can be disabled at any time by the user via the Defaults tab or by selecting the 'Do not show me this again' option in the warning.  
07/26/2015 Patient CMD-6416 Updated the claim update feature from within the Patient section to also include claims set to 'User Print and Mail'. Previously, when looking for claims to resubmit following a change to the patient's insurance, only claims 'At Insurance' or 'Send to Clearinghouse' were being considered.  
07/26/2015 Patient IDEA-98 Implemented a new right click option with the Insurance History results table of the Patient section that gives users a shortcut for opening the associated payer.  
07/16/2015 Payment CMD-6433 Corrected an issue in which an incorrect payer source could be selected for a claim payment during the ERA auto apply under specific circumstances.  
07/16/2015 Payment CMD-6415 Corrected an issue in which the Clear Payment button was not available on the new insurance payment screen when populating the Payment By field using the "find by claim" option.  
07/16/2015 Provider CMD-6412 Corrected an issue in which the Set All Statuses option on the Eligibility configuration tab of the Provider section was not working.  
07/16/2015 Patient CMD-6370 Corrected an issue in which a new alert created on a patient account could be duplicated under specific circumstances.  
07/16/2015 Reports CBI-317 Corrected an error that was occurring when running a report which used the a field of type numeric as a group.  
07/09/2015 Claim TXN-430 Corrected an issue in which the line item description for a charge sent within the electronic ANSI file could be greater than the allowed number of characters in this field (80) under certain circumstances.  
07/09/2015 Payer TXN-428 Implemented a payer edit for Nevada Medicaid (CPID 7495) to send the AMT~EAF segment within Loop 2330B within the ANSI generated file.  
07/09/2015 Payer TXN-427 Implemented a payer edit for Railroad Medicare (CPID 1443) to exclude certain segments from being sent within the ANSI generated file in situations where the payer is setup to have the clearinghouse print and mail the claim.  
07/09/2015 Patient CMD-6399 Corrected an issue in which the insured relationship option of 'Other (Organization)' was not being properly displayed on the screen when opening a patient record previously saved with this option selected.  
07/09/2015 Claim CMD-6377 Corrected an issue in which the Type of Bill value on an institutional claim was being incorrectly set to the Practice default value when changing one of the payers present on the claim from within the Claim section.  
07/09/2015 Text Reminders CMD-6067 Corrected an error preventing patient sms opt in messages from being sent when a new patient was created within the Scheduler section and the associated appointment was using a resource setup as a practice resource.  
07/05/2015 Codes CMD-6414 Corrected an issue in which the ICD Crosswalk feature was not properly showing all alternative matches when searching for ICD-9 to ICD-10 general mapping equivalents.  
07/05/2015 Payment CMD-6406 Corrected an error occurring when attempting to delete a refund that would subsequently bring the overall charge balance below $0.  
07/05/2015 Payment CMD-6400 Corrected an error that was occurring when attempting to refund negative charge balance transfer credits within Manage Account.  
07/05/2015 Payment CMD-6397 Corrected an issue in which automatic patient payment redistribution could incorrectly redistribute the same payment twice during the ERA auto apply process. This issue could only occur when the same claim was paid multiple times within the ERA file and the payment/adjustments were applied by the user to both claim entries in such a way that the patient payment would be redistributed.  
07/05/2015 Payer CMD-6394 Implemented a CMS-1500 claim form printing edit for payer Florida Medicaid (CPID 1478) to print the patient's Medicare number in Box 1A and the Medcaid number in Box 10d for crossover claims from Medicare Part C.  
07/05/2015 Payment CMD-6391 Corrected an issue in which remittance action codes were incorrectly setting the line item status during the ERA auto apply process when the charge balance was $0.00.  
07/05/2015 Statements CMD-6386 Corrected an issue in which the amount reported on the batch statement printing screen did not match the actual amount generated on the patient statements in certain situations.  
07/05/2015 Messaging  CMD-6364 Corrected an issue in which users were not being properly warned when attempting to send mail messages with more than the allowed number of recipients.  
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