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Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution
Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution
01/06/2016 Claim TXN-511 Implemented an edit for claims sent to payer Blue Shield of National Capitol Area - Carefirst (CPID 2425) to send the sequestration information separate from the overall charge adjustment amount in the prior payer's payment information (Loop 2430) when this payer is secondary and the primary payer is Medicare.    
01/06/2016 Eligibility TXN-504 Updated the eligibility report to include support for processing and displaying the information sent in the Health Care Services Delivery (HSD) segment when present.    
01/06/2016 Claim CMD-7037 Implemented an edit to print the word "SAME" in box 9 for claims sent to medicare payers with a secondary payer on the claim within the same insured as the primary payer.    
01/06/2016 Claim CMD-7025 Added a new user preference to allow users to re-enable the prompt within institutional claims to "copy the principal diagnosis code to the admit code" if they had previously selected the "do not show me this again" option on the dialog window.    
01/06/2016 Codes CMD-7020 Corrected an issue in which the ICD crosswalk search feature was timing out for certain ICD-9 codes with a large number of equivalent mapping results returned (> 1,000).    
01/22/2015 Claim TXN-394 Corrected an issue in which a blank PER segment was being included on DMERC claims in the event that the Ordering Provider's contact information is not filled in. While this information is required for DMERC claim billing, the empty segment was resulting in claim rejections due to invalid format.    
01/22/2015 Superbills CMD-5960 Updated the Default Superbill to decrease the space between the body and the footer.    
01/22/2015 Controls CMD-5934 Corrected an error that was occurring when Batch Printing certain claims. The error prevented the claim status from properly updating to "At Insurance".    
01/22/2015 Patient CMD-5911 Corrected an issue in which the text entered in the Patient Notepad was not being included on the Face Sheet/Ledger/Notes printouts within the Patient section.    
01/22/2015 Payment CMD-5891 Implemented an improvement to the ERA process to detect when a payment is incorrectly identified in the ERA file as being from the secondary payer when the payer is listed as primary on the claim.    
01/22/2015 Payment CMD-5890 Corrected an issue in which manually modifying the adjustment amount of an Insurance Payment on an ERA which included a reversal on that same charge was not properly calculating the end balance.    
01/22/2015 Scheduler CMD-5888 Corrected an issue in which the date picker calendar in the Scheduler was not automatically focusing on the correct month when selecting a date on the calendar outside of the current year.    
01/22/2015 Payment CMD-5881 Added a new user default option to maintain the received date between Patient Payments rather than defaulting to today's date for each one.    
01/22/2015 Patient CMD-5878 Corrected an issue in which the "Update Claims" option in the Patient section was not showing for some users who had the disable animations option enabled within their advanced settings.    
01/22/2015 Payment CMD-5874 Implemented an update to only lock patients on existing insurance checks if their specific claim payment information has been modified. Previously all patient were being locked when viewing an existing insurance check within the Payment section.    
01/22/2015 Payment CMD-5761 Updated Manage Account such that Refunds are not automatically being flagged as un-deleted when the associated Credit is being un-deleted by the user.    
01/22/2015 Payment CMD-5543 Updated a warning message within Manage Account to clearly differentiate whether an un-delete action that cannot be performed is being taken on an Account Credit or a Refund.    
01/22/2015 Reports CBI-272 Added a new option for exporting to csv (comma separated value) file within CBI Reporting.    
01/15/2015 Payment CMD-5887 Corrected an issue in which placeholder codes were incorrectly being stored in the adjustment field when posting credit adjustemnts. These fields should be blank for these record types.    
01/15/2015 Payment CMD-5883 Corrected an issue in which the 'Include applied checks' filter on the Electronic Remittance Advice tab was not limiting search results when de-selected.    
01/15/2015 Payer CMD-5876 Implemented an edit for payer CALIFORNIA MEDI-CAL (CPID 3510) such that the primary insured information is excluded from boxes 58, 59, and 60 of the UB-04 claim form when the payer is secondary on the claim and the claim is for Rural Health Clinics.    
01/15/2015 Claim CMD-5873 Updated the incomplete claim check to not require a diagnosis code on claims for Self Pay patients.    
01/15/2015 Patient CMD-5868 Updated the Check Eligibility feature within the Patient section such that the request button cannot be selected while another eligibility check is already in progress.    
01/15/2015 Claim CMD-5866 Corrected an issue in which the value previously entered into the ICD1 field of a claim was being incorrectly overwritten when switching to the off of and back to the Charges tab using the keyboard navigation shortcuts.    
01/15/2015 Patient CMD-5852 Added a new option when printing the Patient Acitivty report to print a summary only. When selected, only the activity summaries portion of the overall report will be printed.    
01/15/2015 Payment CMD-5851 Add a new column to the Patient Payment screen to denote the charge's rendering provider. Users will be able to Show/Hide the new column which will then be remembered in their preferences. By default, the new column will be hidden.    
01/15/2015 Superbills CMD-5839 Corrected an issue in which text based superbills were printing the footer on top of the other text from the body of the superbill.    
01/15/2015 Codes CMD-5825 Corrected an issue in which fields on the revenue codes were displaying blank when opening a code using the simple search results for the first time after logging in.    
01/15/2015 Payment CMD-5816 Updated the wording for one of the ERA warning messages to properly stated "secondary" payer rather than "tertiary".    
01/15/2015 Patient CMD-5789 Corrected an issue in which Patient Statements were printing too low on the page in certain circumstances when using the 'Show the patient's last payment'. On some printers, this was cutting off the last line on the page.    
01/08/2015 Claim CMD-5871 Corrected an issue in which users were unable to save claims as incomplete with no diagnosis codes present on the claim.    
01/08/2015 Patient CMD-5869 Corrected an issue in which certain label configurations were not printing as expected.    
01/08/2015 Payment CMD-5864 Corrected an issue in which the 'View EOB' option was not returning the payer generated report in situations where the check amount in the EOB report did not match the check amount in the ERA file exactly.    
01/08/2015 Payment CMD-5860 Corrected an issue in which the TCN for a claim was not being automatically selected when posting Insurance Payments in situtations where the CPID of the claim's payer was changed between the claim submission and payment posting.    
01/08/2015 System CMD-5858 Corrected an error that was occurring for certain users when attempting to view the default settings.    
01/08/2015 Payment CMD-5857 Corrected an issue in which the 'View EOB' option was not returning the payer generated report in situations where the check number in the EOB report did not match the check number in the ERA file exactly.    
01/08/2015 Admin CMD-5856 Corrected an error occurring when editing permissions for certain users.    
01/08/2015 Payment CMD-5855 Corrected an issue within Line Item Posting in which invalid account credits could be created.    
01/08/2015 Scheduler CMD-5848 Corrected an issue in which insurance information from one patient could appear in the appointment editor window for a different patient. This could occur in a specific situation opening multiple appointment editor windows and claims in the Claim section. When the issue occurred, the changes were visual only and not actually overwritten on the patient.    
01/08/2015 Payment CMD-5833 Corrected an issue in which the search for existing insurance checks by TCN was not working as expected.    
01/08/2015 Payment CMD-5828 Updated the Additional Actions windows throughout the Payment Section to ensure that cursor focus is placed within the first field of the pop up window when selected.    
01/08/2015 Payment CMD-5826 Corrected an issue in which write off actions for remittance codes were not being automatically applied under certain scenarios during the ERA auto apply process.    
01/08/2015 Patient CMD-5695 Added capability to view information about "Where did this credit come from" within the patient activity report when the credit has been created from an adjustment. Previously this feature was only supported for credits created from payments.    
01/08/2015 System CBI-261 Corrected an issue in which the months on the Claims Billed per Month Dashboard gadget were not appearing in the correct order on the x-axis of the graph.    
01/08/2015 Reports CBI-256 Added ability for user to specify margins when printing reports within CBI.    
01/01/2015 Payment CMD-5865  Corrected an issue in which the patient payment redistribution feature of ERA atuo apply was not properly creating new payment records after deleting the original payment in certain situations.     
01/01/2015  Payment CMD-5861  Corrected an issue in which a charge's status was not being properly set to 'PAID' in certain situations when applying an Additional Action within Manage Account equal to the starting balance.     
01/01/2015  Payment CMD-5863  Corrected an issue in which payments were not being properly deleted within Manage Account when deleting account credits in certain situations.     
01/01/2015  Patient CMD-5854 Corrected an issue in which claim balance totals in the patient's activity report were incorrectly taking into account amounts associated with information lines.    
01/01/2015  Various MACUI-93  Corrected an issue in which the font used on print outs throughout the application was different on the Mac when using Java 7 or higher.     
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