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Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution
Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution
02/26/2015 Payment CMD-6066 Corrected an issue with patient payment redistribution in which the redistributed payments were not properly being placed back onto an account credit in the case were a claim with multiple charges had a line item with more than 2 payments applied which were all identical (same amount, memo line, and type) and the insurance payment applied fully paid the line item in question and left an amount owed on the second line item equal to one of the payments.    
02/26/2015 Text Reminders CMD-6056 Corrected an issue in which the patient's opt-in status for SMS Text Reminders could be overwritten in the event that the patient record was being modified at the same time that the opt-in response was received.    
02/26/2015 Payment CMD-6054 Corrected an issue in the ERA auto apply process in which payments were not being properly applied in some cases with claims having multiple line items with the same CPT code.    
02/26/2015 Statements CMD-6049 Corrected an issue in which certain user printed statement activity lines were unable to be deleted within Manage Account.    
02/26/2015 Patient  CMD-6040 Updated the patient activity report print out to allow memo lines to take up more space on the report.    
02/26/2015 Scheduler CMD-6028 Added fields to the Payment tab of the Appointment Editor window to allow users to select the Provider and Office to associate the payment to when posting as an account credit.    
02/26/2015 Control CMD-5973 Updated the batch printing screen such that the print margin settings are not shown until after results are loaded. This change was implemented to eliminate confusion about why default value were shown on the screen instead of the user preference settings until claims were loaded.    
02/26/2015 Code Scrubbing  CMD-5939 Corrected an issue in which claim scrubbing was still being run automatically when saving claims without any diagnosis codes (claims can only be saved in this configuration for self pay patients).    
02/26/2015 Patient Section  CMD-5930 Updated the process used for reporting the Next Appointment date within the patient dashboard such that it is now calculated based on the patient's appointment history when the record is opened. Previously this field was only being updated when an appointment was created and updated, leading to scenarios in which the field could report an incorrect date.    
02/19/2015 Payment  CMD-6031 Corrected an issue in which users were unable to save changes to the payment type for an existing insurance check.     
02/19/2015 Payer CMD-6030 Implemented an edit for Maryland Medicaid (CPID 1488) to always leave box 29 of the claim form print out blank when Medicare is the primary.    
02/19/2015 Claim  CMD-6026 Updated the ICD-9 fields on a claim to highlight yellow (to alert users of a data entry error) in the event that a user enters an ICD-10 code.    
02/19/2015 Eligibility  CMD-6012 Corrected an issue in which the Insurance tab for a patient was incorrectly highlighted to indicate an eligibility error when the report showed active coverage. This was only occurring when the payer sent a response without an EB segment (which is required per ANSI specifications).    
02/19/2015 Scheduler  CMD-6000 Corrected an issue in which finding all open times for an appointment was not returning all results. This was previously occurring when the client computer was set to a timezone other than EST.    
02/19/2015 Payment CMD-5976 Corrected an issue in which the patient payment process was not properly cancelling when selecting the 'X' button of the account credit window when processing an over-payment using the apply automatically option.     
02/19/2015 Admin CMD-5952 Corrected an issue in which an Auth Rep was not being granted access to a new customer automatically. This was only occurring when the Auth Rep performing the customer add action belonged to a closed customer.    
02/19/2015 Reports CMD-5937 Corrected an issue when mousing over dynamic search result fields causing the highlighted row to show as blank. This was previously occurring for certain client computers running Java 8.    
02/19/2015 Payment CMD-5928 Corrected an issue within EOB Posting in which credits attached to adjustments were not being properly updated.    
02/19/2015 Scheduler CMD-5835 Modified the appointment reminder scheduling process to send reminders for all appointments X days in the future (based on the customer setting) AND any appointments less than X days in the future which have not had a reminder sent. Previously the process only scheduled reminders for appointments scheduled X days in the future.    
02/12/2015 Eligibility  TXN-396 Corrected an error attempting to run eligibility checks for secondary payers when the insurance policy holder is different then the that of the primary insurance for the patient.    
02/12/2015 Scheduler MACUI-97 Corrected an error retrieving appointments that could occur running CMD on the Mac using Java 8 when one or more appointment types does not have an assigned scheduler icon.    
02/12/2015 Patient  CMD-6017 Corrected an issue in which portions of the Patient Payment screen were being cutoff when viewed at the lowest supported screen resolution with the 'Show Details' option selected.    
02/12/2015 Claim CMD-6006 Corrected an issue in which the office location NPI was not printing in box 33a when the practice has the "send the office location as the pay-to address" selected and the office location on the claim has a different NPI specified then the practice.    
02/12/2015 Payment CMD-6005 Corrected an error attempting to add a claim to an insurance check in situations where one or more payers on the claim were missing a Professional CPID.    
02/12/2015 Payment CMD-6004 Corrected an issue in which the starting balance displayed for charges could show incorrectly in certain scenarios when editing an existing insurance check in which the payment/adjustment previously entered for the charge created an account credit.    
02/12/2015 Payment CMD-6002 Corrected an issue in which certain account credits could not be deleted within Manage Account. This was happening for credits created in previous versions of the software via Account Posting with their due to setting as insurance that were then subsequently transferred into another patient account via Manage Account.    
02/12/2015 Superbill CMD-5997 Updated the appointment label on the default CMD Superbill from "APPT DATE/TIME" to "APPT DATE" such that it can now fit within a single column within the header.     
02/12/2015 Payment CMD-5991 Implemented improvements for memory usage when opening large insurance checks.    
02/12/2015 Payment CMD-5990 Corrected an issue in which write off actions for unpaid reason codes were not being automatically applied under certain scenarios during the ERA auto apply process.    
02/12/2015 Payment CMD-5989 Corrected an error that was occurring when attempting to apply account credits via the additional actions panel of an insurance payment for multiple claims.    
02/12/2015 Patient CMD-5987 Corrected an issue in which the payer address was not printing on the patient statements when choosing to mail statements to either the primary or secondary insurance for a patient. Statement automation was not impacted by this issue.    
02/12/2015 Control CMD-5985 Corrected an issue in which print outs from the Claim Control screen were not fitting within one page in landscape configuration.    
02/12/2015 Superbills CMD-5982 Implemented various spacing updates to the default CMD Superbill in order to fit more information onto a single page.    
02/12/2015 Scheduler CMD-5968 Modified the appointment save process to not warn the user about overbooking when saving an existing appointment unless the date, time, length, type, or resource were updated. Previously the warning was always being displayed even in situation     
02/12/2015 Payer CMD-5953 Corrected an issue in which the date fields within a payer agreement always required a 4 digit year to be inputted. The field now allows for date to be entered using a 2 digit year format where required by the payer.    
02/12/2015 Claim CMD-5902 Updated the claim form version label on the main claim screen to show the form version associated to the current payer on the claim. Previously this showed the form version associated to the primary payer even if, for example, the claim was set to 'User Print and Mail to Secondary'.    
02/10/2015 Scheduler CMD-6003 Corrected an issue in which appointments confirmed via SMS Text Reminders were not being updated with the appropriate appointment status in situations where the appointment was overbooked.    
02/5/2015 Claim TXN-399 Corrected an issue in which an invalid CLM segment was being sent in certain situations where professional claims were converted to institutional claims causing a rejection at the payer.    
02/05/2015 Payment IDEA-103 Added claim printing capability within Manage Account.    
02/05/2015 Patient CMD-6018 Corrected an issue in which an activity line was incorrectly added to a patient's account when previewing a statement from within the Patient section.    
02/05/2015 Payment CMD-6001 Corrected an issue in which some users were intermittently receiving an error that the selected patient was already opened in another section of the application when posting an Insurance Payment.    
02/05/2015 Payment CMD-5980 Corrected an issue in which patient locks were not being properly released from within the Apply Account Credit screen when selecting 'Cancel'.    
02/05/2015 Payer CMD-5964 Implemented an edit for Oklahoma Medicaid (CPID 2753) to always leave box 29 of the claim form print out blank when Medicare is the primary.    
02/05/2015 System CMD-5957 Corrected an issue in which users were allowed to save their profile using invalid PIN Call-In values such as '1234'.    
02/05/2015 Claim CMD-5949 Updated the ICD-9 fields on a claim to highlight yellow (to alert users of a data entry error) in the event that a user enters an ICD-10 code.    
02/05/2015 Payment CMD-5946 Updated Manage Account to include statement activity for the selected patient.    
02/05/2015 Payment CMD-5944 Updated the ERA Auto Apply logic to select the oldest entered payer (rather then the newest) as the "Payment By" payer in an event where multiple payers in the customers local list matching the payer on the ERA by CPID.    
02/05/2015 Payment CMD-5936 Corrected an issue within Manage Account in which the memo line of one Account Credit was incorrectly being copied to another. This was occurring in a very specific edge case where the user clicked within the memo line field for a credit with one or more credit rows listed below it and then fully applied the credit using the Additional Action.    
02/05/2015 Claim CMD-5837 Updated the logic used to determine the claim level status for claims with multiple charges to never report it as paid when at least one charge is not set to paid.    
02/05/2015 System CBI-275 Corrected an issue in which the x-axis of bar graphs on the dashboard were not properly sorting chronologically.    
02/01/2015 Reports CBI-242 Corrected an error which was occurring when using a filter value greater than $1,000 within a monetary filter field of a CBI report.    
02/01/2015 Statements CMD-5984 Corrected an issue in which statement activity was being stored with "XGEAR" as the print user when printing statements from batch printing.    
02/01/2015 Payment CMD-5979 Corrected an issue in which claim payments removed during ERA Auto Apply using the 'remove' checkbox were still being included in the error/warning count and check on save.    
02/01/2015 Scheduler CMD-5962 Corrected an issue in which blank pages were printing bteween statements when done in batch via the Scheduler section.    
02/01/2015 Control CMD-5961 Corrected an issue in which charge statues were not being properly updated from within Patient AR Control.    
02/01/2015 Patient CMD-5958 Corrected an error attempting to view claim details within the Patient Activity report when one or more charges did not have a CPT/HCPCS code.    
02/01/2015 Payment CMD-5951 Corrected an issue in which $0 Account Credits were being returned within Credit Management.    
02/01/2015 Claim CMD-5948 Corrected an error saving Institutional claims in certain scenarios.    
02/01/2015 Scheduler CMD-5931 Corrected an issue in which opt-in messages for text reminders could be sent twice when adding a phone number to an existing patient while scheduling a new appointment.    
02/01/2015 Payment CMD-5927 Corrected an error which was occuring when attempting to apply an Account Credit to a dependent account within Manage Account.    
02/01/2015 Scheduler  CMD-5910 Correct an issue in which new appointments were defaulting to the first appointment status in a customer's custom sorted list rather than always defaulting to 'Scheduled'.    
02/01/2015 Claim CMD-5472 Updated options within the Type of Bill fields based on UB-04 standards.    
02/01/2015 Patient  CMD-1293 Added capability for users to separate statements by practice when user printing or utilizing statement automation.    
02/01/2015 Patient CMD-1292 Added capability for users to separate statements by provider when user printing. Previously this capability only existed for statement automation.    
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