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Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution Version
Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution Version
12/29/2015 Patient CMD-7032 Corrected an issue in which the custom patient comment field within the Patient section was not reporting the number of lines present in the practice's statement comment field. 9.3 
12/29/2015 Payment CMD-7027 Corrected an issue in which using the "Add Claims at Payer" option for an insurance check was returning claims at payers other than the Payment By payer when the Payment By payer did not have an electronic CPID associated to it. 9.3 
12/29/2015 Payer Agreements CMD-7016 Updated the Select Products step of the payer agreement registration process to no longer default the state selection field. 9.3 
12/29/2015 Patient Export CMD-7015 Corrected an issue in which the Patient Export feature in the System section was incorrectly exporting certain fields (Patient Sex, Birth Date, and Marital Status). 9.3 
12/29/2015 NPI Lookup CMD-6987 Updated the link for the NPI Lookup throughout the application to now use the newer website published by the CMS NPPES NPI Registry. 9.2 &9.3 
12/29/2015 Database Update CBI-392 Corrected an issue in which changes made to multi-select drop down filters within CBI were not being applied when running the report under certain circumstances. 9.3 
12/22/2015 Claims TXN-512 A payer edit for Illinois Blue Cross and Blue Shield (CPID 1405) to always send the rendering provider within the electronic claim submission even when it is the same as the billing provider. 9.2 &9.3 
12/16/2015 Statements TXN-503 Updated the location of the payment portal message for user print and legacy statements. This change was made as a result of the message being cut off in certain situations when using statement automation. 9.3 
12/16/2015 Control CMD-7001 Corrected an error that was occurring when attempting to batch print Practice labels from within the Control section. 9.3 
12/16/2015 Claim CMD-7000 Corrected an issue in which the claim level status was being improperly reported as "DELETED" in situations were multiple charges originally entered on the claim were subsequently deleted but at least one non-deleted charge still was present. 9.2 &9.3 
12/16/2015 Payment CMD-6983 Corrected an issue in which a credit refund was not being properly created for the source patient when transferring an account credit from one patient to another. This issue was occurring under a specific set of conditions. 9.2 &9.3 
12/16/2015 Statements CMD-6974 Corrected an issue on user printed and legacy statements in which charge amounts greater than $10,000.00 were not displaying the digits after the decimal point. 9.2 &9.3 
12/16/2015 Patient CMD-6956 Updated the Claim Defaults within the Patient section to show the ICD-10 tab by default for new patients and existing patients with at least one ICD-10 default code entered. 9.2 &9.3 
12/16/2015 Claim CMD-6934 Corrected an issue in which inactive ICD codes were not being properly highlighted yellow when entered on a claim. 9.2 &9.3 
12/16/2015 Report CBI-384 Added information to the hover over tool tip within the listing of reports in the CBI Report Viewer to include the last update user. 9.3 
12/09/2015 Claims CMD-7005 Corrected an issue in which the Type of Bill value on new institutional claims was resetting to the Practice's default value when selecting the "Analyze Claim" option prior to saving the claim initially. 9.3 
12/09/2015 Codes CMD-6999 Corrected an issue in which inactive contracts could be referenced when defaulting the payment and adjustment amounts for a claim when initially added to an insurance check. 9.3 
12/09/2015 Payment CMD-6971 Corrected an error that could occur within Manage Account when refunding a payment and modifying the payment type of that same payment at the same time. 9.2 &9.3 
12/09/2015 Codes CMD-6955 Updated the code type option for new ICD and ICD Procedure codes to default to ICD-10 rather than ICD-9. 9.2 &9.3 
12/09/2015 Claim CMD-6950 Corrected an error that could occur when selecting the revenue code for line items on a claim in quick succession in situations were the customer only has one revenue code entered into their local code list. 9.3 
12/09/2015 Report CBI-391 Corrected an issue in which report exports to excel were formatting the columns as "Text" rather than "General". 9.3 
12/09/2015 Report CBI-389 Corrected and error that was occurring when running certain custom reports. The reports impacted had one or more charts present (pie, graph, or line) that used a report field which could return a blank value (for example, claim secondary payer). 9.3 
12/03/2015 Statements CMD-6952 Corrected an issue in which no charge description was being sent on the patient statement for charges that included a revenue code and no HCPCS code. 9.2 &9.3 
12/03/2015 Payment CMD-6951 Corrected a spelling mistake within Manage Account. 9.2 &9.3 
12/03/15 Control CMD-6946 Corrected an error that was occurring when analyzing claims updated through Claim Control when one of the claims had charges set to send to different payers (i.e. one charge set as "send to primary" and another set to "send to secondary"). 9.2 &9.3 
12/03/2015 Claim CMD-6941 Corrected an issue in which the Analyze Claim button could be selected while still processing the initial request. Under certain conditions, this could cause the current patient to get into an invalid "locked" state. 9.2 
12/03/2015 Payment CMD-6936 Updated insurance checks such that adding a new claim to the check or opening a claim previously added to the check updates the user's active patient. 9.2 &9.3 
12/03/2015 Claim CMD-6903 Added the capability to specify a CPT codes default price as a % of all other charges on the claim. 9.2 &9.3 
12/03/2015 Reports CBI-380 Corrected an error that would occur when attempting to print a report within CBI with one or more columns too wide to fit on a single page. 9.3 
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