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Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution 9.2
Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution 9.2
08/27/2015 Payment CMD-6562 Updated the ERA processing logic to better associate payments to claims in scenarios where the same patient had multiple claims on the same day for a charge with the same procedure code.  
08/27/2015 Codes CMD-6556 Corrected an issue in which inactive charge panels could still be used on a claim by entering their associated shortcut code.  
08/27/2015 Patient CMD-6540 Corrected an issue in which payments were not being associated to the correct patient record in some cases when un-merging a patient account that was previously created by merging two patients together.  
08/27/2015 Admin CMD-6539 Added support for 2 new fields for text based superbills: Patient Primary Member ID and Secondary Member ID.  
08/27/2015 Documents CMD-6535 Corrected an issue in which the application was incorrectly reporting the Document Imaging editor as being opened while trying to log out of the application. This could only occur in extremely rare situations where an error occurred opening the document upload window prior to logging out.  
08/27/2015 Report CBI-330 Updated the CBI filter save feature to include storing specific from/to dates for date range filters when the "Other" option is selected.  
08/20/2015 Claim  TXN-440 Implemented a payer edit for California Medi-Cal (CPID 3510) to always send the DTP~472 segment within the ANSI claim file even in situations not specified as required within the specifications.  
08/20/2015 Claim TXN-439 Implemented a payer edit for Cigna Bravo Healthspring (CPID 3839) to send the PS1 segment within the ANSI claim file whenever the lab charges are entered within the Additional Information tab of the associated claim.  
08/20/2015 Report CMD-6568 Corrected an issue in which authorization codes were not properly being displayed on the Merchant Payment Report.  
08/20/2015 Payment CMD-6558 Corrected an issue in which outstanding account credits were not being properly displayed on the claim payment screen when viewing an existing insurance check.  
08/20/2015 Patient CMD-6549 Corrected an issue in which the insurance balance for a patient when displayed in the Patient section was not properly including credits due insurance within the calculation .  
08/20/2015 Claim CMD-6544 Corrected an issue in which the Statement Covers From and To dates of an institution claim were improperly updating under certain scenarios when updating the service date of line items on the claim.  
08/20/2015 Codes CMD-6542 Corrected an issue in which the 'Denied' action on remittance codes was not working as expected in situations where the associated charge balance was $0.00.  
08/20/2015 Claim CMD-6509 Implemented a payer edit for Texas Medicaid (CPID 5500) to print the other provider ID number in box 57 of the UB-04 claim form.  
08/20/2015 Claim CMD-6508 Implemented an edit for printing the Ordering Provider state license number in box 17a of the CMS-1500 claim form along with the required qualifier and suffix for Texas Worker Compensation claims.  
08/20/2015 Patient CMD-6474 Update the criteria used for calculating the age of a patient's balance for the purpose of printing aging buckets on statements to use the date that the charge was last set to 'Balance Due Patient'.  
08/20/2015 Payment CMD-6465 Corrected an issue with alerts shown when opening a claim on an insurance check. In certain situations, payer alerts were showing blank messages.  
08/16/2015 Payment CMD-6541 Corrected an error occurring for certain patients within Manage Account that was preventing some of their associated payments/adjustments from being displayed.  
08/16/2015 Claim CMD-6463 Implemented a time out when attempting to manually review a claim and no response is received from the vendor within 60 seconds. The same time out was already in place for the automatic review process that runs during the claim save.  
08/16/2015 Report CMD-6452 Updated the User Audit Report to track and report the action of setting a user to a status of deleted.  
08/16/2015 Payment CMD-6407 Corrected an issue in which the 'Print Claims' option on the Claim Payment screen of an Insurance Check was improperly being reset whenever reopening a claim that previously had the option selected.  
08/16/2015 Claim CMD-6392 Corrected an issue within the diagnosis tab of professional claims in which the diagnosis pointers displayed were not updating properly when switching between the ICD-9 and ICD-10 tabs of a dual coded claim until the user clicked on a cell within the charges table. The issue was strictly visual as the pointer values were being saved properly.  
08/16/2015 Report CBI-333 Corrected an issue in which the CPT tab on the report filters window could contain duplicate code entries. This issue was only occurring for codes using per practice or per provider pricing within a customer with multiple practices/providers.  
08/05/2015 Payer TXN-435 Implemented an edit for multiple payers to send a value of "Y" in PAT09 whenever the last menstrual period is entered on the claim. This is applicable for the following CPIDs: 2188, 2401, 2413, 2426, 2495, 2715, 2718, 2781, 2800, 3435, 4409, 4715, 4716, 6155, 6747, 7130, 7131, 7417, 7433, 7456, 7474  
08/05/2015 Payment CMD-6472 Corrected an issue charges associated to claims with $0 balance where being displayed in Manage Account when using both the 'Only show claims with a balance' and the 'Expand All' view options.  
08/05/2015 Payment CMD-6468 Corrected an error that was occurring when selecting the refund/reversal action for an insurance payment. The error would only occur in circumstances where the Payment By payer selected for the check did not match any of the payers on the claim by sequence identifier, name, CPID, or address.  
08/05/2015 Payment CMD-6467 Updated the 'Show Debits' option on the patient payment screen such that it will now be remembered in between payments and user sessions.  
08/05/2015 Payment CMD-6450 Updated the default ordering within Manage Account such that payments and adjustment are displayed oldest to newest within their associated charge node. Claims will continue to be ordered newest to oldest. Users will still be able to customize the sorting after loading results by clicking the table headers.  
08/05/2015 Payment CMD-6450 Corrected an issue within Manage Account in which marking a charge as deleted was not re-calculating the balance based on the fact that all applied payments/adjustment were also being deleted. This was only presenting itself as an issue when subsequently trying to un-delete the charge along with the payments/adjustments.  
08/05/2015 Admin CMD-6360 Corrected an error that was occurring when attempting to retrieve locked reports within the Admin section.  
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