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Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution
Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution
04/30/2015 Payer TXN-413 Removed an out of date edit for payer Cigna (CPID 6405) to send the facility ID instead of the ordering provider ID in PS101 segment of Loop 2400.    
04/30/2015 Payer TXN-411 Removed an out of date payer edit for payer POMCO (CPID 2521) which always sent the unit of measure code as "DA" in the SV204 segment of Loop 2400.    
04/30/2015 Claim  TXN-410 Updated the claim generation logic to send the practice pay-to address in Loop 2010AB for institutional claims which will be printed and mailed by the clearinghouse (i.e. no electronic connection).    
04/30/2015 Claim TXN-409 Corrected an issue in which the date of service was being sent on institutional claims in certain situations where not required by ANSI standards.    
04/30/2015 Payment MACUI-100 Corrected an issue in which certain columns on the insurance payment screen were not properly auto sizing for users running CollaborateMD on a Mac.    
04/30/2015 Payment IDEA-94 Updated the process of unlocking a previously committed insurance check such that the check remains opened and can be edited/saved by the user. Previously, the action of unlocking the check closed the check while it was being saved which required the user to reopen the check before making changes.    
04/30/2015 Patient  IDEA-92 Added the Referring Provider Fax # and Home # fields to the Claim Defaults -> Referring / PCP sub-tab of the patient section. Like other fields on this tab, these are non-editable fields that display the information entered on the Referring Provider record itself.    
04/30/2015 Payment  CMD-6202 Corrected an issue in which the "remove" resolution was not working within the ERA auto apply report for the charge not found error.    
04/30/2015 Claim  CMD-6186 Implemented edits to the UB-04 claim form for Florida Worker Comp claims to print the patient's SSN in Box 8a and the provider's state license number in Box 77 with a '0B' qualifier.    
04/30/2015 Payer CMD-6184 Implemented a payer edit for Colorado Medicaid (CPID 1496) to not print the 'G2' qualifier in Box 33b of the CMS 1500 claim form.    
04/30/2015 Admin CMD-6037 "Implemented the following improvements to appointment reminders: - Updated the standard appointment reminders report to show the patient response status (none, confirmed, cancelled, invalid) for both text and phone reminders and to show the actual response message for test reminders. - For patient responses to text reminders, no longer require an exact ""yes"" or ""no"" response. The matching will now ignore special characters and spaces and only look at the beginning of the response string. - When an invalid response is sent by a patient, a text will be sent informing them that their response was invalid and restate the valid response options."    
04/30/2015 Reports CBI-298 Implemented a warning message within all report filters when attempting to run with an invalid date in a date range filter (for example, 11/31/2014 or 99/99/2014). Previously these invalid values were ignored by the report and run using an open ended date range.    
04/23/2015 Payment  CMD-6220 Corrected an issue in which the Show/Hide Columns feature within the Patient Payment and Apply Account credit screens was not working.    
04/23/2015 Payment CMD-6219 Corrected an issue in which the keyboard shortcut for "Apply as EOB" within the insurance payment process was not functioning.    
04/23/2015 Payment CMD-6213 For manual insurance payment entry, implemented a means for the user to be able to change the payer source to either the Payment By payer or any payer currently on the claim when the selected TCN is associated to a paper CPID payer (i.e. does not have an electronic link).    
04/23/2015 Payment  CMD-6212 "Implemented the following improvements to the payer matching ""algorithm"" used to find the TCN and Payer Source for a claim on an insurance check: a) If CPID and name fail to produce a match, check the payer's address. b) Ignore ""SECONDARY"" from the end of the payer name when doing the name matching checks. "    
04/23/2015 Payment  CMD-6203 Added warning to the patient payment process when selecting a patient with an account status set to collection or pre-collection. This is equivalent to the warning previously shown in Line Item Posting and Account Posting in previous application versions.    
04/23/2015 Payment CMD-6190 Corrected an issue in which the ERA auto apply process was not properly generating a warning for claim payments which already had a payment from that same payer applied.    
04/23/2015 Statement Automation  CMD-6168 Corrected an issue in which patient account credits were not printing on statements sent through statement automation when the corresponding practice did not have the "Do not show account credits" selected within their statement configuration options.    
04/23/2015 Eligibility  CMD-6156 Added a header to the eligibility report print out to display the search parameters used (Date Submitted, Service From, Service To, and Service Type) to generated the eligibility report.    
04/23/2015 Payment CMD-6135 Corrected an issue in which using a credit adjustment action to fully pay a charge in the Apply Account Credit screen without applying any account credit towards a charge at the same time was not properly setting the claim level status as paid to match the line item status.    
04/23/2015 Claim CMD-6133 Corrected an issue that was intermittently happening when tabbing through the ICD fields on the Charges tab in the Claim section. When doing this, the cursor focus was sometimes incorrectly "jumping" to one of the fields on the first line item in the charge table rather then the next ICD field.    
04/23/2015 Admin CMD-4557 Added a format option to the Data Snapshot request window for customers to choose between the default format or MySQL format when setting up their snapshot.    
04/23/2015 System CBI-300 Corrected an issue in which the legend labels for the Charges and Debits dashboard gadget were reversed.    
04/23/2015 Reports CBI-296 Corrected an issue in which users could not select the options on the report print preview window when viewed at lower screen resolutions.    
04/23/2015 Reports CBI-291 Corrected an issue in which users were able to save custom reports with a co-display which contained no columns. Once a report was saved in this invalid state, it could no longer be opened for editing in the builder due to an error.    
04/17/2015 Payment CMD-6188 Updated the account credit refund and deletion actions in v9.2 to account for credits with invalid links to the original source records. These credits were the result of issues in previous versions of the application.    
04/17/2015 Claim CMD-6182 Corrected an error that was occurring when attempting to save an institutional claim as incomplete without the Statements Covers From and To dates filled in.    
04/17/2015 Claim CMD-6175 Corrected an issue in which institutional claims were not being properly saved as incomplete when one or more line items were missing the revenue code.    
04/17/2015 Control CMD-6165 Corrected an issue in which patient balances were showing incorrect within the Patient AR Control screen. This was only occurring for certain patients that previously had a linked dependent specified and then subsequently had it removed/cleared when updated via an inbound interface message.    
04/17/2015 Payment CMD-6162 Added options to the Credit Account and Debit Account windows within Manage Account to allow the user to specify the provider and office location associated to the account level credit/debit. The values will default to the patient's defaults.    
04/17/2015 Payment CMD-6160 Added a new insurance payment option that will allow users to post an insurance payment as an account credit against a patient's account OR post an insurance payment only against an individual patient account, automatically distributing the payment against outstanding charges (form oldest to newest) or distributing it manually.    
04/17/2015 Messaging CMD-6154 Corrected an issue in which mail messages printed from within the application were being cut off after the first page.    
04/17/2015 Payment CMD-6153 Corrected an issue in which remittance code actions for "Process as Forwarded" were not working during the ERA auto apply process under certain circumstances.    
04/17/2015 Patient CMD-6149 Added the customer name and number to the printed version of the patient activity report.    
04/17/2015 Payment CMD-6145 Corrected an issue in which changing the received/check date of an existing insurance check was not updating the last insurance payment date on the patient dashboard for patients included on the modified insurance check.    
04/17/2015 Payment CMD-6134 Modified the ERA auto apply processing logic such that it will no longer set the deductible amount to $0.00 unconditionally when processing payments for secondary payers where the adjustments will not be included.    
04/17/2015 Payment CMD-6132 Modified the warning message shown when adding claims to an insurance check to differentiate the situation where the selected claim does not appear to have been sent to the payer and the payer is not currently listed on the claim.    
04/17/2015 Labels CMD-6119 Added font options for Zebra label configuration. Previously font size options were only available for Dymo labels.    
04/09/2015 Patient  CMD-6161 Corrected an issue in which the incorrect date/time was being reported in the patient dashboard as the last time that the text reminder opt-in message was sent. This was occurring whenever the opt-in message was sent to the patient after 12:00PM EST.    
04/09/2015 Payment CMD-6150 Corrected an error that was occurring during ERA auto apply process when all payments on the check were manually removed prior to saving. In this scenario, the check was being properly saved but the patient's that were associated with the removed payments were not being unlocked due to the error.    
04/09/2015 Patient  CMD-6144 Corrected an issue in which "<b>" was incorrectly printing on the patient activity report plain text view next to the Insurance Credits label.    
04/09/2015 Payment CMD-6142 Corrected an error that was occurring when opening a patient within Manage Account. This error was occurring for patient's with one or more charges/debits with a code of "HOLDER".    
04/09/2015 Payment CMD-6136 Implemented performance improvements for patient payment receipt creation process.    
04/02/2015 Payment CMD-6128 Corrected an issue in which account credits could be incorrectly created during the ERA auto apply process when the action codes used on the check were setting the charge status to DENIED and the payment amount was not being reset to $0.    
04/02/2015 Payment CMD-6127 Corrected an issue in which the allowed amount was being incorrectly reported when auto applying an ERA and the check file from the payer contains the covered amount in the AMT~AU segment and does not include an amount in the AMT~B6 segment.    
04/02/2015 Payment  CMD-6126 Updated the ordering in which payments, adjustments, and credits are being inserted into the patient's activity when done at the same time within an insurance check.    
04/02/2015 Payment  CMD-6124 Corrected an error that was occurring within Manage Credits when the search results included one or more credits set to due insurance without a payer specified. The screen has been updated to report "Unknown Payer" rather than failing in this scenario.    
04/02/2015 Eligibility  CMD-6121 Corrected an issue in which an eligibility error message for missing eligibility user ID was not being properly displayed to the user when attempting to run eligibility checks within the Patient section.    
04/02/2015 Payment CMD-6114 Corrected an error that was occurring when attempting to select a claim for printing within a previously saved insurance check within the Payment section.    
04/02/2015 Payment CMD-6111 Corrected an error that was occurring when attempting to auto apply an ERA file in which the check from the payer only contains claim-level payments (i.e. no SVC segments present in the file).    
04/02/2015 Scheduler CMD-6106 Corrected an issue in which block appointments starting at 00:00 were not being displayed when viewed on a computer set to a time zone behind EST.    
04/02/2015 Messaging  CMD-6104 Corrected an issue in which an invalid warning was being displayed to users when attempting to send a new mail message greater than 4,000 characters.    
04/02/2015 Control CMD-6103 Corrected an error that was occurring when attempting to use the Last Statement Date filter within batch statement printing.    
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