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Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution 9.19.2
Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution 9.19.2
9/28/2014 Payment CMD-5521 Corrected an issue in which an error message was appearing when reviewing the check.    
9/28/2014 Payment CMD-5520 Corrected an issue in which Remittance Codes were not saving when editing an existing insurance check.    
9/28/2014 Payment CMD-5494  Corrected an issue in which checks were not being returned when a 0.00 dollar amount is entered in the Check Amount field.    
9/28/2014 Payment CMD-5489 Corrected an issue causing a blank infoline to be added to the first charge after clicking on the second charge.    
9/28/2014 Patient CMD-5487 Implemented a change to ensure the search filter on the Patient Activity screen is cleared in between patient records.   
9/28/2014 Payment CMD-5471 Corrected an issue in which users were receiving a program error message when selecting the View EOB option.   
9/28/2014 System CMD-5467 Updated the speed for the animation slide in the Claim, Payment and Edit Users screens.   
9/28/2014 Payment CMD-5441 Corrected an issue when selecting the Close Without Saving option claims were being added to an existing or new check.   
9/28/2014 Reports CBI-225 Corrected an issue causing the report to print out on two pages.   
9/23/2014 Claim CMD-5522 Corrected an issue in which charge statuses were not being set to 'Due Patient' in certain situations during the ERA Auto Apply process.   
9/23/2014 Payment CMD-5513 Corrected an issue opening an insurance check with one or more payments associated to deleted charges.   
9/23/2014 Payment CMD-5504 Corrected an issue for some users receiving an error attempting to search for ERA files.   
9/23/2014 Claim CMD-5430 Corrected an issue with sending CMN form data on claims when switching the form type for an existing claim.   
9/23/2014 Claim CMD-5416 Implemented edit for 02-12 print logic for payer GALLAGHER BENEFITS ADMINISTRATOR (CPID 2722). • H36Box 17A - 0B (zero B), and "TX" added after the license # | • Box 24I -0B (zero B) instead of G2 (currently it prints G2) | • Box 24J -"TX" added after the Rendering Provider # | • Box 33B ) 0B (zero B) before the license #, and TX added after the license.   
9/23/2014 Patient CMD-5389 Corrected an issue in which the patient last payment amount was not being properly reported after changing the payment received date once already posted via Transaction Maintenance (v9.1 and prior) or Manage Account (v9.2).   
9/18/2014 Payment CMD-5465 Corrected an issue in which a refund that wasn't posted against a charge could not be deleted within Manage Account.   
9/18/2014 Payment CMD-5463 Corrected an issue in which the ERA review process was not finding charges for institutional claim payments using HCPCS code.   
9/18/2014 Claim CMD-5461 Corrected an issue in which diagnosis codes were not printing on the UB-04 claim form for certain institutional claims.   
9/18/2014 Patient Activity CMD-5460 Corrected an issue in which billing activity was not being included in the printable version of the patient activity report.   
9/18/2014 CMD-5458 CMD-5458 Corrected an issue in which ICD-10 were not being added to the local customer list when saving a claim with one or more diagnosis codes not found.   
9/18/2014 Payment  CMD-5452 Updated the additional action panel throughout the Payment section to show a warning message when selecting the 'Apply Account Credits' option for a patient with no outstanding account credits.   
9/18/2014 Payment CMD-5449 Corrected that was occurring when deleting a charge on a claim which had one or more payments posted against it by a user without payment permission.   
9/18/2014 Reports CMD-5437 Corrected an issue that was preventing users from not being able to add reports to their Favorites.    
9/18/2014 Payment  CMD-5417 Corrected an issue in which an insurance payment could be duplicated under specific conditions when an error occurred during the save process.   
9/18/2014 Payment CMD-5385 Updated the ordering of payment rows in the patient activity report to match the ordering in previous versions when the received date is the same.   
9/18/2014 Report CMD-5376 Corrected an issue in which the Dependents Listing Report header title was incorrectly showing "Activity Listing" when printed.   
9/18/2015 Patient Activity CMD-5375 Added hover over tool tips to table cells within patient activity report. These tool tips are available when hovering your mouse over the "Description" column within the charges/payments table (under each individual claim node, misc debits, and account credits).   
9/18/2014 Reports CBI-224 Corrected an issue in which dates on reports were incorrectly set. Previously it was showing one day less than the actual value when viewed on workstation with time zone not set as EST.   
09/15/2014 Claim TXN-369 Implemented payer edit for Indiana Medicaid (CPID 1474) to allow single quote character to be transmitted in the patient and insured name fields of the electronic claim data.   
09/15/2014 Claim CMD-5436 Modified claim printing logic to include the Y4 qualifier in box 11b of the CMS-1500 claim form for payers of type 'Auto'. Previously the qualifier was only printed for payer type of 'Workers Comp'.   
09/15/2014 Claim CMD-5362 Implemented payer edit for Maryland Medicaid (CPID 1488) to send 1D qualifier in box 33b and 24i of the CMS-1500 claim form.   
09/15/2014 Admin CMD-5259 Updates to allow customers to enable new Integrated Payment Processing feature in v9.2.0.   
9/15/2014 Report  CBI-219 Updated the Daily Deposit report to accommodate the new insurance payment types, Credit Card and EFT, which can now be done in v9.2.0.   
9/10/2014 Codes CMD-5428 Corrected an error that was occuring when attempting to add adjustment and remark codes from the master list.   
9/10/2014 Payment CMD-5421 Modified the EOB print out to use landscape versus portrait to ensure that the entire content is included.   
9/10/2014 Claim CMD-5420 Corrected an issue in which ICD fields 5-8 could be incorrectly highlighted yellow when added to a claim automatically as part of the patient defaults.   
9/10/2014 Reports CMD-5415 Modified the activity report print out to use landscape versus portrait to ensure that the entire content is included.   
9/10/2014 Patient CMD-5414 Corrected an issue in which the filters on the activity report were not being cleared when closing and opening a new patient.   
9/10/2014 Payment CMD-5411 Corrected an error that was occurring when opening a locked insurance check from the ERA screen.   
9/10/2014 Payment CMD-5410 Improved the Claim Payment screen such that at least 3 charge rows will be shown at the minimum allowed screen resolution.   
9/10/2014 Claim CMD-5403 Corrected an issue in which the ICD#1 field was not automatically focused when adding a new claim.   
9/3/2014 Scheduler  CMD-5400 Corrected an issue that was causing an error to occur when printing the daily/weekly schedule for appointments with long notes.    
9/1/2014 Claim CMD-5286 Removed the Code Viewer shortcuts from the claim review report. This feature is no longer supported.   
9/1/2014 Codes CMD-5285 Removed the Code Viewer shortcut. This feature is no longer supported.   
9/1/2014 Claim CMD-5345 Corrected an issue where ICD Alert does not show when a user types the code into field.   
9/1/2014 Practice CMD-5344 Corrected an issue that was preventing user to Default Type of care #6 -(Residential Facility) based on Type of Facility selection.   
9/1/2014 Claim CMD-5251 Corrected an issue in which the units were not being copied to a new claim if it was changed on the original claim.    
9/1/2014 Superbills CMD-5056 Added support for new superbill fields for patient last payment date (@PLASTPAYDT) and payment amount (@PLASTPAYAMT). Please visit the Library on the Training Website for a list of Superbill Variables.   
9/1/2014 Reports CBI-212 Corrected an issue in which the report headers were printing "Customer is One of {NAME}" rather than "Customer is {NAME}" when run for an individual customer which has one or more commas in it's name.   
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