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Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution 9.19.2
Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution 9.19.2
10/29/2014 Admin INV-62 Added a "Document Imaging Usage" breakdown to the print version of the monthly invoice for accounts which have more than one customer using the remote document imaging feature.   
10/28/2014 Appointment Reminders CMD-5673 Corrected an issue in which the SMS opt in message was not being sent to patients when creating new appointments.   
10/28/2014 Reports CMD-5668 Corrected an issue in which transfers were not being properly reported on the Activity Summary Report's total transfers.   
10/28/2014 Payment CMD-5655 Corrected an error that could occur when attempting to apply an outstanding account credit from the 'Apply Credit' screen. This was occurring when attempting to apply credits created from the Account Posting screen of previous application versions.   
10/28/2014 Payment CMD-5654 Corrected an issue in which the number of payments reported for larger check files on the Electronic Remittance Advice screen was incorrect.   
10/28/2014 Payment CMD-5651 Corrected an error that could occur when attempting to apply an outstanding account credit from the 'Apply Credit' screen. This was occurring in certain instances where the credit was created from an adjustment.   
10/28/2014 Payment CMD-5640 Implemented memory efficiency improvements to the ERA Auto Apply process.   
10/28/2014 Payment CMD-5639 Implemented performance improvements to the ERA Auto Apply process.   
10/28/2014 Scheduler CMD-5631 Added scrolling capability to the calendar component within the Scheduler.   
10/28/2014 Payment CMD-5594 Corrected an error that could occur during the ERA Auto Apply process in situations where the total claim payment amount and payment amounts in the SVC segment of the 835 file do not match.   
10/28/2014 Claim CMD-5573 Corrected an issue that was causing an invalid Claim Analysis error to appear.   
10/28/2014 System  CMD-5457 Modified the user profile to make the email field required for Authorized Representatives. This change also was implemented within the user profile check during log in.   
10/27/2014 Claim CMD-5573 Corrected an issue that was causing an invalid Claim Analysis error to appear.   
10/21/2014 Statements CMD-5650 Corrected an issue in which some statements printed from the application were printing with an extra page.   
10/21/2014 Payment CMD-5645 Updated the button text on the Insurance Payment screen to read "Add Payment for: {Claim} {Account Debit} {Claims at Payer}".   
10/21/2014 Provider CMD-5644 Added a new option to the Provider section for default revenue code. When populated, the specified revenue code will be defaulted on line items for institutional claims created for that provider. If the HCPCS code has a default revenue code specified as well, the default on teh HCPCS code will be used. The field in the provider section is only visible if the user enables the default to show the field or if the provider opened has a default value.   
10/21/2014 Payment CMD-5643 Implemented a new user default option to not clear/reset the received date in between insurance payments.   
10/21/2014 Patient CMD-5642 Corrected an intermittent issue in which the patient activity report print preview window would sometimes appear behind the main application window.   
10/21/2014 Payment CMD-5638 Corrected an error that could occur when applying an insurance check after manually changing the adjusted amount for a line item from the automatically calculated value.   
10/21/2014 Payment CMD-5635 Corrected an issue in which $0 transfers could be incorrectly created on claims when applying multiple account credits from the Manage Account screen.   
10/21/2014 Payment CMD-5628 Added help text to the "Payment By" field for new insurance payments.   
10/21/2014 Payment CMD-5626 Corrected an issue in which certain payments that created account credits could be incorrectly classified as adjustments within Manage Account.   
10/21/2014 Payment CMD-5616 Added a new option to find the payment payer by the claim number. Under the New Payment tab, you will now see an option called "Find by Claim". This will allow users to search by claim numbers using the standard claim search window.   
10/21/2014 Payment CMD-5609 Modified the payer "Find" logic within the ERA processor to use the TCN in the ERA to determine the correct payment source in the event that the CPID does not match a payer on the claim. If both CPID and TCN match fail the payment source will be set as the primary payer but a warning will be shown in the Auto Apply Report.   
10/21/2014 Claim CMD-5607 Corrected an error that was occuring when attempting to open a claim on an insurance check with missing co-insurance information.   
10/21/2014 Payment CMD-5601 Updated the Refund Credits window to warn users when an invalid refund amount is entered.   
10/21/2014 Payment CMD-5599 Corrected an issue in which credit rows could be displayed under an incorrect patient node within the Manage Credits results tree when expanding and collapsing results.   
10/21/2014 Payment CMD-5596 Corrected an error that was occuring when attempting to unlock an insurance check that was committed in a version of CollaborateMD prior to v9.2. This would only happen when the payer on the check is different than the payer selected on the claim payment.   
10/21/2014 Scheduler  CMD-5574 Modified the appointment editor window so that the send opt-in message request for appointment reminders is not enabled when entering new patients.   
10/21/2014 Payment CMD-5570 Corrected an error jthat was occuring when trying to refund an insurance payment credit from Manage Account.   
10/21/2014 Patient CMD-5550 Corrected an issue in which the full amount of the patient payment was not being reflected on receipts printed from the patient activity report when the payment was applied to multiple charges.   
10/21/2014 Codes CMD-5537 Corrected an issue in which ICD codes were not being properly added to the local list from the claim section.   
10/15/2014 Claim CMD-5648 Corrected an issue that was causing claim forms to not be aligned when printed from the application.    
10/15/2014 Activity CMD-5615 Added modifiers to the claims area of the patient activity report. When present, the modifiers will now be displayed below the procedure code in the first column.   
10/15/2014 Payment CMD-5590 Corrected an issue in which unpaid reason codes were not being properly saved during the ERA Auto Apply process in certain scenarios.   
10/15/2014 Payment CMD-5554 Modified the override check date option on the Electronic Remittance Advise screen. The field has now been moved to the left panel and when it is used it will not reset/clear when selecting a new file.    
10/13/2014 Claim TXN-376 Corrected an issue in which Institutional Claims with Drug Codes present for one or more charges included an invalid Procedure Code qualifier in the SV202 segment of Loop 2400(SERVICE LINE INFO).   
10/13/2014 Payment CMD-5600 Corrected an issue in which refunds done through Manage Account or Manage Credits were not showing on the Refund/Reversals report.   
10/13/2014 Patient CMD-5582 Corrected an error that was occurring when using the Claim # search field in the Patient Activity report for an invalid claim number.   
10/13/2014 Payment CMD-5568 Corrected an error that was occurring when trying to View EOB report associated to an ERA file when the payer names within the two report files do not match exactly.    
10/13/2014 Control CMD-5565 Updated Statement Tracking to not show deleted activity.   
10/13/2014 Payment CMD-5564 Corrected an issue in which charge statuses were not being properly set as Send to Secondary Payer during the ERA Auto Apply process in certain situations.    
10/13/2014 Payment CMD-5557 Corrected an error that was occurring when reviewing an ERA file with a crossover ID greater than 20 characters.   
10/13/2014 Payment CMD-5556 Enhanced the behavior of the Remittance Code fields in the Insurance Payment screen to allow Users to view all codes by pressing the ENTER key or down arrow without any search text input in the field.   
10/13/2014 Payment CMD-5555 Corrected an issue in which Account Credits could be incorrectly created when deleting an Insurance Payment.   
10/13/2014 Payment CMD-5548 Corrected an issue within ERA auto apply in which certain Secondary Adjustments were being applied with the Primary Payer as the source.   
10/13/2014 Payment CMD-5545 Corrected an issue in which refunding an Account Credit within Manage Credits tab was not properly deleting the source credit.   
10/13/2014 Patient CMD-5499 Added right click options within the Patient activity report to allow users to copy Claim #s, Check #s, and TCNs to the clipboard.   
10/13/2014 Payment  CMD-5488 Added office location and provider selections when posting patient payments using the Credit Account (Apply Later) option or when posting manually with a remaining amount greater than $0.    
10/13/2014 Payment CMD-5480 Corrected an error that was occurring when using the option to add payer to patient/claim resolution within the Auto Apply report. The option was updating the claim as expected but was not updating the patient record.   
10/13/2014 Patient  CMD-5477 Added 'Print Receipt' option to the right click menu for patient payments within the claims area of the Patient Activity report.   
10/13/2014 Patient  CMD-5476 Updated the right click option within the Patient Activity report for Account Credits. The 'Where did this come from option' will now take the User to Payment Tracking where they can view the Account Credit and the original payment along with any charges that payment was applied to.   
10/13/2014 System CMD-5475 Added a new User Default to "Show box 11b default" within the Patient Claims Default tab.    
10/13/2014 Payment CMD-5470 Updated Warning message within the Payment Section to not display when unlocking a previously committed insurance check in which the amount of the payment is less than the applied amount. This warning will still be displayed when saving or committing checks.   
10/13/2014 Payment  CMD-5443 Added capability within Insurance Payment posting to Show Debits for a patient.   
10/13/2014 Payment CMD-5442 Updated the Additional Actions panel within the Patient Payment and Manage Account tab to allow users to Add Info Line to a charge.    
10/13/2014 Patient CMD-5386 Updated the Patient Activity report within the payment cell which will now contain an info icon when an overpayment was made. Upon hover over, the original payment amount will be displayed.   
10/07/2014 Payment CMD-5539 Corrected an issue in which users were experiencing a program error message when attempting to review a check.    
10/07/2014 Patient MACUI-83 Corrected an issue with printing alignment when using Java 7 on the Mac version of CollaborateMD.    
10/07/2014 Payer CMD-5586 Updated the button text within the Lookup tab to read "Notes" instead of "Denials".    
10/07/2014 Patient  CMD-5563 Corrected an issue in which ICD codes were not showing when printing the patient activity report.    
10/07/2014 Payment CMD-5562 Improved the charge matching logic used in the ERA processor to account for scenarios where the charges were not linked to the claim.    
10/07/2014 Payment CMD-5561 Corrected an issue in which the Claim and TCN fields were being displayed as currency when reordering columns.    
10/07/2014 Payment CMD-5547 Corrected an error that was occurring for certain users when attempting to delete a claim. The problem only occurred for users without payment permissions.   
10/07/2014 Payment CMD-5541 Corrected an issue in which the status of the charge were changing from Paid to Send To Clearinghouse after saving the Credit Adjustment.   
10/07/2014 Payment CMD-5536 Corrected an issue that was occurring when applying a credit adjustment to a charge under the Manage Account tab the transaction were not showing up on the screen when the type is Insurance.   
10/07/2014 Payment CMD-5535 Corrected an issue that was occurring when printing receipts for patient payments using the apply manually or apply automatically with preview options. The amount shown on the receipt was not the total amount of the payment when the payment was applied across multiple charges.   
10/07/2014 Payment CMD-5534 Corrected an error that was occurring when posting insurance payments for a Primary Payer when the Secondary Payer's default billing status was set to User Print and Mail.   
10/07/2014 Payment CMD-5533 Corrected an issue in which some insurance adjustments could not be deleted within Manage Account.   
10/07/2014 Payment CMD-5510 Corrected an issue in which the override check date option was not working correctly when overriding the check date with a different date for files that are being Saved and Applied Later.   
10/07/2014 Payment CMD-5493 Corrected an issue in which the patients were remaining locked when clicking on the Save and Apply Later option .   
10/07/2014 Code CMD-5444 Corrected an issue in which the Revenue code were blank when opening the code from the Recently Opened field .   
10/07/2014 Payment CMD-5440 Corrected an issue that was occurring when opening an insurance payment without any payments. When using the 'X' to close the prompt that is displayed to allow the user to select a payer to associate to the check, the payment was still opening.   
10/07/2014 Claim CMD-5438 Improved the feature that prompts the user to copy the Principal code to the Admission code field for institutional claims. The prompt will show when the Principal Code is defaulted under the patient's claim defaults tab.    
10/07/2014 Patient  CMD-5433 Corrected an issue in which the # of pages within the billing activity was displaying incorrect values for electronic claim submissions.   
10/07/2014 System CMD-5424 Added a new option to the Switch Account for user to hide/show closed customers. The selection is stored based on the user's preference.   
10/07/2014 Claim  CMD-5398 Corrected an issue that was occurring when entering a new claim with an all inclusive code that is defaulted in the patient section, the inclusive code was being set to Paid.   
10/07/2014 Messaging CMD-5388 Corrected an issue in which messages were not being moved immediately to a custom folder.    
10/07/2014 Claim CMD-5387 Corrected an issue that was occurring when scrubbing a claim for an incomplete patient.    
10/07/2014 Messaging CMD-5381 Corrected an issue in which the subject line were changing.    
10/07/2014 Claim CMD-5321 Corrected an issue in which an empty tool tip pop up were remaining visible when closing a claim.   
10/07/2014 Superbills CMD-5126 Corrected an issue in which some form based superbills were printing on multiple pages when done in a batch.    
10/07/2014 Patient CMD-4884 Corrected an issue in which some users experience duplicating text within the notes field.   
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