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Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution 8.59.1
Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution 8.59.1
5/29/2014 Claim CMD-4807 Implemented customer specific edit to print Box 51 of UB-04 claim form blank for Medicare payer.   
5/26/2014 Claim TXN-355 Implemented payer edit for CPID 8538 to send "DA" qualifier in SV204 when rev code 0912 is used.   
5/26/2014 Eligibility TXN-354 Corrected an issue causing invalid eligibility request for Humana payer.   
5/26/2014 Claim CMD-4784 Implemented payer edit for CPID 5427 (Security Health Plan) to print the practice's tax code in box 33b of the 02-12 claim form when the provider is billing as a group.   
5/26/2014 Claim CMD-4782 Corrected an issue in which deleting an incomplete claim was not marking associated payments. Functionality was only working when deleting complete claims.   
5/26/2014 Payment CMD-4775 Corrected an issue in which EOB Auto Apply process was incorrectly adjusting patient copay when sent as a Contractual Obligation (CO) code rather then as a Patient Responsibility (PR) code.   
5/26/2014 Payment CMD-4749 Corrected an issue in which duplicate records could appear in the insurance check listing when auto posting payment which contains payments for claims not present in the system.   
5/18/2014 Payment Tracking CMD-4758 Corrected an issue that was causing the Incorrect receipt to print out from Payment Tracking after table was sorted.   
5/18/2014 System CMD-4752 System slowness when switching accounts and loading dashboards.   
5/18/2014 Claim CMD-4745 Corrected an issue searching for modifiers.   
5/18/2014 Claim CMD-4740 Changes to Charge were saving when switching claim status from Claim tab.   
5/18/2014 Claim CMD-4734 Texas Workers Compensation claim forms require the state license number in box 24J (shaded portion) and box 33b.   
5/18/2014 Code CMD-4722 Corrected an issue that was preventing users from opening ICD Procedure Codes via the Recently Opened List.    
5/18/2014 Claim CMD-4736 Patient lock was not working correctly in the Claim section when a patient was opened under the Line Item Posting tab.   
5/18/2014 Claim CMD-4720 Corrected an issue that was causing claims not be saved in the event users do not have permission to the Patient section.   
5/18/2014 Patient CMD-4698 Corrected an issue that was causing Notes to be duplicated and Recall Dates not to be saved.   
5/18/2014 Messaging CMD-4716 Corrected an issue that was preventing users from moving multiple messages at the same time.    
5/11/2014 Claim TXN-351 Corrected an issue in which the country code was not being sent in in N404 of the patient's or insured's address when using a Canadian address.   
5/11/2014 Claim TXN-349 Implemented payer edit for CPID 2521, POMCO, to send DA qualifier in loop SV204 when rev code 0912 is used.   
5/11/2014 Claim CMD-4730 Corrected an issue in which the referring, ordering, and supervising qualifers were not properly printing in box 17 of the 02-12 claim form.   
5/11/2014 Claim CMD-4729 Corrected an error saving institutional claims with a blank value in the price field for one or more Value Codes.   
5/11/2014 Payment Tracking CMD-4670 Corrected an issue in which receipt #s were intermittently being reused creating multiple patient receipts with the same identifier and causing an error when printing from Payment Tracking.   
5/04/2014 Control CMD-4712 Corrected an issue that was causing the "Carrier Case No.(If Known)" field to be blank when Batch Printing the OTPT Claim Form.   
5/04/2014 Scheduler CMD-4711 Corrected an issue that was causing users to be unable to schedule appointments for a patient that was locked.   
5/04/2014 Statements CMD-4702 When selecting "show preview before printing" when printing an FDN, it was not showing a billing line in the activity.   
5/04/2014 Scheduler  CMD-4684 Corrected an issue that was causing an exception error message to appear when attempting to print a default label from the Scheduler.   
5/04/2014 Claim CMD-4683 Corrected an issue that was causing deleted CPT & ICD Alerts to appear although the code was marked as inactive.   
5/04/2014 Tools CMD-4672 Added support for the Practice Fusion Interface when selecting the EMR icon.   
5/04/2014 Reports CMD-4602 Corrected an issue that was causing patient payments to appear on the Daily Monthly Transactions Report although the claim was deleted.    
5/04/2014 Tools CMD-4425 Updated the Tools icon to include new links and removed less used links.   
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