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Release Date Unique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution
Release Date Unique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution
2/27/2014 CBI-158 Reports saved as Favorites were not showing as favorites after upgrading application versions.    
2/27/2014 CMD-3847 For claims with duplicate line items (same DOS, CPT, units), all charges were not showing on the check when opened in EOB Posting following auto apply process in which one or more of the duplicate line items was denied.    
2/27/2014 CMD-4199 Warning incorrectly displayed that permissions have not been set for new user for one or more groups when using the Copy permission feature.    
2/27/2014 CMD-4264 Corrected an issue that was causing extra charge lines to be added to the claim after setting claim as complete on an existing claim.    
2/27/2014 CMD-4268 Patient notes can became duplicated when editing patient in two sections at the same time.    
2/27/2014 CMD-4271 When using address validation against the 'Statement Recipient' option it was possible to get a patient into a state in which the address was incorrectly highlighted yellow even after corrected.    
2/27/2014 CMD-4332 Unable to select 'Enter Data' button within Line Item Posting using the <ENTER> key has been corrected.    
2/27/2014 CMD-4349 Include dates for each activity row shown in Claim Tracking.    
2/27/2014 CMD-4350 When adding new payer, default the professional claim form version to the 02-12    
2/27/2014 CMD-4351 Mail message marked for deletion are not removed from existing cache files on log in. For users who log in to CMD on multiple computers this would cause messages deleted on one computer to still show when logging in on another computer.    
2/27/2014 CMD-4365 Increased font size from 10 to 11 for low priority fields throughout the application such as sequence numbers and reference IDs.    
2/27/2014 CMD-4386 Increased the number of allowed characters in the CPID field of the Master Payer Search window from 5 to 6.    
2/27/2014 CMD-4394 Claim Analysis cannot running manually for claim with charges not set to 'Send to Payer'.    
2/27/2014 CMD-4395 Add keyboard shortcut <ALT+C> or <ESC> to the Cancel button within the Patient Search results window.    
2/27/2014 CMD-4396 Arrow keys did not work within Line Item Posting table after saving or closing "Enter Data" window.    
2/24/2014 MACUI-72 Multi-select drop downs not displaying correctly on Mac.    
2/18/2014 CMD-3956 Corrected an issue that was preventing users from opening documents that were moved to a different folder by another user.    
2/18/2014 CMD-4213 Corrected an issue that was causing an incorrect payment amount to show on a receipt print out through Line Item Posting when opening an saving Payment window multiple times.    
2/18/2014 CMD-4270 The generic label printing capability was no longer available for use within the Patient section if the account did not have any custom labels created.    
2/18/2014 CMD-4281 When mutliple instances of the application are launched within the same second, one of the instances can intermittently become stuck at the splash/loading screen.    
2/18/2014 CMD-4284 The response time was improved for showing/hiding additional fields when selecting "Update Claims" option on the Patient Insurance screen.    
2/18/2014 CMD-4318 We've added the Copay amount field (for reference ) within the Payment screen on the Appointment window.    
2/18/2014 CMD-4326 When adding new patient via scheduler, set default provider based on the scheduler resource default provider not the user system default provider. This has since been corrected.    
2/18/2014 CMD-4327 When rescheduling an appointment the associated provider was not being properly updated if the appointment was moved to a different resource.    
2/18/2014 CMD-4336 Corrected an error that was occurring when adding Charge Panels to the last row of charges on Institutional claims.    
2/18/2014 CMD-4346 Implemented "Show/Hide Details" option within Batch Eligibility to be consistent with other screens and allow user to continuously hide the details panel when selecting different rows.    
2/18/2014 CMD-4347 Corrected an issue that was causing Batch Eligibility results to only print one page.    
2/18/2014 CMD-4353 Correct an issue that was causing the Reference ID column to be blank within the Practice search window.    
2/18/2014 CMD-4355 Corrected an issue that was causing the claim incorrectly opened twice when double clicking fast enough on a Claim ID field within CBI reporting causing patient locking error.    
2/18/2014 CMD-4363 Reduced the delay in refreshing the calendar when saving a new appointment.    
2/18/2014 CMD-4372 Corrected an error within the appointment scheduler when attempting to view 3/09/2014 (day of daylight savings time) with a resource that has unavailable times ending on or after 11:00 PM.    
2/18/2014 CMD-4379 Unable to view labels for printing within Patient section after printing labels from appointment scheduler has been corrected.    
2/18/2014 CMD-4384 ACH account numbers for payment profiles to be between 1 and 25 digits.    
2/18/2014 CMD-4384 ACH account numbers for payment profiles to be between 1 and 25 digits.    
2/18/2014 CMD-4392 Corrected an issue that was causing the invoice print out to not include the second page.    
2/12/2014 CBI-150 Updated "All Patients Seen - Charge Details" report to include dependent patient accounts.    
2/12/2014 CMD-3840 Corrected an issue that was causing an error to occur when searching for patients within Transaction Maintenance.    
2/12/2014 CMD-4260 Corrected an issue that prevented users from deleting incomplete claims from Claim Control.    
2/12/2014 CMD-4293 Added the date of accident (when present) to claim scrubbing request message.    
2/12/2014 CMD-4323 Claim Statuses were not properly being updated from Claim Control when statuses were changed to Pending Patient or Pending Physician to Send to Payer.    
2/12/2014 CMD-4340 Corrected an issue that was causing the Customer# to not properly display within a session when using the Switch Account option.    
2/12/2014 TXN-311 Implemented an ANSI payer edit for CPID 1489 (Arkansas Medicaid) to send AMT~EAF in loop 2430 instead of 2320.    
2/12/2014 TXN-320 Corrected an issue that was causing an error to occur when checking eligibility for WASHINGTON BLUE CROSS REGENCE.    
2/10/2014 CMD-4206 Implemented an edit to print the 11 digit BWC Payer ID in box 25 and 33a for Ohio Workers Comp payers.    
2/10/2014 CMD-4236 Enhance the timing of Advanced Switch Accounts process when multiple results are returned using patient information.    
2/10/2014 CMD-4248 Corrected intermittent issue in which Patient's default facility was incorrectly overwritten.    
2/10/2014 CMD-4267 Corrected an issue that was causing an error to occur when attempting to copy the insurance information from the Insurance History back into the Patients active Insurance.    
2/10/2014 CMD-4273 Improved timing when tabbing between ICD fields within Charges tab of Claim.    
2/10/2014 CMD-4274 Corrected an issue that was causing Resource Hours to incorrectly update in users cache if changes were made but not saved.    
2/10/2014 CMD-4278 The Payer search window was missing options to specify search type as "begins with" or "contains".This has since been corrected.    
2/10/2014 CMD-4280 Implemented a change that will prevent users from adding Charge Panel to a claim if the resutling number of rows will exceed the allowed limit per ANSI standard (50 for professional claims, 999 for institutional claims).    
2/10/2014 CMD-4285 Corrected an issue that was causing an incorrect error to occur when attempting to open an inactive Resource.    
2/10/2014 CMD-4288 Corrected an issue that was causing users to be unable to search patient names within simple search containing hyphen or apostrophe.     
2/10/2014 CMD-4300 The Enter Insurance Payment window wasn't allowing users to scroll as field focus was moved using the <TAB> key.     
2/10/2014 CMD-4302 After deleting values from numeric fields, the cursor wasn't being placed to the right of the leading zero.     
2/10/2014 CMD-4303 Corrected an issue that was preventing users from entering values less than $1.00 in the Amount field under the Adjustment screen.    
2/10/2014 CMD-4304 Corrected an issue that prevented the results within Claim Control to not limit when the Provider First/Last Name filters were used.     
2/10/2014 CMD-4314 The cursor focus was not properly being set when adding new records in Line Item Posting and on various screens in the Codes & Scheduler sections.    
2/10/2014 CMD-4314 Corrected an issue that prevented the cursor focus to not properly be set when adding new records in Line Item Posting and on various screens in the Codes and Scheduler section.    
2/10/2014 CMD-4315 Selecting 'Cancel' within the duplicate service warning window was not properly unlocking the associated patient.    
2/10/2014 CMD-4315 Numeric characters are now allowed within the patient middle initial field.    
2/10/2014 CMD-4315 Corrected an intermittent issue causing comments in appointment notes to duplicate.    
2/10/2014 CMD-4341 Searching for invoices "This Month" was incorrectly returning plain text invoices instead of modern invoices has since been corrected.    
2/10/2014 CMD-4342 Corrected an issue that was causing the last page to be cut off when printing an invoice from prior versions (i.e.2013 and prior).    
2/10/2014 TXN-321 Corrected and issue that was causing users to be unable to check eligibility within the Appointment window.    
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