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Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution 9.19.2
Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution 9.19.2
12/21/2014 Claim MACUI-92 Corrected an intermittent issue on the Mac in which the claim save process was taking longer than expected.   
12/21/2014 Misc MACUI-91 Corrected an issue on the Mac in which certain users were unable to downgrade from v9.2 to v9.1.   
12/21/2014 Payment CMD-5842 Corrected an issue in which the status filters on the Auto Apply report screen were not working as expected.   
12/21/2014 Payment CMD-5838 Corrected an issue in which the dependent account balance was not being automatcially updated when posted a payment from the master account.   
12/21/2014 Payment CMD-5836 Updated Mange Account to allow users to change the status of a debit applied against a charge.   
12/21/2014 Payment CMD-5834 Corrected an issue attempting to View EOB for an ERA file under certain conditions in which the check on the EOB report report does not match the ERA file.   
12/21/2014 Payment CMD-5829 Corrected an issue in which an Account Credit could not be refunded within Manage Account under certain conditions.   
12/21/2014 Payment CMD-5823 Corrected an issue in which an Account Credit could not be applied under certain conditions.   
12/21/2014 Codes CMD-5821 Corrected an issue in which the simple search field in the Diagnosis Code tab was not working as expected.   
12/21/2014 Payment CMD-5818 Updated the additional actions within Manage Account such that the "start balance" field now takes into account any additional actions already applied.   
12/21/2014 Patient CMD-5775 Corrected an issue in which insurance fields were still highlighted yellow indicating Eligibility errors after changing Payers on the patient record.   
12/11/2014 Payer TXN-388 Implemented a payer specific edit for Northern California Medicare (CPID 1436) to allow special character including the hyphen to be sent in the claim file.   
12/11/2014 Claim TXN-386 Corrected an issue in which invalid FRM segment could be sent on a claim when adding and removing various forms.   
12/11/2014 Payment CMD-5850 Corrected an issue in which the patient balance was not being automatically updated when changing charge statuses within Manage Account.   
12/11/2014 Control CMD-5824 Corrected an issue in which claims were not being properly updated to 'Send to Clearinghouse' when updated through Claim Control in certain scenarios.   
12/11/2014 Payer CMD-5814 Implemented edits for Texas Workers Comp payers for the UB-04 claim form.   
12/11/2014 Statements CMD-5795 Corrected an issue in which statements could not be printed using the mail to guarantor setting when the guarantor only had a last name saved.   
12/04/2014 System MACUI-90 Corrected margin and alignment issues printing patient statements on the Mac.   
12/04/2014 Payment CMD-5802 Corrected an issue within the ERA Auto Apply process in which deleted payments were not being taken into account in the calculation of the applied amount.   
12/04/2014 Payment CMD-5801 Corrected an issue in which a debit on a account could be set to an invalid "due to" setting within Manage Account.   
12/04/2014 Claim CMD-5800 Corrected an issue in which the "you must select at least one claim" prompt was showing within Batch Printing.   
12/04/2014 Payment CMD-5797 Modified the transfer credit action (available within Manage Account) to post the new credit created as a patient adjustment rather than a patient payment. The original credit will still show on reports as a patient payment. Before this change, transfered credits were showing as payments twice on reports such as the Daily Deposit report.   
12/04/2014 Claim CMD-5788 Corrected an issue in which the ICD#9 through ICD#12 fields on the Charges tab of a professional claim were not being highlighted yellow to alert the user in situations where the code used was not present in their code list.   
12/04/2014 Patient CMD-5777 Corrected an issue in which the time stamp portion of the Last Modified Date/Time column of the Documents tab in the Patient section was always reporting as "12:00AM".   
12/04/2014 Control CMD-5776 Corrected an issue in which the "you must select at least one superbill" prompt was showing within Batch Printing.   
12/04/2014 Task Reminders CMD-5767 Corrected an error that could occur when deleting a user with incomplete Task Reminders.   
12/04/2014 Payment CMD-5747 Updated the ERA Auto Apply process to properly handle situations in which a payer splits payment for a single charge with multiple units.   
12/04/2014 Admin CMD-5508 Updated the Label Configuration screen in the Admin Section to better show all supported Zebra label printers.   
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