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Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution 8.59.1
Release Date Section/FeatureUnique Identifier A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution 8.59.1
4/27/2014 Claim TXN-348 Correct ed an unexpected segment error in Claim Analysis.   
4/27/2014 Claim CMD-4681 Corrected an issue that was causing the patients address to be carried over into box 6 of the 02-12 claim form.   
4/27/2014 Payment Payment Corrected an issue in which a check within an ERA file was not applied due to claim level adjustment.   
4/27/2014 Payment CMD-4631 Corrected an issue in whicha an incorrect error message was showing on the EOB AA report.   
4/27/2014 Reports CBI-180 Updated Refund/Reversals report to exclude negative charge balance transfers.   
4/20/2014 Eligibility TXN-333 Corrected an error trying to check eligibility for payer GHINY (CPID 2744).   
4/20/2014 Claim CMD-4677 Corrected an issue causing the 'Print the ICD code in box 24e' option to not display as expected within the Payer section.   
4/20/2014 Alerts CMD-4673 Corrected an issue causing Provider alerts to incorrectly be overwritten when saving patient's associated to the provider.   
4/20/2014 Claim CMD-4665 Customer specific edit to omit the 'G2' qualifier from Box 33 for the OWCP payer.   
4/20/2014 Superbills CMD-4659 Added support for new superbill fields for the patient deductible amount (@PDEDUCT) and coinsurance percentage (@PCOINS). Please visit the Library on the Training Website for a list of Superbill Variables.    
4/20/2014 Claim CMD-4655 Corrected an issue in which the Facility name and address in Box 32 could print to far into Box 33 on the 02-12 claim form.   
4/20/2014 Messaging CMD-4654 Added support for mail messages to overwrite the selected text when pasting text fro the clipboard.   
4/20/2014 Claim CMD-4652 Corrected an issue in which claims set to send to payers whose default claim form version is set to 02-12 were still being returned in batch printing results for the 08-05 claim form version.   
4/20/2014 Statements CMD-4650 Updated the ordering of charges on a patient statement to follow the same order as it appears on the claim when the date of service is the same.   
4/20/2014 Scheduler CMD-4649 Corrected an issue causing the "Print Superbill" option to be displayed twice in the appointment right click menu for some customers.   
4/20/2014 Patient CMD-4638 Corrected an issue in which the address validation pop up suggestion was still being shown on the screen when closing the patient using the keyboard shortcut.   
4/20/2014 Control CMD-4553 Added options for printing the supported NY Workers Comp Claim forms from within Batch Printing. Please reference the Batch Printing Help Page for more information.   
4/20/2014 Payment CMD-4348 Corrected an issue preventing a user from deleting an account credit within Transaction Maintenance.   
4/20/2014 Reports CBI-178 Corrected an issue in which column ordering on a custom reports run in the Report Viewer was not matching the ordering specified in the Report Builder. This issue could only occur when columns on the report had the same name.   
4/13/2014 Claim TXN-345 Implemented a payer edit for multiple CPIDs to send 'A' in Loop 2000B SBR01 when tertiary payer. CPIDs effected are 2271, 2272, 2277, 2442, 2732, 2760, 2767, 3213, 3215, 4260, 4268, 4456, 4795, 5273, 5287, 5858, 6169, 6170, 6286, 6714, and 6730.   
4/13/2014 Control CMD-4662 Corrected an issue that was causing only the first page of a statement to print via Batch Printing.   
4/13/2014 Various CMD-4651 Corrected a resource leak within the application related to some scroll pane windows being improperly held onto when opened and closed.   
4/13/2014 Control CMD-4646 Corrected an issue in which the claim scrubbing indicators (check marks and exclamation marks) shown in the Claim Control search results were not updating when the table results were sorted.   
4/13/2014 Claim CMD-4641 Updated the Claim screen to show '02-12' as the claim form version when adding a blank claim.   
4/13/2014 Claim CMD-4640 Implemented payer specific edit for CPID 7495, Nevada Medicaid, for the 02-12 claim form to print diagnosis pointers in 24e as a range rather then comma separated list.   
4/13/2014 Control CMD-4633 Corrected an issue in which incorrect superbills were being printed when done through Batch Superbill Printing in the Control section after using the filters to limit the results displayed in the table.   
4/13/2014 Claim CMD-4628 Corrected an error that was occurring when trying to save a claim with multiple line items set to send to different payers.   
4/13/2014 Report CMD-4608 Corrected an issue where multi-select drop down filters in CBI reporting were not displaying properly on computers using Windows Classic Mode.   
4/13/2014 Admin CMD-4516 Added field validation to the Customer Name to require that it is at least 2 characters. This is located within Admin > Security > Accounts   
4/13/2014 System CMD-4263 Adjusted default startup memory from 512MB to 384MB for computers with 1.7GB to 2.0GB of useable memory. Default can still be overridden in Advanced Panel settings.   
4/6/2014 Claim TXN-340 Corrected an issue in which the Date of Accident was not printing in Box 15 of the 02-12 claim form when present. Also, updated the labels on the Additional Info screen of the Claim section to properly reflect what will print in box 15 when the payer is set to use the 02-12 form version.   
4/6/2014 Payment CMD-4613 Corrected an issue in which the Account Credit and Balance Information would not show in Line Item Posting. This only occurred when opening the active patient in Line Item Posting immediately after posting a credit on the account via the Adjustment screen.   
4/6/2014 Various CMD-4612 Changed the location of the comma within the address fields for labels to be "City, State Zip" instead of "City State, Zip".   
4/6/2014 Control CMD-4611 Corrected an issue in which dates shown in the Service/Activity Date column of Claim Tracking table were showing one day early for users running CMD on a computer set to the Pacific time zone.   
4/6/2014 Claim CMD-4578 Changed the default 'Version of CMD-1500 to print' to be 02-12 when adding a new payer in the system.    
4/6/2014 Payment CMD-4570 Corrected an issue within EOB Posting in which tabbing from the Unpaid field to the Deduct field and entering an amount was incorrectly generating an accoutn credit.   
4/6/2014 Claim CMD-4566 Corrected an issue in which an empty tool tip could be left shown on the screen when closing a claim using a keyboard shortcut while a tool tip was being displayed (for example, the description shown when hovering over a CPT field).   
4/6/2014 Claim CMD-4563 Implemented a payer edit for CPID 1489 (ARKANSAS MEDICAID) that will omit the SVD and DTP 573 segments from Loop 2430 as requested by the Clearinghouse and Payer.   
4/6/2014 Claim CMD-4560 Modified the incomplete claim warning dialog within the Claim section such that selecting the 'X' will return the user to the claim for further editing (just as if they had selected the 'Fix Error' button). Previous selecting the 'X' was proceeding to save the claim as incomplete.   
4/6/2014 System CMD-4511 Corrected an issue in which the practice label print menu was intermittently being shown on the System screen during log in. This was happening in some instances after the user had accessed the print lable menu in the practice section, logged out, and logged back in.   
4/6/2014 Admin CMD-4494 Changed the wording of the "Close Account" request within the Services tab to be "Close Main Account" to help eliminate confusion between closing an account and closing a customer.   
4/6/2014 Admin CMD-4481 Added "click to view details" text next to the results listing on the Monthly Invoices screen.   
4/6/2014 Claim CMD-4474 Implemented various performance improvements to the claim entry process.   
4/6/2014 Control CMD-4466 Corrected an issue with the fitlers in Batch Printing. Previously selected rows were still being taken into account calcuating the number of pages to print causing a program error in some situations which resulted in nothing being printed.   
4/6/2014 Messaging CMD-4441 Corrected an issue in which CMD Mail Messages created in with v9.1.0 which contained line breaks do not show line breaks when viewed by a user on v8.5.0.   
4/6/2014 Reports CMD-4191 Corrected an issue in which CPT Codes with new line characters in their description were printing blank on patient and claim activity reports.   
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