CMD Application Updates - May

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May 2013

A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution 8.4.1
9.0 Update
5/3/2013 CMD-2339 Corrected issue where new patient duplication would occur if Review/Eligibility + Save buttons were selected quickly.

5/3/2013 CMD-3100 Corrected issue where Account Type filter was not working within the Advanced Search window within the Claim section.

5/3/2013 CMD-3105 Fixed error that was not adding Facility to claim within customer that only has one Facility.

5/3/2013 CMD-3107 Corrected issue in which you could not schedule an appointment for a resource without default hours specified.      ✓  
5/3/2013 CMD-3108 Corrected exception that occurred in the Claim + Patient section simple search if a large, numeric value is used.        ✓  
5/3/2013 CMD-3109 Corrected issue where Dashboard chart values would show on top of Task Reminders panel when expanded.

5/3/2013 CMD-3110 Fixed issue within Searching by TCN# is claim simple search returns all claims billed for patient

5/3/2013 CMD-3111 Corrected issue where incorrect dates would show in recently opened lists when time zone was not EST.

5/3/2013 CMD-3112 Fixed issue in which incorrect dates were showing in Transaction Maintenance when time zone not EST.                 
5/3/2013 CMD-3113 Corrected issue where the Check Eligibility button in the Patient section would not work.                ✓   
5/3/2013 CMD-3115 Fixed issue in which Insured and Other Insured sex not saving for patient record.      ✓  
5/3/2013 CMD-3116 Corrected issue where printing Face Sheet/Ledger/Notes in Patient section was not working.   
5/3/2013 CMD-3117 Corrected issue where Patient over 65 alert was not working properly.   
5/3/2013 CMD-3119 Fixed issue in which patient photo not saving on patient record.   
5/3/2013 CMD-3120 Fixed issue where Creating Professional Claim from an appointment would open a blank Institutional Claim.

5/3/2013 CMD-3121 Corrected issue where incorrect check would be applied when sorting results in EOB Auto Apply.

5/3/2013 CMD-3124 Fixed issue where incorrect activity status would show in Claim Tracking.

5/3/2013 CMD-3125 Corrected issue where previous run patient eligibility report would show in the appointment window.       
5/3/2013 CMD-3132 Corrected issue where Facility & Referring/PCP information was not clearing out after closing an existing patient account.