CMD Application Updates - June

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JUNE 2013

A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution8.4.1
9.0 Update
6/23/2013CMD-3126Added Payer specific edit for CPID 2535 to not send the DTP segment within the ANSI claim file when the bill type is equal to '21X' or the rev code equals '0022'.
6/23/2013CMD-3215Resolved an error when printing claims for CPID 1421 when the provider is setup as an organization.
6/23/2013TXN-298Corrected an issue with the referring provider not being sent within the ANSI claim file for institutional claims.
6/23/2013TXN-293Added Payer specific edit for CPID 1470 to allow hyphen characters to be sent within the ANSI claim file.
6/18/2013CBI-91Removed the link "look and feel" within the Number of Rejections value in the Top Claim Rejections Last 7 Days Dashboard gadget.

6/18/2013CMD-2609Fixed issue where the insured tab was being incorrectly highlighted yellow to indicate an eligibility error although the patient's coverage was active.

6/18/2013CMD-2641Corrected issue where the claim was not properly being reset to send to clearinghouse in all cases when payments are deleted from an insurance check within EOB Posting.

6/18/2013CMD-2912Corrected issue where claims printed via EOB Posting were not being captured on the User Audit Report.

6/18/2013CMD-3123Fixed an issue which was preventing users from performing a copy/paste action from a mail message within CMD to an outside application (such as word or email).

6/18/2013CMD-3157Corrected incorrect spelling on the CMN 484 DMERC 484.03 Oxygen and CMD843 DMERC 02.03A Wheelchairs forms.

6/18/2013CMD-3166Changed the layout of the main screen in the Patient section to move the sub-tabs (Demographics, History, Notepad, Alerts, etc) to their own main tab named "Additional Info".

6/18/2013CMD-3167Modified the behavior of the TAB action within the New Message window such that it will now take the cursor from the 'To' field to the 'Subject' field to the message body.

6/18/2013CMD-3168Updated the Search screen within the Scheduler section to include the number of results returned.

6/18/2013CMD-3169Reduced the size of the search buttons within the Charges screen of the Claim section.

6/18/2013CMD-3170Allowed the ampersand ( & ) character to be entered in the Practice Name field.

6/18/2013CMD-3171Modified the behavior of the TAB action within the ICD fields of the Charge screen such that the cursor will tab from each ICD field to the next without highlighting the search button.

6/18/2013CMD-3174Modified the Advanced Claim Search window so that the selections within the drop down fields are not cleared in between searches.

6/18/2013CMD-3175Updated the Line Item Posting screen so that the Search and Payment fields will remain visible and not clear in between searches.

6/18/2013CMD-3176Disabled the warning that insurance information is being overwritten when adding a new patient without any insurance information entered yet.

6/18/2013CMD-3177Added Date of Birth to the patient simple search feature.  Search can be performed using the following formats: (m)m/(d)d/(yy)yy or (m)m-(d)d-(yy)yy.  Updated help text to reflect this new option.

6/18/2013CMD-3178When adding a new patient note, the cursor will now default to the Message field of the new window.

6/18/2013CMD-3179Updated the help text for the simple patient and claim search features to highlight that a patient last name only search can be performed by placing a ',' after the full or partial name.

6/18/2013CMD-3183Corrected issue where an error would occur when attempting to add a block appointment in Week View.

6/18/2013CMD-3186Added descriptive text within the patient and claim simple search fields to inform users about the intent of the field and about the full help description.

6/18/2013CMD-3191Updated the scheduler to show the associated time when mousing over a time slot.

6/18/2013CMD-3192Added tool tips descriptions to all of the find, open, and clear icon buttons within the main screen of the Claim section.

6/18/2013CMD-3193Increased the darkness level of unavailable times in the scheduler.

6/18/2013CMD-3194When searching in the All Payers window by name, you can now specify the type of search as "Starts With" or "Contains".

6/18/2013CMD-3195Added a find text feature to the EOB Auto Apply reports when viewed in a separate window.

6/18/2013CMD-3196Added an indicator to dashboard gadgets showing what customer(s) the data is currently displaying.  Note this is only visible for users with access to multiple customers.

6/18/2013CMD-3197Added capability to format calculated report fields as a percentage.

6/18/2013CMD-3213Fixed an issue in which the Codes section was remaining highlighted (an indication of an open record) after closing an existing ICD-9-CM Proc code or Revenue code.

6/18/2013CMD-3218Fixed an issue where the date range filters on the Appointment Search tab of the Patient section were not being set as expected when choosing options for 'This Year', 'This Month', or 'This Week'.

6/18/2013CMD-3219Modified the status reported on the Agreement Lookup tab of the Payer section to report the individual agreement status rather than the overall status of the bundle.

6/18/2013CMD-3227Fixed an issue where the user was unable to print claims from within Line Item Posting when using the "Open Payments" right click option from the Control section to retrieve the results.

6/18/2013CMD-3238Corrected an issue where an error was occurring in Transaction Maintenance when using both the 'Show Activity' and 'Group Activity' filter options.

6/18/2013CMD-3243Corrected issue where the right-click actions in eligibility report were not working.

6/18/2013MACUI-58Corrected issue where users were experiencing intermittent hanging at 97% during the log in process on the Mac version of v9.0.0.

6/18/2013MACUI-60Corrected issue where users were unable to downgrade from v9.0 to v8.5 on the Mac.

6/1/2013CBI-67Corrected issue where selecting the "About" button on a gadget that is being displayed in its own window (using the float feature) was incorrectly closing the gadget.

6/1/2013CBI-68Corrected issue where changing the column ordering for a custom report in v8.5.0 was not reflecting in v9.0.0 when the report was run.     
6/1/2013CBI-81Fixed issue where debit codes were not appearing in the "CPT Code" special filter window for users with access to only one customer account.

6/1/2013CBI-85Corrected issue where setting a custom dashboard as the default dashboard was not saving in between sessions as expected.     
6/1/2013CBI-86Fixed program error from occurring when attempting to print or export a union report which contained one or more grouped fields (such as the Claim History report).

6/1/2013CBI-92Fixed issue where data points on the dashboard gadgets were appearing one day/month less than the actual value when application was run on a computer with time zone set to something other than EST.     
6/1/2013CMD-2910Corrected issue when printing patient payment receipts throughout the application, the check # was not printing on the receipt when applicable.

6/1/2013CMD-3031Fixed program error from occurring when attempting to add a claim for an active patient which has no insurance payers set.     
6/1/2013CMD-3049Corrected issue when viewing the Day View in the Scheduler section, the date at the top of the calendar object was being left justified instead of center justified.     
6/1/2013CMD-3059Fixed issue where invalid insurance policy type being set when copying an insurance that previously a secondary insurance into the primary payer info using Insurance Tracking.
6/1/2013CMD-3093Fixed issue where user would receive an invalid warning message that a date range must be entered when using the Track feature from the EOB Posting tab.     
6/1/2013CMD-3106Corrected issue where date fields were requiring users to fill in full mm/dd/yyyy format.     
6/1/2013CMD-3114Corrected issue within EOB Posting, so that the Payment field is defaulted to $0.00 when the previous value is removed.

6/1/2013CMD-3127Various performance improvements for v9.0.0.

6/1/2013CMD-3130Corrected issue where export feature was not working within the Search tab in the Scheduler section.    
6/1/2013CMD-3134Fixed issue where appointment times displayed on the Appointment tab in the Patient section were showing in military 24 time.      
6/1/2013CMD-3134Corrected issue where user was unable to create reoccurring appointment due to program error.

6/1/2013CMD-3135Corrected issue that automatically capitalized all user input within the Member ID fields.

6/1/2013CMD-3136Fixed issue where using the "Open Claim for Visit" option in the right click menu for an appointment was not automatically opening the claim.

6/1/2013CMD-3137Fixed issue where the application would change the current selected date when the user switched between Day and Week view in the Scheduler.              
6/1/2013CMD-3138Corrected issue where the Search tab within the Scheduler section was not returning results when using the date range filter.             
6/1/2013CMD-3140Fixed issue where the default colors for appointment statuses and types were all showing as white within the Scheduler.   
6/1/2013CMD-3142Corrected issue where the appointment window was not showing the correct office location in certain scenarios if one or more office location in the account was set as inactive.  
6/1/2013CMD-3143Fixed issue where the Add for Active option within the Claim section was not working when the active patient was just created.  
6/1/2013CMD-3149Corrected issue where the simple search results pop up was still being displayed on top of the provider record when opening a provider in this manner within the Provider section.  
6/1/2013CMD-3152Corrected issue where user was unable to print the CMD default superbill from the Patient or Scheduler sections.

6/1/2013CMD-3154Corrected program error from occurring when attempting to use the 'Activity' and 'Group Activity Under Claims' filter options within Transaction Maintenance.

6/1/2013CMD-3155Removed inactive patients from the search results when using the simple search in the Patient section.

6/1/2013CMD-3159Corrected issue where the date reported in the check date column of the Find Insurance Payment window was showing one day behind when running v9.0.0 on a computer set to a time zone other than EST.     
6/1/2013CMD-3161Fixed issue where the pop up windows within Line Item Posting where intermittently not setting the cursor focus as needed making it unable to enter text in the fields on the screen.

6/1/2013CMD-3164Corrected issue where patient payment receipts were not printing when using the Payment tab of the Appointment Editor window.    
6/1/2013CMD-3165Corrected issue where the customer name on the Company News tab was not updating correctly when switching accounts.

6/1/2013CMD-3204Fixed issue where the value input in the deductible amount field on the Patient record was not saving as expected.    
6/1/2013CMD-3212Fixed issue where the "Update Available" button was not showing on the main log in screen when an update was available for the current version.

6/1/2013MACUI-57Corrected issue where the application was not starting automatically following an update on the Mac.    
6/1/2013MACUI-58Corrected issue where the CMD Blog was not showing on the main log in screen on the Mac.

6/1/2013CMD-3122Corrected issue where incorrect office locations could be sent on claim when one or more offices have been marked as inactive within the customer account.
6/1/2013TXN-287Added payer edit for CPID 2557 to submit 'DA' qualifier in Loop 2400 SV204 when rev code 0912 is present.