CMD Application Updates - November

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A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution8.4
11/25/2012TXN-267Corrected an issue that was causing claims to be excluded due to the Rendering providers information not being submitted in Loop 2310B (Rending Provider Name).             
11/25/2012TXN-265Corrected an issue that was causing the Rendering providers information to be submitted on claims in Loop 2010AA (Billing Provider Name).             
11/25/2012TXN-264Implemented a payer edit for CPID 1440 to include a list of payers that supports dashes (' - ') in the patient name.             
11/25/2012TXN-258Implemented a payer edit for CPID 1489 to send DTP~573 segment in Loop 2430 (Line Adjudication Information) and Loop 2330B (Other Payer Name).             
11/25/2012CMD-2466Corrected an issue that was causing the rendering providers name to incorrectly print out on claims in box 31.             
11/13/2012TXN-259Corrected an issue that was causing the incorrect Supervising NPI to be sent on Physical Therapy and Podiatry Medicare claims.        
11/05/2012TXN-257Updated the claim generation process to read the current 'Provider Claims are Billed Under' setting when required.        
11/05/2012RPT-589Corrected an issue that was causing the Daily/Monthly Charges & Payments report to show a "-1" instead of "No Office Location" in the Office Totals By Day summary table.     
11/05/2012CMD-2358Corrected an issue that was causing the UB-04 claim form to not properly aligned in field 35.   
11/05/2012CMD-2382Corrected an issue that was causing an error to occur when clicking on the icon on the A/R Aging Summary report on the Portal.