CMD Application Updates - September

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A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution8.4
09/29/2012RPT-588Corrected an issue that was causing th page numbers to display out of order on the Daily/Monthly Charges & Payments report.
09/29/2012RPT-587Corrected an issue that was causing the Activity Summary to incorrectly appear at bottom of Daily/Monthly Charges & Payments report.
09/15/2012TXN-252Corrected an issue that was causing the following rejection to occur, "Missing SRV Line Note Text". This was caused by the NTE (Notes) segment to be submitted on claims although there were no narrative notes on the claim.
09/15/2012IF-179Corrected an issue that was causing the "Additional Description" field from CPT codes to not populate on claims created via an interface.
09/15/2012IF-110Corrected an issue that was causing the Last Visits Date on patient record to not update when claims were created via an interface.
09/15/2012TXN-177Implemented a Payer specific edit for Arkansas Medicaid (CPID 1489) to send the DTP segment in Loop 2330B (Other Payer Name) per payer documentation.
09/15/2012CMD-2321Corrected an issue that was causing the Last Pat Payment field to not update when entering patient payment from the Claim section.
09/15/2012CMD-2318Appointment Types will now be listed automatically in alphabetical order. This feature can be overridden by using the up and down arrows located within the Options tab of the Scheduler. Please note that users who have already specified a custom ordering for their appointment types will not be impacted by this change. 
09/15/2012CMD-2310Corrected an issue that was causing incorrect totals to appear on the Unapplied Report for some ERA checks.
09/15/2012CMD-2188The option to transfer calls to the doctors office when using the Appointment Reminder feature has been removed. For more information on why this feature was removed please contact our Sales Department by calling 888-348-8457 option 1.
09/15/2012CMD-1842Updated automated phone notify script to properly state patient name of "Jan".  Previously the recording would state "January" instead
09/04/2012CMD-2296Corrected an issue that was causing the Received Date value on the Payment Tracking screen to appear one day less than the correct value when viewed on computer not set to Eastern Standard Time.
09/04/2012CMD-2280Implemented a customer specific payer edit for DME Therapeutic Shoe claims to print requested information in box 11c and 11d of the HCFA form.
09/04/2012CMD-2278Corrected an issue that was causing a session timeout exception to not be handled properly in some areas of the application potentially causing a connection error to appear for the user instead of the "resume session" dialog window.