CMD Application Updates - June

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JUNE 2012

A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution8.3.7
6/24/2012TXN-224Corrected an issue that was causing claims to be denied by the payer due to a "0" being submitted on the claim for question 3 on the CMN form. 
6/24/2012RPT-570Corrected an issue that was causing a server exception when running the Claim Details Report for a specific ICD Code.
6/24/2012RPT-564Corrected an issue that was causing check numbers to duplicate on the Daily/Monthly Charges & Payments report.
6/12/2012TXN-223Implemented a payer edit for CPID 4476 requiring the Other Payer Identifier sent in Loop 2330B (Other Payer Name) NM109 (Other Payer ID) to be limited to 3 characters.
6/12/2012TXN-222Corrected an issue that was causing claims to be excluded by RelayHealth due to the purchased service info missing.
6/12/2012TXN-213Implemented a payer edit for CPID 1413 requiring NTE (Line Note) segment to be submitted on claims in Loop 2400 (Service Line) when procedure code ends in 99.
6/12/2012TXN-211Corrected an issue that was causing users claims to be rejected due to the provider's pay-to information not being submitted on the claim.
6/12/2012TXN-208Implemented a payer edit for CPID 8538 requiring DA qualifier to be submitted on all institutional claims.
6/03/2012CMD-2062Corrected an issue that was causing the Patient Merge option to not merge all of patient's information to the source account.
6/3/2012CMD-2113Corrected and issue that was causing the balance column in Claim Control screen always shows $0.00.
6/3/2012CMD-2120Corrected an issue that was causing the search results in Claim Tracking to not return Test claims.
6/3/2012RPT-559Corrected an issue that was causing an exception when running Daily/Monthly report. The exception was preventing the entire report from being displayed.