CMD Application Updates - May

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MAY 2012

A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution8.3.7
5/10/2012CMD-2071Corrected an issue that was causing the system not to automatically take you to the Misc Info tab when the "Update Associated Claims" option was chosen. This option is selected when insurance demographics are updated.
5/10/2012CMD-2066Corrected an issue that was causing the bill status for payers not to auto-populate on new claims when the status was set to User Print & Mail.
5/10/2012CMD-2068Improved the feedback and overall complexity of the Java Update process.
5/10/2012CMD-2079Corrected an issue that was causing the EMR not to open when the "Open EMR" button was selected within the System section.
5/10/2012CMD-2078Corrected an issue that was causing forced updates not to complete because the application attempted to run the update install using the bundled JRE. With the new installers, the JRE is no longer bundled with the application.
5/21/2012CMD-2002Implemented a Payer edit for CPID 1421 to populate an 0B qualifier in box 24I of the CMS-1500.
5/21/2012CMD-2050Corrected an issue that was causing claims to automatically be submitted to the primary payer a payment was auto-applied.
5/21/2012CMD-2058Corrected an issue that was causing patients email addresses not to appear on the Patient Listing report, although the email address was entered.
5/21/2012RPT-553Corrected an issue that was causing insured’s first names to appear as their last name when running the Charges Due Insurance-Aging Range Report.
5/21/2012TXN-204Corrected an issue that was causing claims to be rejected due to Loop 2310E (Service Facility Location Name)being submitted on claims.
5/21/2012TXN-209Corrected an issue that was causing claims ambulance information to not be submitted on Ambulance claims.
5/29/2012CMD-2083Implemented a Payer Edit for DMERC payers to print the facility's address in box 32 of the CMS-1500 form.
5/29/2012CMD-2090Corrected an issue that was case an incorrect DOS shown in Claim Control.
5/29/2012CMD-2094Correct and issue that was causing users to receive an error message when attempting to search for claims without entering a date.
5/29/2012CMD-2069Correct an issue that was causing the Claim Import feature to not always mark claims as incomplete as expected.
5/29/2012TXN-210Corrected an issue that was causing the Provider's Group NPI# to be submitted on the claim although the provider was set up to bill as an individual.