CMD Application Updates - August

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A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution8.3.7
08/27/2012TXN-248Corrected an issue causing some 4010 claim files to be sent without the Loop 1000A (Submitter Name) provider segment.
08/27/2012TXN-246Made changes to the eligibility request format for payer Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas to only send the service code in the subscriber loop.
08/27/2012TXN-244Corrected an issue that was causing an invalid dollar amount (too many decimal places) to be sent in the CAS~OS segment of the electronic claim causing rejection at the Clearinghouse.
08/27/2012RPT-584Corrected a potential server error when running the All Patients Seen - Charge Detail report for claim(s) without a CPT code.
08/27/2012RPT-581Corrected an issue that was causing totals appearing on the "Change in A/R" field on the Activity Summary Report to not match.
08/15/2012CMD-2281Made updates to the Claim Analysis feature to not analyze 4010 claims.
08/15/2012CMD-2276Corrected an issue that was causing Reports not to save within the "My Favorites" option.
08/15/2012CMD-2270Made updates to the Claim Analysis feature to not analyze claims that are going to be printed and mailed by the Clearinghouse.
08/15/2012CMD-2265Corrected an issue that was causing charges to duplicate when manually running Claim Analysis in conjuction with Claim Scrubbing.
08/15/2012CMD-2257Corrected an issue that was causing the Superbill not to print the variables when they were placed between paragraphs. 
08/12/2012TXN-242Corrected an issue that was causing claims to reject for CPID 5501 (Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Texas) due to the date being sent in Loop 2400 DTP~472 (Service Date) of Institutional claims. 
08/12/2012TXN-240Implemented a payer edit for CPID 7478 to send the Claim Note continuation in Loop 2300 (Claim Information) if the note exceeds 80 characters. 
08/12/2012TXN-235Implemented a payer edit for CPID 2449 to send the HP ( Health Insurance Prospective Payment System) qualifier in Loop 2400 (Service Line) SV2-02 when a HIPPS code is used. 
08/12/2012RPT-574Modified the column headers on the Adjustments Reasons report to clarify the values being reported. Changed column headers "Pay Amt" to "Adjustment Amount" and "Adjustments" to "Total Adjustments". 
08/12/2012CMD-2270Claim Analysis will no longer analyze claims that are set to be printed and mailed by the Clearinghouse. 

08/12/2012CMD-2263Corrected an issue when checking eligibility within the Scheduler section. Previously when eligibility for a patient was ran we would improperly overwrite the patient copay amounts. 
08/12/2012CMD-2260Corrected an issue that was causing negative charge balance transfers not to appear within the Transaction Maintenance tab. 
08/12/2012CMD2209Made adjustments to the alignment of UB-04 claims to properly print values in fields 55 and DX fields.