CMD Application Updates - July

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JULY 2012

A Brief Overview of the Problem / Solution8.3.7
7/29/2012TXN-239Implemented a payer edit for CPID's 2414 and 5526 to send the Provider ID# in 2010BB (Payer Name) REF G2 segment.  

7/29/2012RPT-575Corrected an issue that was causing an exception to occur while running Daily/Monthly report.  
7/29/2012CMD-2252Corrected an issue that was preventing the explanation of why payments were not applied to appear within the patient activity screen.  
7/29/2012CMD-2206Corrected an issue that was causing the patient balance not to update when they were assigned to Collections via the Patient A/R Control screen.  
7/29/2012CMD-1495Implemented an edit to prevent claims for being submitted if a Payer Agreement isn't on file for the submitter number.  
7/17/2012TXN-227Corrected an issue that was causing claims to be rejected due to the AMT/COB being out of balance.   
7/17/2012TXN-228Corrected an issue that was causing claims to be rejected for INVALID CLAIM SRV FAC ID QUALIFIER 24.   
7/17/2012TXN-229Corrected and issue that was causing claims to rejected for MISSING REQUIRED DTP SEGMENT.   
7/17/2012TXN-230Corrected and issue that was causing claims to rejected for INVALID CODE VALUE(2000B SBR 05) OT 
7/17/2012TXN-234Implemented a payer edit for CPID 4476 to send the same payer id in the SVD segment as the NM109 segment in Loop 2330B