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Set up Guide - Medical Practice

As a Medical Practice, the Account Setup Wizard created your account and initial practice. If additional practices need to be added, please reference the instructions below. It also focuses on key aspects of your account that you should become familiar with prior to your first training/overview call with your Training Specialist.

Your Next Steps

Why would I want to create another Practice? 
In most cases a Medical Practice account only requires one (1) Practice, even if the Practice has multiple locations. You may enter information regarding any additional locations your Practice bill under using the Other Office section within the Practice section of the CollaborateMD (CMD) application. 

Note: Other Offices must use the same pay-to address as the Primary Office entered under the Office Information tab. Other Offices may have different NPI numbers than the Primary Office. In the event you cannot use the same pay-to address as the Primary Office, you may need to add a new Practice. 

If you are still unsure whether you should add another Practice, please wait until you speak with your Training Specialist to avoid performing unnecessary work within the CollaborateMD (CMD) application. 


    Within 48 business hours of the Provider being added you will be able to log into CollaborateMD and begin filling out your payer agreements. Please reference the steps below to begin adding and completing payer agreements for your major payers. 
    Begin adding and completing Payer Agreements for your major Payer(s). 
    1. Add Payer(s)
    2. Complete Payer Agreements
      • Agreement Overview
      • Getting Started with Agreements
      • Completing Agreements via CollaborateMD
        • Click here to watch a tutorial on how to complete and verify the status of payer agreements
        • Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to complete and verify the status of payer agreements


      1. Add Users
      2. Configure Groups
      3. Configure Permissions
      4. Configure Hours
      5. Configure Departments 

      Relax and Sit Tight.

      Have more questions? Your Training Specialist will be able to answer them during your overview call within three (3) business days.