Self-Service Portal

Our Self-Service Portal allows our CMD family members (our valued customers) to resolve their inquiries 24/7 without contacting Support. Customers can check their existing cases, log new cases, leverage suggested solutions to closed cases or search the knowledge base for solutions.

Attention: You must be a CMD customer with a valid username and password to access the Self-Service Portal.  If you are having trouble accessing the Portal, please contact Support.

From the Self-Service Portal you can: 
  • Log new cases 
  • View and open closed cases 
  • Add comments to open cases 
  • Upload files to open cases 
  • Find answers by searching through our solution database 
  • And resolve cases yourself by viewing suggested solutions

Log into the Self-Service Portal

  1. CollaborateMD’s self-service portal can be accessed at:
  2. Enter the username and password provided in your registration email. 
  3. You will be asked to change your password.

Creating a Case

  1. Click the Log a Case tab. 
  2. Begin entering the following information, if applicable. Please note Note fields in red are required:
    • Customer Number: Enter the customer number your question is related to. If your question isn't related to a specific customer, enter the customer number for your main account or Billing Service account. 
    • Patient Number: Enter the account number related to the patient. 
    • Claim Number: Enter the claim number related to the date of service for the patient. 
    • Subject: Enter a title for your case
    • Description: Enter a description of your question. Please enter as much information as you can to prevent delays. For example, if your question has to do with a payment, adding the payment amount, check number, check date and who the check was from would help reduce any delays.
    • Version: Select the version of the software you're currently using. 
    • Category: Select the category in which your question is related to. 
    • Section or Feature: Select the section of the software or the feature your question is related to. 
    • Tab or Feature: Select the specific tab or feature your question is related to. 
    • Submitter ID: Enter the Submitter ID associated with the provider your question is related to. 
    • TCN: Enter the TCN number associated with the claim. 
    • CPID: Enter the CPID related to the payer your question is related to. 
  3. Click Submit.
When you submit your cases, up to ten suggested solutions will automatically display, which when selected for viewing, may help you solve your particular case (if any apply).

You can then review the suggested solutions and choose to close the ticket or still submit.

Please allow 24-48 business hours for this case to process. Optionally, you can visit our Self-Service Portal by logging onto to view your current case status as well as add any additional comments to your case. Your username should be your email address and the password should have already been emailed to you.

Upload Attachment to a Case

  1. Click the View Cases tab. 
  2. Click the Subject line of the case you wish to upload the attachment to. 
  3. Scroll down and select Add Attachment
  4. Select the File by clicking the Choose File or Browse... button. 
  5. Click the "Attach File" button. Please note you can repeat steps 1 and 2 to attach multiple files. 
  6. When the upload is complete the file information will appear.
  7. Click the Done button once the file is done uploading to return to the previous page.

View your Cases

The Home tab displays all of your open cases when you log in. Please note if you are a Self-Service portal "Super User," you will be able to view all of the open and resolved cases submitted by everyone in your company. 

There are multiple ways to view and track your open and resolved cases. Once logged into the Self-Service Portal: 
  • To view Open Cases, click on the View Cases tab.
  • To view Closed Cases, click the View Cases tab followed by the View Closed Cases button. 
  • To view All Casesclick the View Cases tab followed by the View All Closed Cases button. 
Tip: Optionally, you can click the Suggested Solutions button on the case to view up to ten solutions that may help you solve your particular its subject.

Search for Solutions

Solutions are answers to your frequently asked questions. To search for a solution: 
  1. Click the Find Solution tab.
  2. Enter keywords related to your inquiry into the Search for box. 
  3. Click Find Solution. A list of solutions matching your inquiry displays in order of relevancy.  If no solution matches are found, no solutions are displayed. 
  4. Select the Solution Title in order to view it.
    • If the solution helps you answer your question, click Yes.  
    • If the solution did not help you answer your question, click No to return to the list of solutions.
  • When viewing a solution, you can click Printable View to see how a solution would look when printed. To print the solution from the printable view, click Print This Page towards the top-right corner.
  • The Home tab may display up to five solutions addressing the most common customer inquiries.  To view Top Solutions, click its title.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I limit who gets access to the portal at my company?
Yes, the account manager can provide access to the portal to the employees specified. Please remember to contact us if these employees leave your company, otherwise, they will still have access to the system.

Who can I contact for help?
Contact Client Services for any support related to the portal.