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What's New


  • Added the ability to make one-time invoice payments without having to create a payment profile. 
  • Implemented change tracking within the Services tab of the Admin section to highlight fields and warn users that a change has been made without saving. 
  • Within the Admin section, Auth Reps and Admins can now view only Active Users. Previously, Active and Suspended users were combined.
  • Updated the Hours tab of the Edit User screen to allow Auth Reps and Admins to modify user hours by selecting "Allow All Hours" for unrestricted access to the application.  


  • Added the ability to set a default charge status for an individual procedure code.


  • Control now supports searching for claims by Payer Type. The supported tabs are Claim Tracking, Claim Control, Claim Follow Up, and Patient AR Control.
  • Updated the Charge Status descriptions used within the Patient AR Control filter to match the standard descriptions used in other areas of the application.


  • Updated the label of the save button when editing a draft mail message to read "Save Draft".


  • When creating a new patient, the patient Gender will no longer default to female. Now the Gender drop-down will be defaulted to blank and will require a gender to be selected prior to saving the patient. You can default the Gender in the Practice section > Defaults tab > Patient Defaults sub-tab.
  • Moved the location of the Date Passed Away field from the Claim Defaults tab to the main Patient tab within the Patient section. This field is now called, Date of Death. 
  • Added an alert to notify the user when attempting to send a patient an opt-in message for the SMS text reminder service outside of the allowed hours (based on the customer configuration within the Admin section > Services tab). 
  • Updated change tracking within the Patient section to include adding, changing, or removing the patient photo.
  • Updated the duplicate patient warning to allow users to close the current patient record and open the detected duplicate record.


  • Added an alert icon to the auto apply screen to denote when a claim has an associated alert. Users can view the alert(s) by selecting the icon.
  • Added a new feature within the Electronic Remittance Advice area to allow users to print an EOB for only a specified claim(s). Previously users were only able to print an EOB in its entirety.
  • Manage Accounts now supports the ability to move a patient payment from one charge to another, within the same patient's account. 


  • Within the Practice section, users can specify a default Gender for a new patient if desired.


  • When exporting reports within the Report Viewer, accounts with multiple customers can now choose to export separate excel files per customer.  
  • Users can now search for usernames when sharing reports within the Edit User Access window.


  • Added a warning to the Department tab of the Scheduler section to notify users when attempting to add global appointment types to a department.
  • Added a new column to the Appointment Scheduler to display the patients Next Appointment Date. By default, this column is not visible. To enable this option, users must click on the Columns button  within the Search tab and select the "Next Appt" check box.


  • CMD Cares has been removed from the Tools Menu icon. Services requested via CMD Cares can now be requested within the Admin section.