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Sneak Peeks 3

In this Sneak Peek 3 preview, we will provide you with Version 9.5 of Multiple Fee Schedules. You will be able to follow along within each area below to see the feature enhancement in action.

Disclaimer: Some of the visible tabs and sections are only available to CollaborateMD support staff to properly administer your account. Please keep this in mind when comparing screen shots to the tabs and icons you have available in your CollaborateMD application. Some items or views are subject to change before release dates. 

Multiple Fee Schedules

Multiple Fee Schedules allow users to have more control of the prices they bill to maximize reimbursements and automate billing workflows. Check out this video snippet on how Multiple Fee Schedules will now support a variety of scenarios including: 

  • Payer, Payer Type or Patient Type
  • Facility, Practice or Provider
  • Place of Service (POS) or Type of Service (TOS)

(This Automation loops every 2 minutes & 45 seconds)