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Enhanced User-Print Statement and Final Demand Notice Features

Patient responsibility expenses are escalating and it’s crucial that patients receive statements that are easy to understand and accurate.  CollaborateMD currently offers 2 options for patient statements, and is proud to present users with a new third option to meet more of your patient statement needs. Check out the below video snippets on how to load a statements and FDN template, and how to edit the statement.

How to Load Statement/FDN Template and Use Preferences – Watch this video snippet to see how to load a Patient Statement and Final Demand Notice, as well as the Preferences you can choose to fully customize your user-print statement.

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How to Edit the Template and Options – Watch this video snippet to see how to edit the Patient Statement template and customize headers, content, icons, background color, page numbers, font, show payment stub or hide, enter custom URL’s, logos and preview how charges breakdowns and appear, before printing.

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Preview and Print Enhanced Statements from Batch Printing

Preview and Print Enhanced Statements from a Single Patient  

Automated Final Demand Notice Enhancements

With v9.5, users can now automate the Final Demand Notice (FDN) to streamline the practice workflows. The statement frequency option offers more flexibility for the practice to improve patient collections based on their desired workflow while eliminating the manual step of sending the Final Demand Notice.  Watch this video snippet as it highlights how easy it is to Automate.  

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