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Program Fixes


  • Corrected a minor issue tabbing between fields within the Hours tab of the Edit User screen. 
  • Monthly Invoices now include the Document Imaging breakdown for all account types that have multiple customers. Previously the breakdown was only shown for Billing Service Accounts. 
  • The monthly invoice break-down for Document Imaging will now show MB for customers that are using less than 1 GB. 
  • Added the ability to make one-time invoice payments without having to create a payment profile. 
  • Implemented change tracking within the Services tab of the Admin section.
  • Updated the "View All Customers" action within the Document Imaging screen of the Services tab to include closed Customers that have this service enabled.
  • Within the Admin section, Auth Reps and Admins can now view only active users.
  • Updated the Hours tab within the Edit User screen to prevent users from sorting the rows.
  • Updated the Hours tab of the Edit User screen to add an option for setting "all hours" for a selected day. 
  • Updated the listing of customers in the group drop-down of the user permission tab to order by customer name. 


  • Added the ability to set a default charge status for an individual procedure code.
  • Corrected an issue where payer alerts were not being displayed when creating an institutional claim for the active patient record when that patient had separate default professional and institutional insurance policies.
  • Corrected an issue where non-alphanumeric characters were not being displayed within the alert message preview text shown in the alert table lists throughout the application. 


  • Corrected an issue throughout the application where users were able to create alerts with only space characters within the description. 
  • Corrected an issue throughout the application where a previously saved end date for an alert could not be removed from multiple sections of the application.
  • Corrected an issue where the exclusion checkboxes within an existing Contract were not being flagged for change tracking.


  • Updated tables within the Control section to prevent users from reordering columns from their initial position (i.e. first column) that have a selectable check box. 
  • Updated the Select Columns feature within Batch Printing to remember users preferences between uses. 
  • Control now supports searching for claims by Payer Type. The supported tabs are Claim Tracking, Claim Control, Claim Follow Up, and Patient AR Control. 
  • Updated the CPID field within the Claim Tracking details panel to report the CPID associated with the payer at the time that the claim was sent out and not the current CPID associated with the payer. 
  • Updated the charge status descriptions used within the Patient AR Control filter to match the standard descriptions used in other areas of the application. 


  • Updated the label of the save button when editing a draft mail message to read "Save Draft". 
  • Corrected an issue where the invalid permissions prompt was showing twice for users without the Report permission when attempting to open a report snapshot link from within a mail message. 
  • Corrected an issue where sorting columns within mail messaging could incorrectly mark previously unread messages as read. 
  • Updated the new patient screen to no longer default the patient gender to female. Now the gender drop down will be defaulted to blank and will be required to save the patient record. Within the Practice section, clients can specify a default gender for new patients if desired. 


  • Moved the location of the Date Passed Away field from the Claim Defaults tab to the main Patient tab within the Patient section. This field is now called, Date of Death. 
  • Added an alert to notify the user when attempting to send a patient opt-in message for the SMS text reminder service outside of the allowed hours (based on the customer configuration within the Admin section, Services tab).
  • Updated change tracking within the Patient section to include adding, changing, or removing the patient photo. 
  • Updated the duplicate patient warning to allow users to close the current patient record and open the detected duplicate record. 


  • Added a new feature within the Electronic Remittance Advice area to allow users to print an EOB for only a specified claim(s). Previously users were only able to print an EOB in it's entirety.
  • Added an alert icon to the auto apply the screen to denote when a claim has an associated alert. Users can view the alert(s) by selecting the icon. 
  • Corrected an error that could occur while opening an insurance check after reordering columns into a specific configuration. 
  • Updated the Apply Discount action within Manage Account to validate and require that a valid code is entered based on the customers listing of adjustment codes. 
  • Added the ability within Manage Account for users to move a patient payment from one charge to one or more other charges without having to re-post the payment. 
  • Corrected an issue where the charge status was not being automatically updated from Paid to Balance Due Patient when deleting payments associated with a charge and applying a credit adjustment against the charge at the same time. 


  • Corrected an issue where the focus was not being brought to the correct screen and field when attempting to save a practice with an invalid phone number. 


  • Corrected an issue where the option to print the current referring provider was opening the resulting print out behind the application. 

Report Viewer

  • Corrected an issue where charts were not being displayed on a report when they had the same title as a Co-Display on the same report. 
  • When exporting reports within the Report Viewer, accounts with multiple customers can now choose to export separate excel files per customer. 


  • Users can now search for usernames when sharing reports within the Edit User Access window. 


  • Added a warning to the Department tab of the Scheduler section to notify users when attempting to add global appointment types to a department. 
  • The Appointment Scheduler now supports searching for appointments based on their Next Appointment Date. By default, this column is not visible. To enable this option a user must click on the Select Columns button within the Search tab and select the "Next Appt" check box.