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Sneak Peeks 3

In this Sneak Peek 3 preview, we will provide you with Version 9.4 Automated Sneak Peeks and Screen Shots dedicated to Patient Insurance Enhancements. These enhancements include how to manage multiple insured parties under a patient and multiple authorizations to support all situations and billing scenarios. You must check out these Sneak Peeks below to see these enhancements in action.

Disclaimer: We recommend offices upgrade all computers to the Beta v9.4 to minimize any potential Read-only patient accounts. If a patient is saved in Beta v9.4 and the patient has multiple insured or insurances that are not supported in v9.3, the patient will be marked as READ-ONLY in v9.3.  We recommend all users on your account are made aware of these items in advance of upgrading.

Patient Insurance Enhancements

All of these Automated Sneak Peeks and Screen Shots are dedicated to Patient Insurance Enhancements. Managing multiple insured parties and insurances has been a challenge when billing tertiary payers, or managing multiple insured parties under one single patient.  Check out these below v9.4 Sneak Peeks and see how CollaborateMD puts these challenges in the past and gives you unlimited access to add, edit and archive multiple insurances and insured, all from one single patient account!  

New Collapsible and Expandable Patient Insurance Layout

This new layout for Patient Insurance allows you to easily expand Payers and Insured Parties, and quickly hide information you are not interested in viewing.  Check out the new layout and how to use the collapse and expand buttons shown in this Automated Sneak Peek below. 

(This Automation loops every 22 seconds)

True Tertiary Billing

This enhancement includes how to manage multiple insured parties under a single patient, including how to easily add a tertiary payer.  CollaborateMD v9.4 supports true tertiary billing for all situations and billing scenarios.

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New Insured and Payer Management Buttons

With v9.4 you have enhanced options to Add Insured, Add a Payer or quickly add an Insured + Payer with one click.  New buttons have been added to support all situations for insurance management and billing scenarios.  This screenshot shows the new pop-up when selecting the Insured + Payer button. 

(No Automation)

Insurance Card Document Management 

Insurance Card management, using remote or cloud storage, is a key feature our users love.  Now, with v9.4, improvements have been made for easier viewing and managing a patient’s insurance card(s).  You still have the simplicity of associating it directly with the payer, but now, at a quick glance, you can identify which payers have cards.  Also, simply hover over the card image to View, Change, or Remove the insurance card.  Check out this Automated Sneak Peek below to these enhancements on Patient Insurance Document Management. 

(This Automation loops every 42 seconds)

Multiple Authorization

In v9.4 you can easily manage Multiple Authorizations under a single insurance policy without leaving the patient section.  Watch this Automated Sneak Peek below to see how to quickly Add an Authorization, Edit, Inactivate, and set an authorization as a Default for new claims. 

(This Automation loops every 33 seconds)

Patient Insurance & Authorization Enhancements within the Claim Section

Now that you have seen the Patient Insurance and Multiple Authorization enhancements, one will inevitably ask, how does this change the workflow when creating a Claim?   With unlimited primary, secondary, and tertiary policies, you need to be able to make quick changes to the claim to support all situations and billing scenarios.  Watch this Automated Sneak Peek below to see how to make on-the-fly changes from the Claim section.  From switching the insurance to updating the authorization used for your claim, we made it simple and easy to use! 

(This Automation loops every 24 seconds)

Watch for additional v9.4 Sneak Peeks that will provide you with an opportunity to view upcoming new features related to Saving and Sharing Reports (aka Report Snap & Share), Claim Note and Insurance History Enhancements, a new User Feedback tool, plus a revolutionary Claim Follow-up Module.