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v9.4 Sneak Peeks

Check out our exciting Version 9.4 (v9.4) Sneak Peeks below that delivers the CollaborateMD mission to help healthcare entities optimize clinical and financial workflow, improve net profitability and patient care, regardless of business type or size. We aim to provide innovative, affordable, quality software for all specialties. 

Please watch for upcoming communications that will include additional sneak peeks, tools to master v9.4, and free webinar(s) on upcoming features.

Disclaimer: Some of the visible tabs and sections are only available to CollaborateMD support staff to properly administer your account. Please keep this in mind when comparing screen shots to the tabs and icons you have available in your CollaborateMD application. Some items or views are subject to change before release dates.

Includes Enhanced Eligibility Verification, Appointment Reminder and Label Enhancements, New Search in Payment Section – by Check Amount, Recently Opened View Enhancement – Now View Payer Name, and Built-in Spell Checking
Includes On-Demand Results with Real-Time Claim Submission, Appointment Reminder, Label and NPI Registry Enhancements, and Reordering Columns on the Claim

Includes Patient Insurance Enhancements for managing multiple insured parties under a patient, multiple authorizations,
and seamless transitions when switching or defaulting a policy. This sneak peek also includes how to make
quick on-the-fly changes from the Claim section, and improved policy management with
unlimited primary, secondary, and tertiary policies, to support all situations and billing scenarios.

Includes our brand new Report Snap & Share.  We also have provided you with Screen Shots on new enhancements on Insurance History and a new tool for feedback on CollaborateMD.

Includes our brand new Claim Follow-up Module.  We also have provided you with Screen Shots on new enhancements from Reports to Claim Notes.