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Sneak Peeks 1

In this preview we will provide you with Version 9.4 Sneak Peeks that improve front office and back office workflows, including enhancement ideas posted on Idea Exchange. Almost 30% of ideas posted on Idea Exchange have been implemented to date.

Disclaimer: Some of the visible tabs and sections are only available to CollaborateMD support staff to properly administer your account. Please keep this in mind when comparing screen shots to the tabs and icons you have available in your CollaborateMD application. Some items or views are subject to change before release dates. 

Enhanced Eligibility Verification

Real Time Eligibility allows you to instantly verify insurance before admission, upon check-in, at check out, in batch mode and even regularly through a resident’s stay, minimizing the risk of non-payment. Now, with Version 9.4, Eligibility reports have been improved to provide you with enhanced functionality to quickly analyze the detailed patient’s eligibility report from the Patient or Scheduler section. Check out these new and improved enhancements:

Interactive Features

  • Search – Quickly search for data related to your patient’s real time eligibility report, saving valuable time so you can pinpoint what you need.  
  • Right Click – Easily update mismatched data from the Insurance Real Time Eligibility report and keep data integrity in sync throughout CMD with a single click.
  • Expand/Collapse – Expandable and collapsible sections allow you to hide information and quickly identify the sections you are interested in viewing.

Appointment Reminder and Appointment Type Label Enhancements

CollaborateMD has designed one of the most robust resource-based appointment schedulers on the market that allows you to access several functions and easily customize features to fit your office’s needs. This includes Phone and Text Appointment Reminders, and customizing your own Appointment Types. Check out these new enhancements that will continue to compliment your office workflows and allow for more feature-rich benefits. 
  • Appointment Reminders for Multiple Statuses – Automating Phone and Text appointment has proven to reduce the amount of no-shows and increase staff productivity. With this enhancement, you can now allow appointment reminders to be sent for multiple appointment statuses, instead of just one.

  • Appointment Type for Label Configuration – We have added a new field to support the “Appt Type” when you configure your labels. With this enhancement, you will clearly display the appointment type on your individual or printed batch of labels.

New Search in Payment Section – by Check Amount

CollaborateMD currently offers several ways to search and View Insurance Payments from your Payment section. Now, you can search by Check Amount with or without the dollar sign (i.e $43.21 or 43.21).

Recently Opened View Enhancement – Now View the Payer Name

The Recently Opened view simplifies the amount of clicks made to get to the information you are readily accessing within your account. Now, the Payer Name will be displayed in the Status column of your Recently Opened window view. For example, instead of “Claim at Insurance”, the Status will now display “Claim at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida”.

Spell Checking

Proofreading and remembering grammatical rules such as “i before e, except after c, or when it sounds like A….” can slow a user down. Now, you can save time with the new Spell Checking offered in free form text fields throughout the application. Quickly check your spelling and assure you have entered complete and accurate information with just one click. Right Click on words underlined in red and get suggested spellings, suggested words, add a word to your dictionary and much more. So, put your skills to good use elsewhere and let CollaborateMD make you more efficient with built-in Spell Checking.

Watch for additional v9.4 Sneak Peeks that will provide you with an opportunity to view the upcoming new features related to Insurance History, Claims Enhancements, Patient Insurances, Multiple Authorizations, Claim Follow-Up Module and much more…