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What's New v.9.4

  • "Appointment Type" was added as a new field for when creating or editing Scheduler labels. 
  • Updated label field name from "Date" to "Today's Date". 
  • Appointment Reminders can now be sent for multiple appointment statuses. Previously, reminders could only be sent for a single appointment status. 
  • Implemented a new feature designed for efficiently managing Claim Follow Ups for claims at insurance payers. See training pages for complete details. 
  • When adding a new customer, Auth Reps will receive a dialog window confirming this action is solely for housing information such as patient data, providers, payers, etc and if adding a new user was the intended action, what step they must take to complete this request.
  • Updated the Charges tab to allow users to reorder the columns. Changes to the column ordering will be remembered in between claims and in between user sessions.
  • Added an option to include debits in the claim amount shown in the recently opened and claim search windows.
  • Updated the Orin Claim # fields within the Claim section to not allow the colon character ( : ) to be entered by the user. This character is not allowed within the ANSI claim file submission. 
  • Updated the payment area of the claim section to hide the "Use Account Credits" option when there are no available credits for a patient. 
  • Updated the CPT code defaults to allow users to specify a default unit of measure for drug codes. 
  • Implemented updates to the Patient Insurance screen allowing users to add more than 3 payers to a patient record and associate multiple authorizations to an insurance policy. See the training pages for complete details. 
  • Updated the recently opened and claim search screens to show the current payer name within the claim status description. 
  • Updated the additional info button within the notes area to show the DOS for claim notes, the appointment date for appointment notes, and the received date and amount for payment notes. Previously, the ID was shown on button label. 
  • Added a new option to show gestational age on the additional info tab of the claim section (based on the claim's DOS and the value populated in the last menstrual period field). 
  • Implemented various look and feel updates to the Eligibility results screen as well as added in a find capability to search for text within the report. 
  • Added a warning message for the user when closing results without saving in Batch Printing. 
  • Updated user printed statements to replace the word "Debits" with "Charges" and replace the word "Credits" with "Payments/Adjustments". 
  • Updated the find feature used in various areas of the application to properly handle special punctuation characters. 
  • Added an information prompt to the Patient A/R screen when performing a search with no results returned.
  • Updated the Insurance History feature such that users can modify the Effective and Termination Dates for archived insurances. 
  • When updating claims to use current insurance information, optionally, users can specify an end date to update claims that have a DOS range. 
  • Updated the patient simple search feature to allow searching the patient DOB without the "-" or "/" characters. The feature will now accept the following date formats: MMDDYYYY and MMDDYY 
  • Updated the tab name within the Patient section -> Additional Info from "History" to "Notes". 
  • Updated the List Dependents report within the patient section to allow users to open the dependent patient record.
  • Added fields to the Patient section to allow users to denote that the patient has given their consent to receive phone and/or text messages (separate fields) from the office.
  • Updated CollaborateMD when used on the Mac OS to use the command key rather than the control key for copy/paste keyboard shortcut actions. This is consistent with normal shortcut actions within the Mac OS. 
  • Added the ability to search for insurance checks by check amount. 
  • Updated the payer section to not allow users to set the payer processing mode to "send to clearinghouse" when the associated CPID is a Medicare/Medicaid paper CPID (4301/4302 - Professional; 4351/4352 - Institutional). Sending claims to the clearinghouse under these conditions will always result in a claim rejection.
  • When inactivating a provider, users will be warned that claims may still leave the system if the provider's bill mode is not changed to HOLD.
  • Added spell checking within certain fields of the application.
  • Added the ability for users to submit feedback to CollaborateMD from any section of the application by clicking the "Feedback" button in the application footer.