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Program Fixes v.9.4


  • Corrected an issue where a specific end time (8:59PM) was not properly saving within the User Hours table when the time zone was set to PST.
  • Corrected an issue where the change the label type was sometimes not clearing the current field selections.
  • Corrected a spelling error on the confirmation window within the Service tab when completing a "pay now" add on request.


  • Corrected an issue where the incorrect billing provider was defaulting on claims after updating the rendering provider's "bill claims as" setting. The issue no longer occurred after the user logged out and back into the application.
  • Updated wording of the prompt for users to copy principal diagnosis code to the external cause of injury code field on institutional claims.


  • Corrected an issue where the user was able to click a contract within the recently opened list after selecting a contract from the "Show All" listing window.


  • Corrected an issue with the patient name filters within interface tracking which prevented them from working properly for certain interfaces.
  • Corrected an issue within Patient AR Control when searching for $0 balance as both the from and to search criteria.
  • Corrected an issue where the billing activity table of the Patient Activity Report was not properly ordered by date billed in certain situations.


  • Updated the warning message displayed when attempting to save a practice without required fields to display all missing fields. Previously the warning only showed one missing field at a time.
  • Corrected an issue that was causing the appointment editor window to be in the back of the application when attempting to view eligibility results. 
  • Corrected an issue where users were not being shown the save change reminders when editing certain fields within tables and closing the open record.