Sneak Peek 3

The payment posting process has been redesigned with several new features and improved payment posting workflows. We've streamlined the Payment section to include workflows that will speed up your payment posting with fewer steps and clicks. Tabs and functionality have been simplified to be more intuitive, making posting payments and managing financial reconciliations easier.

Users now have the ability to enter and open multiple payments simultaneously, thus saving time and providing an intuitive solution that will help manage patient's accounts.

Some of these enhancements include:


The Payments tab includes functionality previously included within the Line Item Posting, Account Posting, EOB Posting, EOB Auto-Apply, and Adjustments screens. You will no longer have to save each payment transaction to balance charges. You can now perform Additional Actions such as Apply Discount, Apply Credit Adjustment, Apply Debit Adjustment, and Apply Account Credit all while posting an Insurance or Patient payment.

New Payment

In the New Payment tab we've optimized the workflow of posting payments into fewer steps and clicks. Users can:
  • Adjust charges while posting payments
  • Post reversals and new payments all on the same check
  • Transfer Account Credits
  • Add multiple payments for one claim
  • Post multiple payments at once

View Insurance Payment

Searching for insurance payments has never been easier! The View Insurance Payment tab allows you to search for all insurance payments using the beginning of the check number, reference number, check from, claim, patient or TCN. In addition, you can open multiple payments simultaneously, at your convenience.

Electronic Remittance Advice
We've enhanced the workflow of applying ERA’s by allowing users to properly adjudicate payments prior to applying a check.The ERA Payment window allows users to correct or remove errors and perform inline adjudication, thus eliminating previous posting errors.

Users can complete the follow actions prior to applying checks:
  • Correct common errors and warning messages
  • Edit or adjust payments
  • Resolve issues or remove payments
  • Save changes and continue applying checks later

Manage Account

Manage Accounts includes functionality previously included within the Line Item Posting, Adjustments, & Transaction Maintenance screens. You can use this section to manage the overall activity and transactions on a patient's account. 
Users can:
  • Create Debit & Credit Adjustments
  • Apply Discounts
  • Apply Credits
  • Delete Transactions
  • Transfer Credits
  • Refund Payments
  • And Change the status of charges with a click of a button

Manage Credits

Manage Credits includes functionality previously included within the Credit Management screen. You can use this section to refund account credits to patient's or insurance companies. In addition, this section can be used to view a snap shot of all account credits (within a given search parameter) and adjust who the account credit is due to.