Sneak Peek 1

In this first Sneak Peek Preview we wanted to provide you with an overview of what’s to come. Check it out!

DisclaimerSome of the visible tabs and sections are only available to CollaborateMD support staff to properly administer your account. Please keep this in mind when comparing screen shots to the tabs and icons you have available in your CollaborateMD application.

Enhanced Patient Activity

The patient’s activity has been improved to provide you with an enhanced snapshot of a patient’s account status and history, allowing you to quickly analyze the financial health of a patient’s account. When accessing the patient’s activity in the Patient, Claim, or Payment section, the system will display a list of claims, misc. debits, account credits, statements, patient payments, and activity summaries. 

Improved Data Separation

Information and boundary separators have been added to provide you with an at a glance view of the patient’s transactions/history. 

Simplified Summaries

At a glance you’ll be provided with a high-level overview of insurance and patient payments received/applied, charge balance breakdown by status and aging balance by summary (Entered, DOS, Last Billed). 

Interactive Features
  • Drill Down - Drilling down into the corresponding sections of the application (Claim, Statement, Credit, and Payments) will provide insight into the patient’s account status. 
  • Right Click - Time saving features have been built in to allow for interactive right click capabilities allowing you to navigate throughout CMD with a single click.
  • Expand/Collapse- Expandable and collapsible sections that allow you to hide information you are not interested in viewing and quickly identify the sections you are interested in viewing.

Viewing Options

Report Filter “View Options” has been enhanced to allow you to order items based on your preference.

Text Reminders

Send automatic Text Reminders to your patients and allow them to confirm or cancel their appointment using their mobile device. Appointment statuses within CollaborateMD will automatically be updated as patients confirm or cancel their appointment. These secure Text Reminders will help reduce no-show rates, cancellations and free up your staff’s time to help increase productivity. 

This feature can be customized in several ways: 

  • Control which patients receive text reminders 
  • Schedule the time of day to begin texting patients 
  • Allow patients to confirm or cancel their appointment via text responses 
  • Resend text reminders until confirmation is received 
  • Schedule text reminders at least one (1) day prior to patient’s scheduled appointments 
  • Customize the Practice Name, Provider Name, and Scheduler Resource Name linked to the patient’s appointment 
  • Automatically sync and update your appointment statuses when patients confirm / cancel

Text Reminders are a powerful way to increase your practice’s profits and productivity. With the addition of Text Reminders, your practice can eliminate the revenue lost from no-show and cancelled appointments. 

Watch for additional v9.2 Sneak Peeks that will provide you with an opportunity to view the upcoming new features as well as feature enhancements related to ICD-10 and the New Payment section.