Program Fixes v.9.2 - Archived


  • CMD-4174: Users will be alerted when accessing the Admin section under Security Roles when selecting  'New Role' to create a new role or 'Show All' to edit an existing role advising that they do not have sufficient permission.
  • CMD-4182: Improved the One-on-One Training Request screen to perform additional validation on the date and time fields.  Users can no longer select weekend days or specify a "From" time that is after the "To" time.
  • CMD-4405: Corrected an issue on the Payment Profile screen in which the field mask was not properly being set when editing an existing profile setup as a "bank account".
  • CMD-4635: Corrected an issue in which the price plans were briefly shown for Billing Service accounts when retrieving the configuration in the Services tab.


  • CMD-4536: Corrected an issue in which certain pop up windows throughout the application could display on a monitor not currently showing CollaborateMD.  This could only happen if not running CollaborateMD on the "primary" display of a dual monitor configuration.


  • CMD-4605: Updated the Additional Info tab of the Professional Claim screen to consistently display "Box" instead of "box" within labels throughout the screen.
  • CMD-4614: Updated the Total Charges field(s) when creating Institutional claims to prevent users editing the total charge amounts.
  • CMD-4686: Corrected an issue that was preventing the Default Pricing to be used in the event the Rendering Provider was changed on a claim. 
  • CMD-4721: Updated the Authorization field in the Claim section to not allow the colon character ( : ).  This character is not allowed per ANSI specifications.


  • CMD-4585: Added "time out" error to the Claim Control screen such that if a problem occurs when performing claim review on one or more claims the program will not be "stuck" on the progress window indefinitely.
  • CMD-3184: Corrected an issue with the Status Message filter on the Claim Tracking screen in which special characters were not being allowed.
  • CMD-4561: Corrected an issue that was preventing Incomplete Claims from being updated within the Claim Control tab to "Send to Payer via the Clearinghouse".


  • CMD-4768: Added a warning to the Documents section to prompt the user when copy/pasting files from one location to another when one or more files already exist in the destination location.
  • CMD-4769: Corrected an issue in which the copy/paste action within the Documents section was stopping when an error was encountered with a single file within the group.


  • CMD-4371: When printing messages, users can now edit the printing properties and access advance properties.


  • CMD-3057: Corrected an issue when attempting to save a patient with a missing zip code.  The cursor focus was being placed in the State field instead of the Zip Code field.
  • CMD-4407: Corrected an issue in which the Insured Middle Initial was not being copied from the Patient tab when the "same as patient" option was checked.
  • CMD-4600: Corrected an issue in which the "number of days until expiration" field for the patient authorization was being incremented by one on save.
  • CMD-4701: Corrected an issue in which the address suggestion pop up from the previously opened patient could show briefly on the screen when opening a new patient.
  • CMD-4776: Users will now be alerted in the event a patient is saved with a secondary insurance but no primary insurance. When this occurs, users will be promoted to fix the error or save the patient as incomplete. 
  • CMD-4890: When adding a new patient the Default sub-tab shown under the "Additional Info" tab is "Demographics". When opening an existing patient, we will continue to honor the user's selected preference under the System > Defaults tab.


  • CMD-4275: Updated the formatting of the Practice column within the Provider ID tab of the Payer section to show the name and sequence in the same format as the Provider column.


  • CMD-4510: Corrected issue that was causing an issue in EOB Auto-Apply to duplicate payments on the patients account in the event the ERA check applied more than once. Users will now receive a warning message indicating that the payment has already been applied. 
  • CMD-4529: Corrected an issue that was preventing payments to not appear within the activity although it was visible within Transaction Maintenance.


  • CBI-127: The CBI/Report Builder group fields were updated to correctly display without having to save the report twice in order for the filters to display on the report. There was a matter when creating a new report that the following fields were added into the report filter list: 
    • "Charge/Debit Data" -> "Charges" -> "Primary Payer" -> "Payer ID" 
    • "Charge/Debit Data" -> "Charges" -> "Secondary Payer" -> "Payer ID" 
    • "Charge/Debit Data" -> "Charges" -> "Tertiary Payer" -> "Payer ID" 
    • Note: Each Payer filter would have it's own separate filter page. However the three Payer Id fields should only be one filter page containing the ability to choose one or more of the payer priorities.
  • CBI-15: Corrected an issue in which monetary fields on a pie chart were not properly formatted with dollar sign and commas.
  • CBI-154: When printing reports from CBI users were unable to select a single page to print. Instead it would print all pages. This has since been updated to print the corresponding page numbers. 
  • CBI-160: Enhanced the performance of CBI by efficiently retrieving the data necessary and create the report.
  • CBI-192: When adding a new report in report builder utilizing the Credit Data category and then editing the Chart Configuration Window the field drop downs and the active/inactive indicator extend outside of the viewable area and no scroll bar is added.  The CBI was updated so that Chart Configuration window properly re-sizes when data selection has been changed.
  • CBI-205: Corrected an issue within the Report Builder that was causing an error to occur when running custom reports with more than one group in a co-display.


  • CMD-4282: Corrected an issue in which the "make patient inactive" option was enabled in the Appointment Editor window when the patient was opened in read only mode.
  • CMD-4449: Corrected an issue in which a patient was not being properly "locked" when opening and closing an appointment for that patient.
  • CMD-4825: Corrected an issue that was causing appointments to disappear when Departments were added.
  • CMD-4837: The option to Open Appointment, Patient, Claim for Visit, Claim for Patient, and the ability to Create claims will no longer be supported when right clicking on appointment blocks via the Search tab as these actions cannot be performed on appointment blocks. 


  • CMD-4179: Increased the font size of the verification code sent in the password reset emails.
  • CMD-4887: Changed name of the run export window from Select File to Save


  • CMD-4167: Disabled the Description and Code fields on the Taxonomy Specialty selection window to no longer be editable fields.
  • CMD-4882: The following improvements have been made to the Taxonomy Search window: 
    • Added "Match anywhere" and "Match at the beginning" options for the search feature
    • After searching, made the tree expand all matches
  • CMD-4923: Modified the Sequence # fields throughout the application to show "NEW" when adding a new record instead of showing a value of "0".


  • Users will no longer be required to have Administrative rights in order to update their CollaborateMD software with our free updates. Please be aware that Administrative rights are required to run the application installer when installing or uninstalling a CollaborateMD software release. However, after the CollaborateMD software release has been installed, Administrative rights will no longer be required to install the free CollaborateMD updates. You will need to uninstall your current version of the CollaborateMD software. Next, you will need to reinstall the CollaborateMD software using the new installer. The new installer can be downloaded for free from our website. For instructions on how to uninstall and reinstall the CollaborateMD software, please reference Uninstalling CollaborateMD.