Sneak Peek 5

In this fifth and last Sneak Peek Preview we saved the best for last! Check it out!

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Be sure to check out the v.9.0 FAQ page to find answers to your commonly asked questions related to this new release. 

Disclaimer: Some of the visible tabs and sections are only available to CollaborateMD employees. Please keep this in mine when comparing these screen shots to the tabs and icons you have on your downloaded CollaborateMD application.

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Patient Section

The Patient section of the application allows you to save time and enjoy the flexibility with many patient-related features. 




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Scheduler Section

The Scheduler section of the application provides functionality to optimize your front-office and back-office workflow. Our state-of the-art module allows designated users to access several functions from within the scheduling program. The appointment scheduler can be easily customized to fit your needs in addition to configuring scheduling rules that will help maximize the physician's time.




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Reports Section

The Report section of the application provides you with access to our Central Business Intelligence (CBI) tool which includes the report viewer and report builder, as well as access to the Clearinghouse reports. These enhanced reporting capabilities will allow you to visualize and analyze your data using business intelligence that is centric to your business.


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Claim Section

The Claim section of the application provides the functionality to submit claims on paper or automatically distribute CMS-1500 (Professional) or CMS-1450 (Institutional) claims electronically to the correct payer on a daily basis. 



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