v9.0 - Sneak Peek 1

What's New

Improved User Experience

We’re excited to give you a sneak peek into our future application release, version 9.0. In our future application release, our main focus was on providing a better user experience.  We did this by significantly enhancing the look, feel, organization, and navigation throughout the application.  

These enhancements will create a better user experience and reduces the overall number of “clicks” required to complete your daily activities. Besides increasing your daily productivity, we added several new features. For high level information on all these changes, please continue reading below.

User Roles

Create roles within your business that define user permissions for managing your account.  Roles are an easy and efficient way to manage permissions for groups of users that share similar responsibilities. 

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Smart Search

Search smarter with Smart Search. Smart Search has been added to many of the sections within the application, allowing you to find information quickly by displaying results that are similar to the information your typing without having to select the Find button.   

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Application Settings/Update Manager

We've simplified the application settings and how you update your program by combining these features under the new Advanced Options button within the System section. 

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Redesigned Scheduler 

The appointment scheduler has been improved, making managing your appointments more efficient, and user-friendly. In addition, we've simplified the appointment navigation options, giving you a clearer view of your appointments and an easier way to manage your scheduler.  

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New Messaging Experience

We redesigned the Messaging section of the application to include a simple, clean, and streamlined approach to the users messaging experience. In addition, you can now customize messages with rich text formatting by adding color to your greetings, underlining key points, making words bold, changing your font style, or simply inserting hyperlinks.

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Dashboards will now automatically load your key performance indicators, giving you a clear view of the performance associated with your business. In addition, you now have a larger range of gadgets to include on your own custom dashboard.
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Recently Opened 

View a list of records that you've recently opened. The Recently Opened view simplifies the amount of clicks made to get to the information you are readily accessing within your account. 

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Save Changes Reminders

If you make a change within a certain section and forget to save the changes, this new feature will not only remind you but allow you to save your data so it is not lost when you leave the section.

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