9.0 Training Page

Welcome to the 9.0 Training Page. 

Please reference the resources below to gain better insight into some of the great new features and enhancements included our release of version 9.0.

Not sure if you want to update? Visit our v.9.0 Sneak Peek page for a quick summary of what to expect! Be sure to check out  Version 9.0 Frequently Asked Questions to find questions commonly asked questions related to this release. 

Release Notes

These release notes describe issues that were fixed, improved and enhanced. In addition, we also included new features to assist our customers in increasing office efficiency and productivity.  This update includes many improvements - which include Improved User Experience  Improved Record Searching, Recently Opened Records, Save Changes Reminders, Required Field Highlighting, New Dashboards, User Roles, Rich Text Mail Messaging. 
We recommend that all users upgrade to the latest version. Visit our Self-Service Portal for instructions on how to update to the most recent version of CollaborateMD.

Reference Materials & Other Resources


The following documents have been updated and are viewable online or available for download. 

Sneak Peeks
  • Sneak Peek 1: High-level Overview of version 9.0.
  • Sneak Peek 2: Gallery of the Dashboards, System, Admin, Messaging, and Documents sections.
  • Sneak Peek 3: Gallery of the Practice, Provider, Referring, & Facility sections.
  • Sneak Peek 4: Gallery of the Payer, Codes, Control & Payment sections.
  • Sneak Peek 5: Gallery of the Patient, Scheduler, Reports and Claim sections. 

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These training modules will help you become knowledgeable in using our software to achieve your business goals and objectives, today and tomorrow.

User Configuration Videos