Program Fixes v8.5 - Archived

Last Updated: 1/12/2013


  • CMD-2259: Corrected an intermittent issue that was causing the Claim Review status window to continuously run even though the claim was reviewed and the report was received.
  • CMD-2264: Running the Claim Analysis feature manually from the Review tab of the Claim section will no longer trigger the patient alerts to be re-displayed.
  • CMD-2308: When using the copy claim feature in the Claims section for institutional claims, the Type of Bill field will now copy the value from the original claim in all situations.
  • CMD-2351: Corrected an issue in which the Type of Bill value in the Claim section for a new institutional claim was not being set to the desired default value when selecting a patient for the claim.
  • CMD-2435: For CPT Codes with a default drug code format specified, it was not properly copying over onto the claim in the case where the CPT Code was automatically populated on the claim as a patient default code.
  • CMD-2477: Corrected an issue causing an out of memory exception in the application when posting a patient copay on a new claim whose dollar amount is greater than any single line item on the claim.
  • CMD-2500: Increased the number of allowed characters within the Inventory field of the Charges tab to properly match the maximum characters allowed for an Inventory Code when created through the Codes section.


  • CMD-1862: Removed the "Validation" option from the Processing Mode drop down of the Claim Tracking screen in the Controls section. This option no longer offered any functionality.
  • CMD-2254: Filters saved within the Controls section were no longer present when a user upgraded application versions. Going forward this issue will no longer occur.
  • CMD-2292: The totals within the Payment Tracking screen of the Control section was not resetting in between searches causing the values to display incorrectly unless the Clear button was selected. Going forward this issue will no longer occur.
  • CMD-2501: Corrected an issue with the CPID filter on the Claim Tracking screen. Previously it was not properly locating claims that were using Institutional CPID's (previously only professional CPID's could be used to return results).


  • CMD-2418: Corrected an issue in which the Upload Manager window was not properly closing once all selected documents had been successfully uploaded.


  • MACUI-49: Fixed an issue causing the file listing and download progress to not display correctly on the Download Manager window for the Mac version.


  • CMD-1887: Within the Options menu of the Messaging section, removed the items for "Open Patient in EMR" and "Open Patient Account". These options no longer offer any functionality.


  • CMD-1902: Changed the Patient Duplicate Results window such that the results are displayed in a scrollable list rather than resizing the window to fit the length of the list. This window is displayed when the "Dup Check" button on the Patient screen is selected.
  • CMD-2229: Corrected an issue causing the Email field to not correctly export results to a CSV file when selected within from the Export window of the Patient section.
  • CMD-2353: The file generated from the Export feature in the Patient section was previously limited to a max of 35,000 patient records. This limitation has now been removed from this feature.
  • CMD-2364: When printing Face Sheet/Ledger/Notes, SSN fields will be masked for users who don’t have Full permission to “Show PHI”.
  • CMD-2393: Updated wording on the Emergency Contact tab of the Patient section from "Permission To Speak" to "Permission To Speak To".
  • CMD:2430: Information displayed in the Insurance Tracking tab of the Patient section was not being properly cleared out when the patient record was closed.
  • CMD-2505: Corrected an issue which was causing the source patient to show as "Patient #1" on the Merge Patient window.  This issue only occurred on computers updated to Java version 7.


  • CMD-2138: Correct an intermittent issue in which the EOB Auto Apply status window would continuously run even though the check was applied and the corresponding reports were received.
  • CMD-2152: The warning message displayed when a selected patient is already in use (i.e. locked) was not displaying the locked user when attempting to use the patient within the Payment section.
  • CMD-2194: Corrected an issue where selecting and deselecting the Remove check box for a row in the EOB Posting screen of the Payment section was not automatically updating the displayed value in the Allowed and Payment fields.
  • CMD-2246: Corrected an issue in which the New Charge Balance Amount field could be display incorrectly by $0.01 in some instances on the Enter Insurance Payment and Enter Patient Payment windows within the Line Item Posting screen.
  • CMD-2248: The check number field within the EOB Auto Apply tab will no longer be disabled when the Last 7 Days date range option is selected.
  • CMD-2275: When posting a payment for the primary payer on a claim via the  EOB Posting tab, the claim status was not properly being set to the secondary payer default claim status in instances where the default was User Print & Mail.
  • CMD-2299: Corrected an issue in which the controls on the top of the Claim Payment window within EOB Posting would not display properly in some scenarios.
  • CMD-2333: Corrected an issue in which the Enter Insurance Payments window would not properly re-size when long insurance payers were present in the drop down list causing  fields to display incorrectly.
  • CMD-2457: Corrected an issue in which patient payments entered from the Account Posting tab were not updating the Last Pat Payment Date field for the corresponding patient record in the Patient section.


  • CMD-2331: Corrected an issue causing the Save and Close buttons to not display when opening a provider record associated with an inactive Practice.
  • CMD-2454: The Eligibility User ID field within the Provider section is now visible for all users with full or read access to the Provider section.  However, the value in this field can only be edited by CollaborateMD employees.


  • CMD-1944: Corrected an issue in which an appointment could not be saved for a patient with the Mail Statement To option set to "Patient Guarantor".
  • CMD-2277: Specific resource hours for a single day (i.e. same start and end date) can now be created through the Resource tab in the Scheduler.
  • CMD-2314: When changing the date of a reoccurring appointment, the application will no longer prompt the user if they wish to modify all other appointments in the series.  Previously, this option was displayed but did not actually change the other appointments in the series because changing the date of all reoccurring appointments is not supported.  Now the user will be prompted with a message to inform them that only this appointment in the series will be changed.
  • CMD-2324: The Schedule Appointment window within the Scheduler section now prompts the user with a warning message when an invalid search date range is entered (i.e. the To Date is less than the From Date).
  • CMD-2465: Corrected an issue that was causing the daily schedule print out to print out the wrong day when attempted on computers set time zones ahead of Eastern Standard Time.


  • CMD-2133: Corrected an issue in which the Company News tab would always be displayed as the top tab on the log in screen after successful log in.  For users with access to the Alerts tab, this tab should be displayed as the top tab when High alerts are present.
  • CMD-2278: Corrected an issue in which the user was unable to log in to the application through the Session Timeout window in some scenarios.
  • CMD-2425: Corrected an issue in which the "Show Marketer Field in Referring Screen" and "Show Department Field in CPT Codes Screen" user defaults would not take effect at the time they were changed and only took effect the next time the user logged in.