Program Fixes v.8.4 - Archived

Last Updated: 5/2/2012


  • CMD-1654: Modified the Save button on the Reviewing and Appt Confirmation tabs so that the screen is reset when the save operation is performed.


  • CMD-1524: Modified the position of the "no data found" warning message in the Review screen of the Claim section so that it is centered in the middle of the screen instead of the top left corner.
  • CMD-1595: Updated the warning that is displayed to the user when saving a claim with 3 insurance payers when the patient does not have a thrid insurance payer on record so that the primary and secondary insurance information will now be updated on the patient record along with the tertiary payer information if the user selects the update option within the warning.
  • CMD-1603: Changed label on the Additional Info tab for institutional claims to read "E Code" instead of "E Code 1".
  • CMD-1714: Removed the inactive column from the ICD and CPT/HCPS Code Search window in the Claim section. This column was not displaying meaningful information to the user since only active codes are returned within this search window.
  • CMD-1787: Modified the ICD fields within the claim section so that users cannot input invalid characters which cause claim files rejections at the Clearinghouse due to invalid ANSI formatting.
  • CMD-1804: Increased the sensitivty of the scroll action within the Activity tab of the Claim section to make such an action more user friendly.
  • CMD-1814: Modified the POS and TOS search window within the Claim section of the application to sort by ascending order.
  • CMD-1847: Modifed the warning within the Claim section which warns users if they're saving a 5010 claim with a Practice which does not have a full 9 digit zip code to properly check zip code value in the pay-to address or other office location associated with the Practice record if used on the claim submission.
  • CMD-1995: Removed the option for Corrected Claim within the Frequency drop down options from the Claims screen. This is no longer a valid claim frequency type per ANSI 5010 guidelines.


  • CMD-1545: Added warning to the Add Remittance screen if the Report Description entered is greater than the maximum allowed characters (255) or if the Long Description field entered is greater than the maximum allowed characters (2000).
  • CMD-1546: Increased default width of the Status column in the master CPT search window to properly displayed column header.
  • CMD-1549: Modfied the Quantity field within the Inventory screen of the Codes section so that it no longer accepts invalid characters.


  • CMD-1605: Corrected an issue with the print preview option from the Batch Printing screen so that the selected row(s) are displayed in the window. Previously, it would always show the first row in the list.
  • CMD-1606: Modified the Group By patient option within the Statement Tracking screen so that the results are sorted by patient name rather than account number.
  • CMD-1607: Removed the option to mark an entry within the Statement Tracking results list as "fixed" in the case where there was no error associated with the statement delivery.
  • CMD-1659: Modified the "Then By" grouping option on the Claim Tracking and Statement Tracking screens so that the option is disabled unless the user has selected a value in the primary "Group By" option.
  • CMD-1792: Enhanced the Claim Import feature available through the Claim Control screen to allow users to choose whether to allow patient demographics to be updated from the data within the import xml file. The option is selected by default.
  • CMD-1803: Improved performance of searching within the Claim Tracking screen using only the TCN search filter specified.
  • CMD-1921: Modified the Superbill Configuration Search window in the Batch Printing screen so that it closes and does not continue with the load superbills action when the user selects the "X" button on the window.


  • CMD-1588: Modifed the upload manager window to ensure it is always displayed on top of the application when open.
  • CMD-1917: Added CMD icon to the Document Editor window.

Idea Exchange (IE)

  • IDEA-9 [IE 181]: Modified the Check From field in the EOB Posting screen to be a dropdown box allowing the user to select a payer from their payer list or input free form text.
  • IDEA-13 [IE 33]: Modified the patient search window to allow users to search for patients by home, cell, and/or work phone numbers.
  • IDEA-15 [IE 256]: Modified the Switch Accounts window so that closed customer accounts are sorted at the bottom of the list by default.


  • MACUI-34: Corrected issue causing some fields on the Payer tab and Misc Info tab within the Patient section to be unusable at lower screen resolutions on the Mac version of CollaborateMD.
  • MACUI-35: Corrected issue causing label to print blank on the Mac version of CollaborateMD.
  • MACUI-36:Increased width of the POS and TOS fields on the charge tab in the Claim section so that all values are fully visibile on the Mac version of CollaborateMD.
  • MACUI-37: Changed the date fields through application such that users are able to use the date selection feature on the Mac version of CollaborateMD.
  • MACUI-38: Corrected issue causing the Label configuration window from displaying in its entirity on the Mac version of CollaborateMD at lower screen resolutions.
  • MACUI-39: Corrected issue causing pink boxes to be displayed in the scheduler filter list in place of the appropriate status icons in the Mac version of CollaborateMD.


  • CMD-1743: Enhanced the mail message archive feature so that archived mail messages are no longer locally stored on the client. This will improve log in and mail message retrieval times for users with large number of undeleted messages. Archived messages are not deleted and can still be retrieved from the server by clicking on the archive folder within the list of messaging folders.
  • CMD-1761: Modified To field within the new message window to allow for unlimited number of recipients to be entered. 
  • CMD-1877: Removed option for "Open Support Case" within the Options drop down in the Messaging section. This function is no longer supported.


  • CMD-1585: Changed label on the Activity tab of the Patient section from "Claim Dates" to "Claim Date Range".
  • CMD-1581: Modified length of the insurance id fields in the Patient section to display the full value input when the maximum allowed characters are used.
  • CMD-1583: Modified the incomplete patient record warning message so that if the user closes the window using the "X" button then they are returned to the patient record so that they can correct/add additional info and re-save. Previously this action would save the patient record as incomplete.
  • CMD-1758: Corrected an error which was preventing the "Open Patient in EMR" option within the Patient section from properly launching the PBOMD website and pulling up the patient record.
  • IDEA-13 [IE 33]: Modified the patient search window to allow users to search for patients by home, cell, and/or work phone numbers.
  • TXN-193: Corrected an issue which would cause the eligibility status window to intermittently run continuously even though the request was completed and the resulting report was received.

 Payments & ERA’s

  • CMD-1586: Enhanced the "Use this contract for POS Codes:" field in the Contracts tab of the Payer section so that it can read and store values when a space (" ") is inserted between them. Previously it only allow for the values to be separated by commas and no space in between.
  • CMD-1640: Modified the Line Item Posting screen to ensure the credit records will be properly cleared following the save or cancel action. Previously this did not occur in all scenarios and would potentially lead to incorrect credits duplicated on a patient's account.
  • CMD-1641: Correct issue within the Transaction Maintenance screen in which checking and unchecking the deleted flag for a payment, account credit, or applied account credit would not select and deselect the appropriate records in certain scenarios.
  • CMD-1688: Modified EOB Posting so that patient records are properly unlocked if an error occurs during processing of the check.
  • CMD-1695: Corrected an issue which was causing the New Charge Balance value to be displayed as -$0.01 from that of the Current Charge Balance in some cases on the Enter Credit Adjustment screen within Line Item Posting tab.
  • CMD-1727: Corrected issue that would cause patient account credits to be linked to an incorrect payment record in certain scenarios. If this occurred, a patient record would display a higher amount of account credit than was actually available.
  • CMD-1739: Corrected an issue in which the claim information would not always be cleared from the EOB Posting screen after switching customer accounts.
  • CMD-1802: Corrected issue for how the results within the EOB Auto Apply section are sorted by date or dollar amount. Results now sort as expected when these column headers are selected.
  • CMD-1976: Corrected an issue within EOB Posting in which the application was improperly creating duplicate patient when posting an insurance payment in which the payer paid the full allowed amount and a patient co-pay had already been posted.
  • CMD-1978: Modified Transaction Maintenance to properly delete account credits associated with a deleted charge even when the credit was not presently displayed on the transaction maintenance screen. This issue previously resulted in credits which could not be properly deleted.
  • CMD-1991: Modified the warning message that displays in EOB Auto-Apply when the check date is overridden. Previously the warning message stated "You have entered a check date that is in the future. Are you sure this date is correct? ". It will now state, "You have entered a check date that is in the future. Please be aware that if any claim on this check is sent to the clearinghouse for secondary or tertiary processing before this date, it will be rejected. If the date is required, please hold claim(s) as needed. Are you sure this date is correct?"
  • IDEA-9 [IE 181]: Modified the Check From field in the EOB Posting screen to be a dropdown box allowing the user to select a payer from their payer list or input free form text.


  • CMD-1553: Modified the Max Times to print Statements (Per Patient) field within the Statement Automation screen in the Practice section so that it no longer accepts invalid characters.
  • CMD-1584: Changed label on the Stmt Message tab of the Practice section from "Statement Message 1" to "Statement Message".


  • CMD-1720: Removed the CLIA field from the Provider section of the program. This field is no longer used as part of the electronic or paper claim generation process.
  • CMD-2037: Corrected issue which was causing the "Closing record. Please wait." status window to run continuously when closing a provider record which was previously locked by another user.


  • CMD-1543: Added information into the header of the Charges Due Insurance - by Date Range report to specify the ordering option (if any) chosen when the report was executed.
  • CMD-1694: Removed the Totals by User portion of the Daily Monthly report when the "Show Usernames" filter option is not selected.
  • RPT-480: Modified the Daily Patients Seen (Last Date Seen) report to properly format decimal value reported on all dollar values within the report.
  • RPT-485: Changed wording of the Order By option within the Charges Due Insurace - by Date Range from "Date of Service/Date Entered" to "Date of Service" to better clarify the actual logic used in ordering the report when this option is selected.
  • RPT-488: Modified Contract Analysis report to prevent user from running with blank value in either the to or from date fields in the report filter.
  • RPT-494: Corrected issue where the Phone Notify report would not return results when selecting a Facility in the filter window.
  • RPT-495: Modified the Patient Activity report so that the selected Practice is printed within the report header.
  • RPT-500 [IE 270]: Corrected issue causing the diagnosis codes not to be displayed on the Patient Listing report when using the grouping options.
  • RPT-515: Enhanced the following reports so that complete Social Security Numbers are not displayed when run by a user without proper PHI permissions: Patient Duplicates & Patient at Collections reports.
  • RPT-531: Corrected issue with the Claim Details report in which no results would be return if the order by patient option was selected in the filter window.
  • RPT-532: Changed wording of the warning message in the Charges Due Insurance - by Aging Range to state "You may select a specific payor or a payer type, but not both."
  • RPT-533: Corrected issue with the Patient Listing report when search for patient by last name letter range in which patients with one character names could be returned even when outside of the specified filter range.
  • RPT-536: Corrected issue with the Inventory report in which no results would be returned if the order by option was set to Alert Quantity.
  • RPT-538: Remove invalid character, "/n", from the warning message of the Patient Duplicate report.
  • RPT-545: Corrected an issue within the Patient Listing report which would cause more patients than expected to be listed when using the patient balance filters.


  • CMD-1618: Modified the New Appointment window so that if a user selects to cancel the Find available time action or it does not return results, the previously input values are still present in the appointment window.
  • CMD-1619: Increased the scrolling rate within the Activity tab within an appointment window.
  • CMD-1620: Repositioned the print window for the Print Sheet/Notes option accessed via the Activity tab within an appointment window so that it is centered within the application window rather than appearing in the top left corner.
  • CMD-1621: Modified the Appointment Color field on the Types and Statuses screens within the Scheduler so that it displays as a box filled with the color currently set for the selected record.
  • CMD-1722: Modified appointment status filter to ensure appointments for inactive facilities are now shown when the "No Facility" option is selected.
  • CMD-1744: Corrected an issue which was preventing users from being able to properly change the facility on existing appointments to "None".
  • CMD-1789: Removed calendar object from the Day and Date header on the Resources tab in the Scheduler section when the Day View option is selected.
  • CMD-2000: Corrected an issue which was preventing the user filter preferences from being saved in the scheduler section if there were no resources setup for the customer account.



  • CMD-1656: Modified the logout button on the Login screen so that it is disabled when no user is currenty logged in to the application.
  • CMD-1702: Removed redundant status window that was displayed when refreshing the System Alerts tab. The screen already was displaying a waiting icon during this process.
  • CMD-1747: Minor adjustments made to the Reject Activity Dashboard widget to print the x-axis in all capitals, order the columns by count in descending order, and modify the about message to better explain the graph and its purpose.
  • CMD-1926: Modified the Log in screen to display the CollaborateMD Blog within an interactive browser window which allows the user to navigate to different catagroies and perform searches instead of the static data displayed previously. The blog can be accessed via the CollaborateMD Blog tab on the log in screen.
  • CMD-2026: Corrected issue preventing application from properly remembering saved preferences such as reports assigned to "My Favorites" after updating application versions.
  • IDEA-15 [IE 256]: Modified the Switch Accounts window so that closed customer accounts are sorted at the bottom of the list by default.


  • CMD-1582: Corrected date selection drop down widgets throughout application to properly handle the double click action.
  • CMD-1693: Corrected an issue which was preventing users from logging back into CollaborateMD following session timeout in some cases.
  • CMD-1800: Corrected an issue within the calendar object of the date fields throughout the application that was causing an incorrect value to be selected when the Today button was used in some cases.